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17 June 2014 - 09:28 PM

Hey I was just wondering if anyone knows any reasonably priced places to golf within like an hour of the bayshore.

I play every Sunday with my buddies but we get tired of the same courses. We try and go to places under $55. As a Monmouth county resident I know we have beautiful courses but it costs an arm and a leg to play most of them without a county card. But even with the county card most of them are still $60 and over, with the exception of tiny bel aire and pine brook. Plus the staff at ANY monmouth county course I've been to is terribly bitchy and rude(a ranger once told us to speed it up on the 16th hole at pine brook because we were 8 minutes behind pace.......). They just assume if you're under 25 you're going to do doughnuts on the green I guess, Idk.

We've been using golfnow but I know not all courses associate with them so I was hoping someone would give me some new destinations.

We've recently played apple mountain in east bumble fvck nj, which was a nice course with friendly staff, but a 1 1/2 hour drive on our only day off is kinda brutal. Miry run in robinsville, which was in bad shape and kinda far away but really cheap. Beaver brook, which isn't far from apple mountain so its a little far. Pebble creek is overpriced on Sundays, so is old orchard which I played today. Cruz farms is fun but its a sh!thole. I used to be able to play colts neck GC for free when a relative worked there but she doesnt anymore and I'm not paying $100 for 5 hrs of golf.

There has to be some gems around here that I've never heard about.
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