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What's with the political correctnes on this site?

19 April 2005 - 07:58 AM

Recently I had an avatar removed because it expressed a "religious" point of view.

The avatar was a cross...which as we all know is as offensive and as dividing a symbol as one could possibly put up.

Conversly, the symbol that I have now put up, straight form a satanic website, is obviously okay with the administrator of this board.

So I'm to take it that no references to anything resembling religion are to be permitted and that a cross as my avatar is going to make poeple here freak out by its offensive and repugnant design...correct?

But "prayers" and "blessings", to the recently departed "Hells"...this is kosher?


I got it now.

Gretzky To The Rangers?

10 April 2005 - 11:31 PM


Start spreadin' the news

COULD WAYNE Gretzky be returning to the New York Rangers? Could be.

Whispers are abound in hockey circles indicating that Gretzky will terminate his association with the Phoenix Coyotes in the near future to join the Rangers as club president.

The move of Gretzky to New York, should it happen, will coincide with the likely retirement of Glen Sather (who has really already retired but hasn't bothered to inform anyone).

Gretzky would get an opportunity in New York that he wouldn't have in Phoenix: To build a team from scratch with unlimited resources. It is an enticing situation, with the NHL forest full of free agents who will looking for work when the league resumes play.

The Rangers are just one of several teams re-evaluating their front office structure and looking to make changes when the league gets back to playing games.

It Is Useless TO Resist The Forces Among Us

08 April 2005 - 10:53 PM

In my brand new NHL, I want to incorporate as much pure offense as possible - and I need and want your help Devils fans.

I want a fast game.

I want interactivity to play a large role in this newly designed game.

I want an awesome product, something that is a radical departure form the boring and tame, status quo, sleep inducing NHL.

Can you help me?

WILL you help me?

Here goes...follow along - slowly.

Note: Some of these changes may seem to be a bit too radical for some folks tastes...I say hold your horses and slow down, envision the possibilities with each paragraph...and imagine...an NHL with no boundries....no limitations...no Friggin awful trap.

I want no obstruction in this new NHL. That Has to be.

In a word, obstruction: SUCKS.

I want goaltenders with not only smalle & refined equipment, but I don't want them to be able to wear masks anymore. No masks on goaltenders in this new NHL is a good thing...trust me - we've developed a few generations of wimps and pussified goaltenders behind their masks, believe me. Thats ship has sailed its last journey here.

Its time for Goaltenders to in effect, "Come Out".

The NHL needs scoring, I think we'd all agree...and lots of it...don't you people know that if the NHL had scores that resulted in games that finished 11-9, or 14-13...or 22-17, that not only would they have that television contract they seek and so desire...but they'd also have so many new fans coming to arenas that they would need to redesign many of them to increase capacity another 10,000 seats each...at least.

The Devils new home in Newark would need to incease capacity to 30,000 in no time under the plans for my new NHL.

We have to emphasize speed as much as possible. Its all about "speed"...no matter what Pink Floyd sang about in the song "Comfortably Numb". Speed is in right now..its chic.

We need a fan friendly league too...a league that relates to its fan base and communicates both on and off the ice.

Hockey needs radical change...this is what has been pumped into my brain for the last several months...and I am finally convinced that those people who I once disagreed with...are indeed right.

My newly designed NHL will still employ three 20 minute periods.

However, the changes will be dramatic in terms of the competition, and the skills each team must employ to be able to skate out of the arena that night with 11 points...ooops...sorry, that was supposed to come later, the fact that in my new NHL you get 11 points for each victory you register.

As a fan of hockey, you're gonna love my new NHL.


Music will be played at all times during the live in game action...l;ocal DJ's will be able to out-do one another with the best mixes during games..and then talk about the games the next day on their radio shows giving the game even further visibility.

So mucis will be a staple...just like in the major Indoor Soccer League (remember Steve Zungel & the NY Arrows?) and like they do now in the Pro Indoor Lacrosse League.

Its cool stuff.

Okay here we go...

The teams will come out of their respective dressing rooms for their pre-game skate around just like they have always done...this will not change one bit. I don't plan on trashing ALL tradition that has become a part of this gret game...I'm a purist at heart believe it or not - but you must recognize when its time to change with the times...to, "Live In The Now", so to speak.

What will change is the following:

The teams will face off with one player per side skating against one another...and those two players will both be the goaltenders on each team.

They will be in full goaltender dress, sans the masks (I want those watching on TV to have optimum viewing pleasure and seeing EVERYONE'S face will no doubt help TV Ratings to Soar)...the puck will drop at center ice, and both goaltenders will battle for possession of the puck...the first goaltender to score into the other teams goal will get to add another player off the bench and onto the ice...for what in reality, will be the very first power play of the game.

So lets say the Devils and Marty score first against Garth Snow and the Flyers...Marty goes back to his goal, Snow returns to his net, and the Devils get to bring another skater off the bench and onto the ice.

You might think that Marty would get to select that player right? Well, maybe in your own NHL that would be true, but in my NHL, I have taken the time to know that the fans will get a say so.

On the video board above the ice, they will put up three (3) names.

Lets just assume for the moment that those names (selected out of a hat before the game begins by the patron in section 207 row 9 and seat 15) are:

A-Patrick Elias
B-Scott Gomez
C-Richard Matvichuck

When those names appear on the video board, Devils PA Announcer Bob Arsena will say to the crowd, "Devils fans...do you want choice A...Patrick Elias...choice B Scott Gomez...or choice C Richard Matvichuck...lemme hear ya Devils fans...right before Arsena makes this announcement...a hot sexy women wearing a tight form fitting outfit in Devils colors will skate out onto the ice holding the "Appplause Meter"...as I have had a company develop this special device to calculate EXACTLY the highest octives in the building for each player after his name is announced by Arsena.

Ya see, the fans get into this game themselves right from the git go almost.

In the event of a tie...after all the yelling, hooting, and hollering by the fans...lets say that equal cheering levels were determined for both Elias and Gomez...to determine what extra skater the Devils would get to employ...each player would be given a chance to answer a Devils trivia question from their 23 year history.

In this case, Bob Arsena would introduce onto the ice a lucky fan (determined prior to the game) who would get to walk onto the ice, microphone in hand, and ask the two players trivia questions...each player is allowed one phone call to a lifeline to help them...the players will battle it out in Devils trivia before one gets the leg up on the other...can you imagine the absolute bedlam in the arena at this juncture as fans are trying to help, or fool, each player with answers ringing down in their ears from as far away as the upper level of the arena?????

Lets say Gomez wins as he answers both questions correclty, and Elias only gets 1 of the 2 questions he was asked, primarily because he couldn't understand what the hell the questions he was asked meant anyway. Elias if he wanted to, could actually throw out a bright neon Purple Flag onto the ice at that point, protesting because the questionaire was not asking the questions in his native Czechoslovakian tounge...obviously putting Patrick at a severe disadvantage.

But because Elias wants to get on with the game, he defers to Gomez, and Scotty gets to stay on the ice with Marty...in a game that is now a 2 on 1 affair, the Devils Marty & Gomez...versus the Flyers goaltender Garth Snow.

The referee then places five pucks that straddle along the newly named "Orange Line"...Gomez has 15 seconds to shoot each puck from where it sits...if Snow allows in any more than 1 puck into the net off the stick of Gomez...the Devils will be credited with another score making it a 2-0 game...and the Devils would then get to have yet another player come out onto the ice for what would amount to being a 3 on 1 game.

If Snow stops 4 of 5, or doesn't allow any goals, the Flyers get to put another skater onto the ice evening things up for the moment at 2 and 2.

The Flyers skater is determined by the "Cingular Call Of The Game".

A Flyers fan at their home somewhere in Pennsylvania or in South Jersey would get a phone call live on the air...once they picked up, Mike Emmrick would ask them which player on the Flyers roster they would choose to put on the ice...the fan would respond - and we'd have ourselves an interactive league going on that would make the rest of major league sports look ultra-silly...eh?

But thats not all.

Listen now, before we get ahead of ourselves here, lets go back for a second and imagine that Gomez is whisteling these shots all over the place at Garth Snow with the pucks that have been placed along the Orange Line.

Because Marty would have nothing to do at the point of the first period "Shooting Gallery" (thats what we'll call this point of the match)...we'll allow Marty to take the microphone and skate down by the other netminder to "taunt" that goalie...Marty cannot get closer than the face-off circles, and can say whatever comes to mind while trying to distract and bother, and piss off Garth Snow, as Gomez zips around the Orange Line attempting to get off all of his shots in the mandatory time of 15 seconds. We want Marty to have the microphone because we want the fans in the arena - and those watching at home on television to know what is going on...remember...interactive is the key...a huge part of this new NHL.

Now, can someone who is feeling me on this take the game at this point and offer up some more very valid, substantive, and engaging new rules to help the NHL and hockey in general become more "offensive", more "fan friendly", more "television appealing"?

Please, don't humor anyone here with some baloney jive that is just meant to mock, what is meant to be a serious examination of this game and the sport...with changes that are designed to give the NHL the needed boost is so desperately needs.

Who has next here?

The floor is yours, what comes next?

After you are done with your newly created segment of planning, please leave room for the next poster to place their well thought out creative plans of action.

Thank you.


04 April 2005 - 02:03 AM

The city of KC is building a brand new downtown arena (The Sprint Center) which will open its doors in time for the 2007 season.

The city sez - as do those who are building the facility, that there will be an anchor tennent in place by the time the doors open - be it an NHL OR and NBA franchise.

If you had to look into your own personal crystal ball...what NHL team will relocate to Kansas City within the next two (2) years?

My guess: The Kansas City Penguins.

Devils Marketing

09 March 2005 - 03:32 PM

What is your opinion of the Devils marketing efforts.

People have been critical in years past of the clubs efforts in this area - however believe in the last 5-6 years they have shored this area up a lot.

When you consider that the Devs have a limited fan base in the New York area, and look at what they have done in Northern New Jersey, I think they are doing fine.

They have done commercial spots on many NY radio stations - had their games on WABC for over 10 yeras - and now will have their games on the premiere sports radio station in the country.