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NFL Week 7

25 October 2015 - 01:00 PM

Buffalo over rated, Mia blowing out Houston

NFL Week 6

14 October 2015 - 02:27 AM

BYE WEEK-  Dallas, Oakland, St. Louis, Tampa Bay



TNF- Falcons 5-0 @ New Orleans 1-4                            Winner- Falcons


Atlanta is the first team in NFL history to start 5-0 despite trailing in the fourth quarter in four of those contests. The saints finally got themselves a win, but I don't see them beating the Falcons, they have a timely Defense now, a freak in Freeman and a solid team all around. Outside of Snead their really isn't any threats on the Saints and their Secondary is lacking. 


Bengals 5-0 @ Bills 3-2                                                   Winner- Bengals


Looks like Tyrod Taylor could miss a few weeks, and EJ will start for the Bills. With McCoy out, Karlos Williams has been a real solid back for them, hopefully he plays this week and Watkins could be back as well. Even so, I don't see them beating the Bengals, the Bengals are Top 10 in every offensive category and a solid defense. With Buffalo potentially missing all their key pieces I can see this as a double digit win for the Bengals. 


Broncos 5-0 @ Browns 2-3                                            Winner- Broncos


Cleveland needs McCown to play, period. He has been one of the top QB's in recent weeks and gives them the best shot at .500. Even so, Peyton isn't the same, that's obvious, but their D is carrying them and I cant see them losing this game. This should be closer then most will expect but Denver will pull it off...again.


Bears 2-3 @ Lions 0-5                                                   Winner- Bears


Okay, Both teams suck. But Detroit is beyond horrible, all that talent wasted and it goes all the way up to the owners. Cutler has brought his team from behind, two weeks in a row with no receivers, to two straight victories. The right staff in place, everyone healthy and this team could be something. Even with this being a division game, the Bears should win by a score of two or more.


Texans 1-4 @ Jaguars 1-4                                            Winner- Texans


I almost chose the Jaguars, with Bell 2.0 in Yeldon. They have the pieces, slowly, they are getting there, but not within the next 2 years I say. Watt is frustrated, this should be a game he unleashes and gets confidence from.  This QB controversy is getting annoying, they chose Hoyer and benched him in Game 1 and never went back, realizing Mallet isn't a starting caliber QB their giving Hoyer another shot. Hopkins is been on fire, Foster is struggling. This team is a mess but they should win, it'll be dam close though.


Chiefs 1-4 @ Vikings 2-2                                                   Winner- Vikings


​Chiefs have taken a major step back and now they lost Charles for the year. On a positive note, a receiver has a TD this year!  The O-Line is garbage and outside of Maclin they have no legit options with Charles out and the Defense is having a hard time as well. Vikings are coming off a bye and Bridgwater should be looking to step up, this should be a quiet game but the VIkings will prevail.


Redskins 2-3 @ Jets 3-1                                                   Winner- Jets


Jets are coming fresh off a bye and the redskins are coming off a heartbreaking OT defeat.  My gut say upset for the Redskins but Im going with the Defense here plain and simple.


Cardinals 4-1 @ Steelers 3-2                                      Winner- Cardinals


Vick had one good drive, and it won them the game, outside of that he doesn't know the offense, and Brown isn't the #1 WR in the league with Vick. Relying on timely defensive plays and Bell too win games so that Vick doesn't out them out of the race before Big Ben comes back. This Cardinals team is, wow. a historic offense so far with points, a great defense, top 5 offense, a revitalized Chris Johnson, and a healthy Palmer. I see a 20-30 point game in favor of Arizona.


Dolphins 1-3 @ Titans 1-3                             Winner- Dolphins


The Dolphins have struggled, in all areas, but a new coach, a fresh team, I see them winning this game but 10+ points, now Mariota does look great dont get me wrong, but Miami has the talent. And I need a big game by RM in my FFL.


Panthers 4-0 @ Seahawks 2-3                                  Winner- Panthers... Dam.


Luke should be back for this game, a depleted offense but a mature Newton has gotten it done, and they have that top Defense as well. two top 5 rushing teams going at it. Their will be blood, the Seahawks are underachieving a bit and angry, but I have a feeling the Panthers will win a tight game, bye a field goal i would say.


Chargers 2-3 @ Packers 5-0                                  Winner - Packers        


Keenan Allen is playing great, but the Chargers dont have the proper scheme for Gordon yet to be fully unleashed, his time will come but it isn't this year. Rivers is playing great, but the Defense just lacks slightly. James Jones is back in Green and doing great things, I don't see The Pack being held down by the Chargers, Packers will outscore them by a wide margin.



Patriots 4-0 @ Colts 3-2                              Winner- Pats


Not sure how the Colts are 3-2, they will still win that division fairly easily. The Pats are playing to piss the league off  and I don't see them slowing down yet.  But this shouldnt be a hard game for Brady, I think this game is a shootout with the Pats clearly ahead.



Ravens 1-4 @ Niners 1-4                                      Winner- Niners  


Don't  get me started my team, they suck. But i think they'll continue off the offensive momentum they had going last week and pull out a close win. I'm not impressed with either team but the Ravens just look out of it, they've fallen to far behind in the division IMO and mentally they don't look like they will turn it around any time soon..



MNF - Giants 3-2 @ Eagles 2-3                                     Winner- Eagles


Pains me to pick the Eagles but without Cruz and possibly Randle i don't  think they have enough fire power to win. The Eagles have look like utter garbage, Ryan Matthews look better then Murray, they have no O-line, bad coaching, all around a under achieving team that i knew was coming before the season started. But the division is still very winnable... I think the Eagles will turn it around at around Weeks 8 @ 9 but will it be too late then? Who knows... But for now the Eagles look good against this Giants team.