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You brought up Brodeur, so I'll go along with it. Martin Brodeur was fantastic in all 3 finals, but he also played in front of some of the greatest defensive teams and some teams that were able to score quite a few goals for him in the Finals for him. He was not asked to do anything remotely close to what Lundqvist was asked to do in these Finals. At no point in any of the 3 Finals wins did the Devils not get the better of the play.


In the 3 Cup Finals that the Devils won, only 1 of the 17 games played did Brodeur face more shots than his opponent's goalie. In 9 of those 17 games, he had to make 20 or fewer saves. These were dominant Devils teams.


It's pretty obvious Martin Brodeur will have more NHL team success than Henrik Lundqvist. Doesn't take away from Lundqvist's play.


EDIT: I know what's coming. I'll step away.

 Not attacking here. Just saying all you have to do is look at our 03 cup team. Nieuwendyk was out. Daneyko finishing his career and sitting a lot. And a concussed  Stevens. Then look at that offense. Not what I would call an all star team. Plus Brodeurs 3 shut outs. 

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