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In Topic: new soda cups and items this year?

02 December 2013 - 10:20 AM

Went to my first game this season this past Saturday and for those of you that don't go often that are looking they now have the Niedermayer cup available.  I was excited about that, but tried hard to also find the Daneyko as I knew that was the first one.  and after looking at most of the vendors I couldn't find him, but eventually I did.  I found him at one of the Italian food sections (I think it's called Villa or something like that)  Their pizza looked great too (but I'm not spending $5 plus for one slice when I have places by me that serve great pizza for under $15 for 8 slices).  But I did get a Pepporoni stromboli that was very good (and considering high prices at games, that to me seemed a little better)


anyway, anyone still looking for #3's soda cup check by the pizza/Italian food sections if they still have it at the next game.  I checked everyone, and that villa on the lower section was the only one that had it (at least for this game on 11/30)


and anyone that likes to collect pucks like I do, they have a very nice opening night puck with the devils and Islanders logo at the counter of the Devils main store.  (unless they sold out during this game).  That's two years in a row they've had a nice opening night puck, hope they keep that up every year now. (last year they had the flyers/devils for the home opener).  i was also able to get one for devils/penguins on e-bay for the pens home opener this year.  I had asked on here about a potential devils/islanders opening night puck and I was glad they had it.


No 2013 State logo draft pucks or pins nor any pins/pucks for devils rangers yankee stadium (I'll have to get those on e-bay as I've seen all of them on there)

In Topic: new soda cups and items this year?

30 October 2013 - 04:49 PM

Thanks for the pics, can't wait to get all 3 cups.  Pretty cool they have a retirement series cup set, and soon they should be coming out with Brodeur and Elias



All there is right now is the Dano cup...


I would think the Dano will be around for a little while longer, and then they will move onto the next guy in the series.









In Topic: new soda cups and items this year?

30 October 2013 - 11:34 AM

I was able to get that pin you mentioned on e-bay a few weeks ago, it is a very nice pin as you said.


If souviner cups are nice, I don't mind paying for them (everything at games are rip offs, and I'd rather spend an extra couple of bucks for a ncie souviner cup than just a bottle I'll throw away)


Do they have 4 different cups to choose from now or just the Daneyko



The cups do indeed have a free refill but they are also $7.25 or 7.50 each.  IDK I might get one though.


They didn't do pins this year but at the Barclays pre-season game against the Islanders, they gave out pins to everyone with the Islanders and Devils logo on it.  Pretty nice looking pin with the date and first Brooklyn game on it and glad I was able to get a couple when I attended the game.

In Topic: new soda cups and items this year?

30 October 2013 - 10:09 AM

Hey Colin,


  thanks for the info.  Looking forward to getting the cups.  From TV the dano cup looked really nice!  What are the 4 cups?  I know it's him, #4 and #27, what is the fourth?



They have 4 collectible cups this season and what's really cool is you get 1 free refill on them during the game.. I have a Dano cup and it looks pretty damn nice.. As for pins, not really a pin collector but as far as I know they didn't produce any special ones for opening night.. I do think that they offer some new pins this season and maybe even have Draft pins in Devils Den

In Topic: Pins

30 October 2013 - 09:26 AM

Hey Jimmy,


  I haven't been on in awhile, otherwise I would have replied sooner, so hopefully you'll still see this.


   I'm a huge pin collector and try to get every Devils pin I can.  I do have a 30th anniversary pin.  I only go to about 1 or 2 games a year so I don't know if they sold it at the game or not, the one I got was off of e-bay 2 years ago during the 30th year. 


   Which 25th pin do you have?  I noticed there are 2 versions.  an sga from XM radio and then another 25th pin (that just says 25th with no sponsor).  I have the xm radio sga, but have been looking for the reg 25th with no sponsor on it (only saw it once on e-bay, the xm radio is the version that shows up all the time)


    I also have an XM radio sga version of the prudential first year (not sure if they had a reg with no sponsor or not)


   as far as 10th, I've been looking for that for a long time.  I've asked so many people on e-bay that have vintage devils auctions and I still haven't gotten a clear answer (some weren't sure, some didn't remember, some said yes but it was so long ago they may not know for sure).  I have never seen one either.  so I have no idea.  Hope to find one someday though.


    I have all the playoff dueling pins too (mine go back to 2000 vs. flyers though, have been hoping that one day they would make all the ones from 95, 97, 94, and 88 playoff wins and 2000 vs. panthers and leafs).  I have other gameday pins too, but still hoping for a devils 10th and vintage playoff match ups from series they won prior to 2000.


hope this helps

Was there ever a 30th Anniversary pin for the Devs issued?


I have the 25th and was wondering of there was a 30th.


Also, was a 10th Anniversary pin also ever issued?