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In Topic: Training Camp invites

13 September 2014 - 09:52 AM

With the lineup, without any trades, already looking like it'll be:

Extra: Ryder, Sislo

With Carter, Gomez and Tootoo on PTOs, assuming we sign even one of those 3 guys, there's gotta be at least 1-2 forwards who get dumped for picks/prospects to open up a spot even as the 13th forward.

In no way is the even close to the lineup. And where's zubrus? Did he quit? Is he sick? And why on gods green earth is Ryder scratched for josefson? I get it he had a bad year, but you don't give up on a player like that after 1 season. Josefson will be lucky to even be a scratch all year.

Also if mike sislo is on the big club then it just shows we have zero depth and we're in for a very long season. I'll take fedotenko, tootoo, Gomez, on my team before a below average grinder like sislo any day.

In Topic: BEER

27 August 2014 - 04:37 PM

Here's a picture of all the fall selections I have gotten in so far

In Topic: Which will end higher: Brodeur wins or Simpsons episodes?

25 August 2014 - 05:28 PM

This is a classic example of a discussion that goes nowhere, but to me there is a difference between Seasons 8-11. It just gets a little worse every year. 8 is pretty good but has a few clunkers. 9 is okay, more clunkers. 11 was where I gave up on the show. Everything has to end except stuff that continues to make a profit.

You're right with the fact that the discussion can go nowhere from here.

I could say the same thing with family guy after like season 5. Seasons 1-3 were the best, before they go cancelled. Now I don't even watch the show.

South park is like the Simpsons in the fact that the first few seasons are terrible animation but its nostalgic. Now though its few and far between that I find an episode that I would watch again

There's a reason they call everything past season 9 "the zombie Simpsons". It's not the show you love anymore and for some reason it just won't die. It's heartbreaking to watch the abomination that they call the Simpsons now.

Not sure who "they" are, but I've never heard that before in my life

In Topic: Which will end higher: Brodeur wins or Simpsons episodes?

25 August 2014 - 01:08 PM

Season 9 is great, the WTC episode may be the best episode of all time. The bus episode, the one with homer as the sanitation director, all good. The Simpsons went downhill when they changed the opening sequence. I can say I'm a dork and have every DVD box set they've released, there's no difference between season 8 and 9. Its all pretty much the same through like season 14 or 15. Seasons 1 through about 4 or 5 are kinda old bad drawings but they're still good.

As far as political agendas jesus its a cartoon. I would hope no one has their views changed by Lisa Simpson or any cartoon characters. I THINK YOGI BEAR WAS A LIBERAL SOCIALIST WHO LIVED OFF THE SYSTEM.

In Topic: Which will end higher: Brodeur wins or Simpsons episodes?

24 August 2014 - 05:21 PM

Hopefully Brodeur wins. I'll get railed for this (and I don't care), but The Simpsons is the most overrated TV show of all-time.

You bite your tongue! I will say that the seasons after like '07 or something have been terrible. Still almost 20 yrs of clever comedy is great. Its better than the unfunny garbage that's comes out now like big bang theory and how I met your mother.
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