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new soda cups and items this year?

30 October 2013 - 09:36 AM

I haven't been to a game yet this year and won't go until late November, but I was wondering if the Devils have any cool new items at games this year such as:


an opening dueling puck and/or pin vs. the Islanders (or other gameday pins/pucks).  Last year I saw and bought an opening day puck vs. the flyers and in years past they had opening day pins vs. the islanders and senators (in 07 and 08).  other than last year's flyers puck and 07 first year prudential vs. senators I don't know if any other opening or gameday pucks exist (other than the playoffs)  and same point about the 2 pins listed.


During the first home game in the first intermission they showed a really nice Ken Daneyko soda cup and said it's the first cup of the series and that they would also have Stevens and Niedermayer (I only saw it on tv once, but the images looked similiar to the photo's they gave away during the retirement ceremony).  if it's as great as it looked on tv, it's a pretty neat set to collect.  I know last year there were a few people that shared a lot of info about vintage devils soda cups over the years and we discussed possible different cup ideas (these retirement cups were one of the ideas, nice to see they are coming out with a series for them now)


Has anyone noticed any of those 3 cups?  Are they pretty nice?