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In Topic: Gomez, Clemmensen, Bernier gone

28 June 2015 - 11:27 PM

i hate when people get into the mind set that there is no way of this team getting into the playoffs and being competitive.. that is why we watch all season long.. fans dont watch the team and go to games to hope or expect them to lose.. i know there is alot of work to be done here and we will see what happens once free agency start if we pick up or trade players..i beleive we will see more moves here with out a doubt..but let not be as negative to say that we have no chance at being any good next year even if it doesnt look so bright...have some faith and see what the new coaching staff can do with what they have to work with.

In Topic: A Thru F: Rank Shero/Conte's Job At 2015 NHL Entry Draft

28 June 2015 - 11:50 AM

and the tension builds. classic nj devs off season right here

In Topic: Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

27 June 2015 - 01:41 PM

@TGfireandice: Ray Shero said Devils will not try to re-sign Gomez, Bernier, Fraser, Harrold

thank god! time to move out some of the old garbage for some new garbage.

In Topic: Devils acquire Kyle Palmieri

27 June 2015 - 11:08 AM

Palmieri is a great addition.  He instantly becomes a right winger that we can depend on to score.  He shoots right, he's fast, he's young, he plays on the right.  There is NOTHING not to like about this pickup.  I don't know how I feel about Belesky unless he's going to be a right wing, he seems like a Clarkson type player.  Here I thought we were going to suck really bad for a few years, but I think Shero is truly making an impact here.  He's left the young defense alone for the most part which I like, and he's been adding forwards who put the puck in the net.  I'm pumped to see these young forwards.

dont really know much about this guy at all, but from seeing his stats and reading up on him he seems like he will slot into our top 3 or 4 in scoring next season with the current roster we have. I hope they can make a trade maybe move out one of the young D for another goal scoring forward we need one more.

In Topic: Devils pick Goalie Blackwood with 2nd round pick

27 June 2015 - 10:52 AM

wasnt excited to see this.. still hoping they make a trade for an IMPACT player.. i would take kessel regardless of whaat the majority of people are saying about him he could make a real difference here.. but with this goalie maybe they are expecting to try to move him down the road for something or maybe move kinkaid who knows