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In Topic: All Jersey Talk

Today, 08:52 AM

I ordered a jersey from sportsk but it had a stain/dot on it and I had to send it back. The guy over there suggested I try coolhockey or icejerseys, are either of them good? Coolhockey looks to be cheaper.

the guy from sportsk suggested that you go take your business to another company?? wow thats someone i would really want working for me! .. you dont think it was a spot that the dry cleaner maybe couldve gotten out before you went through the hassle of returning it.

In Topic: Nice article on Scott Clemmensen

Today, 08:44 AM

Hopefully we wont have to see him play any more than what he is already supposed to.. we need schneider to stay healthy.

In Topic: NHL updates TOS - stat folks will love this

Today, 08:43 AM

More accurate data is always a good thing so it's hard to see any downside to this.
I also really like the idea of having a chip implanted in the puck as that would make video review on many goals unnecessary when there's a chip that can alert officials automatically and with complete accuracy when it has crossed the goal line. Cases where the puck may have crossed the line, but is hidden from the view of cameras by a goaltender's glove or any other piece of equipment would no longer prevent accurate calls.

Not sure how that would be possible enless they were to put something magnetic in the puck and then some type of magnetic in the goal line .. but that seems like it may be getting a little crazy now the sport has done just fine all of these years the way its been theres no need to be getting that crazy with technology.

In Topic: carter will be at camp

Today, 08:38 AM

i agree, i think he most definently will get a contract its just a matter of settling some other things first as far as making room..im sure he and lou already have something all worked out between one another.

In Topic: Schneider's new mask

Today, 08:35 AM

uh.. thats different looking i guess
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