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In Topic: 2014-15 Season - I might be there!

20 April 2014 - 09:00 AM

Traffic on 95 in the Beltway area is ALWAYS a bitch. No matter what time of day it seems. Always allow for extra time Damo lol.


That's not quite true; I've driven the DC Beltway after 10 PM and it is usually free flowing. :)  More seriously, the Beltway usually has certain spots where it is a pain (Virginia in general, between I-270 and Georgia Avenue, near the I-95 interchange on the Inner Loop) most of the time, and that sucks.


I've already advised Damo on the HFBoards forum to get Amtrak or buses for Devils games in Newark; he not only wants to avoid having the drive be one big headache, he also wants to have all his limbs after paying tolls in approximately a million locations. :)


BTW for Damo (and others), the MARC Penn Line started weekend service between DC and Baltimore back in December, so that is now a viable option for going to weekend afternoon Orioles games (though driving to Baltimore on weekends usually isn't too bad and the parking costs are also fairly reasonable if you don't mind walking a little bit).  Additionally, Orioles games at OPACY are much more enjoyable than Nationals games at Nationals Park IMO.

In Topic: All Jersey Talk

19 April 2014 - 09:38 AM

DevsMan84 - thanks for the additional insights about the Team Classics and Vintage Hockey jersey lines.  I guess I've been lucky (either that or haven't looked super-closely) with the Vintage Hockey series jerseys I've bought; I haven't had any issues with construction quality.  (Like you, I also bought the blue KC Scouts replica that SportsK started selling back in January of this year; I've also bought the Vintage Hockey versions of both Devils retros I mentioned above and a blue Colorado Rockies replica as well.)


One question for you - how does someone buy Team Classics versions of the retro jerseys for teams besides the Devils?  I was looking at SportsK and CoolHockey for retro jerseys, and all of the ones they sell appear to be from the Vintage Hockey line.  (On a related note, I know for a period of time a few months ago CoolHockey was selling both the Devils "Stadium Series" jersey, i.e. the Team Classics jersey AND the Devils "throwback" jersey, i.e. the Vintage Hockey jersey; FWIW they had the Vintage Hockey jersey priced lower.)  I don't intend to buy any non-Devils related retro NHL jerseys except possibly an original San Jose Sharks one, but I'm just curious.

In Topic: 2013-2014 Attendance

19 April 2014 - 08:34 AM

Problem is those lounges can only hold so much and I can imagine every Tom, Dick and Harry will want to be in one of those lounges whether they got seats or not.  It's nice that now anyone can go in, but don't expect either of them to have any feeling of a "lounge" left in them when the masses arrive.


I realize you noted in a different post that the Goal Bar was open to everyone, but couldn't the Devils treat those center ice sections like Club seats, i.e. only allow Club seat ticket holders into those sections?  To me that would be the easiest solution if they drop the unlimited food and drink in the center ice lounge sections.

In Topic: All Jersey Talk

19 April 2014 - 08:19 AM

i was thinking about picking up one of the stadium series jerseys .. not a game worn just a regular stadium series replica.. after i thought about it i dont think i want anything to remind me of that crap game.. too soon..just too soon


I think the "Stadium Series" jerseys that are being sold are the exact same jerseys that have been sold as the Devils' alternate/St. Patrick's Day jersey the last few years.  Unlike every other team that played a Stadium Series game this season, there were no new Reebok-tagged, Devils jerseys that were manufactured for the Devils' Stadium Series game.  Based on what I've read here and elsewhere, there are very, very few Reebok-tagged Devils retro/alternate jerseys floating around; almost all of the Devils red and green retros you see are either "Team Classics" CCM or "Vintage Hockey" CCM jerseys.

In Topic: All Jersey Talk

19 April 2014 - 07:52 AM

Just a quick thing I wanted to share - this past week I bought one of the Devils "Stadium Series" replica jerseys from IceJerseys (who I hadn't bought from before but showed me some very quick service; I ordered on Monday evening and received my jersey by Thursday).  I already owned the "Vintage Hockey" replica Devils road (i.e red and green) jersey, so I can now compare the two jerseys.
The biggest similarity is that they look to the untrained eye essentially the same.  The color scheme is the same and the striping is essentially the same, down to the coloring and width of the stripes.  They are much more similar to one another than they are different.
The two jerseys are different from one another in a few ways, most of them subtle but one of them fairly obvious.  Those differences include:
*Tags - the Stadium Series jersey has an inside collar tag that says "Team Classics" at the top and has a large CCM logo underneath it.  By contrast, the Vintage Hockey jersey has an inside collar tag that has a CCM logo on the left and says "Vintage Hockey" on the right.  Additionally, the Team Classics/Stadium Series jersey says it was made in Indonesia, while the Vintage Hockey jersey says it was made in Canada.
*Waist collar CCM logo - both jerseys have a wordmark CCM logo on the backside at the bottom right side of the jersey.  However, the logo is different between the two jerseys.  On the "Team Classics" (Stadium Series) jersey, the CCM logo is shown in its "natural", three color form; the two "C's" have a red background and the "M" has a blue background, and the letters themselves are white.  By contrast on the "Vintage Hockey" jersey, the CCM logo is shown in a two color form, green and white; the two "C's" have a white background with a green letter, while the "M" has a green background with a white letter.
*Devils crest - the crest on the Team Classics/Stadium Series jersey is somewhat larger than the crest on Vintage Hockey jersey.  Interestingly, the crest on the white (home) version of the Devils' replica retro (1982-1992) jersey, which I bought a few months ago at SportsK (and is still being sold by SportsK), is larger than the crest on either Devils replica red and green jersey.  (IMO, the crest on the white Devils jersey also looks a little nicer too, but that's a side note.)  The white Devils retro jersey is also a "Vintage Hockey" tagged jersey.
*Material texture - by far the biggest difference between the two jerseys is in the texture of the material.  The difference is not dissimilar to the difference between the pre-2007 CCM replicas and the post-2007 Reebok premiers/replicas.  The Team Classics/Stadium Series jersey is made out of a lighter weight material, not the same as that used in the Reebok premiers/replicas but more similar in feel to that material than the material used in the old CCM replicas.  By contrast, the Vintage Hockey jersey is made out of a heavier weight material that feels essentially the same as the material that was used in the old CCM replicas (of which I have a few, mostly picked up for $15 each at Ollie's Bargain Outlet after Reebok took over the NHL merchandise contract and the CCM replicas were discontinued).
Incidentally, the two Devils replica retro road/alternate red and green jerseys were bought at different on-line retailers - my Vintage Hockey jersey was bought at CoolHockey, and my Team Classics jersey was bought at IceJerseys.  (Additionally, my Devils replica home white, red, and green jersey was bought at SportsK.)  To my knowledge and based on my experience with buying all of the jerseys, all three retailers are reputable.  (P.S. I've also bought a few other Devils, Devils-related, and WHA hockey jerseys and sports apparel items through SportsK in addition to the aforementioned Devils jersey.)
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