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The new early years. Like now.

16 December 2014 - 09:44 AM

It's hell to watch but I remember the "old days" when the team was awful.  Just seeing a solid passing combination was enough to feel encouraged.  Like now.  Trying to forgive a young defenseman for following the puck behind the net at the wrong time.  Like now.  Watching a scorer pass up an opportunity to find an open man and blundering the shot (Kirk Muller) anyway.  Like now.  Watching a solid goalie make great saves (Chico) and then give up a softie.  Like now.  And seeing great players turn old, while hoping that they may have one season left in them.  Like now.  And finally, being the slowest team out there.  Like now.

Devil fans know what it was like to be the best.  We also know what it's like to be the worst.  Like now.  If gut wrenching is fun, then I'm having a ball!