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In Topic: Read Zach's Lips on the Carter Goal

24 May 2012 - 09:30 PM

I suck at this but I thought it was, "What a fvcking game."

I agree with this. That or One More fvcking Game.

In Topic: GDT: ECF Game 1 - NJ Devils @ NY Rangers

14 May 2012 - 09:41 AM

Nothing else matters.

Lets Go Devils

In Topic: Offical Devils vs Rangers thread

12 May 2012 - 11:05 PM

How fitting is this series? We already killed the ghosts of Carolina. Now lets kill the ghosts of 1-9-9-4.

Lets Go Devils.

Nothing else matters.

In Topic: Flyers Can't- Because its the Cup

28 April 2012 - 06:23 PM

sh!tbag fans. sh!tbag city. They're made for each other.

Yes sir, I live here and see it everyday. Not a fan of any other the teams. I think a hand few of the people I know here are cool and know that their teams aren't that amazing. Phuck Philly.

In Topic: We are officially underdogs

28 April 2012 - 04:16 PM

Why? Those biased Flyers fans in Vegas have us as underdogs. So why Is it out of line for ESPN's writers to go with that?

I seem to recall outrage when there were a few ESPN writers that picked Florida over us in the first round.

They just disgust me in general.