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#1283628 GDT: Broadway Blowhards @ Devils 7:00 PM

Posted by TheRedStorm on 21 October 2014 - 08:38 PM

Just go for it in OT. As bad as a SO team that this is, their odds aren't going to be good against big pads who barely loses these. I'd hate to start off 0-1 after a blown 2 goal lead and go 0-for on attempts. 

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#1283615 GDT: Broadway Blowhards @ Devils 7:00 PM

Posted by TheRedStorm on 21 October 2014 - 08:30 PM

As long as Salvador continues to be in this lineup this team is just begging to lose and, quite frankly, they deserve it. It's disgusting it's come to this. I'll say it again, if this team played in a market that was more rabid with media coverage (i.e., gave more of a damn) they'd get eaten alive with personnel decisions they make.

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#1261300 2013-2014 Attendance

Posted by TheRedStorm on 15 April 2014 - 02:09 PM

I think Zubie had a misjudgment with the way he responded to me and honestly I was taken aback by it. Nonetheless, he's a good poster and that's why I led the charge for him getting a board award a few years ago. In your case you need to stop stalking my NJDevs profile and stop attacking me. I haven't said anything to you in weeks. It seems like most members on this board have a problem with you and you start fights with everyone. Ever since you signed up for this site a few months ago you have come in with an attitude and you operate with the goal of attacking the veteran members of the board. And then whenever someone calls you out you got on some sort of obsessive rant about post-count and caste systems. You're the only one that even thinks about that stuff. You need to stop and start making quality posts which it seems you are indeed capable of.  



Zubie hit it right on the head. You get ultra-defensive when called out. Your whole post was finger pointing at it's finest. You post anywhere from 20-40 times a day on here (but i'm sure you'll point to length of membership relative to overall post count while ignoring your post-a-thons and input in every thread for the last couple of months while ignoring the number of posts daily....you've tried this already and failed), so it's not surprising you forget what you say.


But, you're the one who influenced my caste system comment (from the many times you bring up member join dates, length of membership, etc....just like this post). Also, if you don't like what is said use ignore or mind your own business. It's your own personal choice, just like it's mine, to post and reply to topics and other people. 


Speaking of, you love to refer to this board in a capacity where it comes off like you have a deep, personal involvement or investment to total strangers. What goes on effects you just a little bit too much, you know? Being as it is, please get off the high horse and stop playing board hall monitor and guidance counselor to others. Enough. 

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#1261283 2013-2014 Attendance

Posted by TheRedStorm on 15 April 2014 - 01:20 PM

Holy hell you should be a lawyer, you spin everything in your direction. Not even worth replying back to you anymore unless its strictly hockey related.

Last thing I'll say about this is go read over your posts, maybe you will notice why I and I know for a fact others feel the same way. You put down many users, ideas, or threads and then get defensive when called out upon it. It's annoying and hypocritical. That's the last I will say on that.


Thank you, Thank you. I am glad somebody else besides me had the guts to finally call this member out for what he really is. He's doing it again today in the Ryan Malone thread.

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#1259910 Brodeur: Devils have accepted mediocrity

Posted by TheRedStorm on 10 April 2014 - 12:55 PM

Again, what first line player is sitting out there that the Devils are prevented from getting because of overpaid third liners?  This team has plenty of cap space, and a good, and relatively inexpensive defense, that will only get cheaper as the younger players get phased in. 


No one, no one's even arguing that. They can go get anyone they want, but you also have to be realistic that it's not going to happen. There's not a top 10 NHL forward walking through that door this Summer. However, if life were grand and it's all fantasy, paying out 12-14 million for *that* 3rd line is asinine. 


 If they can get two top 6 forwards of some standing this Summer then sooner or later, you have to think those deals on the 3rd line are going to bite them somehow, someway over the next two years. These are not 3 players going into the last year of a contract. They've got Clowe, Ruutu and Elias for two years together there based on contract lengths and the only one who belongs there is Ruutu. Plus, if you think Elias is going to accept a 3rd line "demotion", you're in store for a surprise and you've got Clowe who is paid to be a top-6 sitting on a 3rd line. I mean it's a terrible deal as it is, and it'll be even more terrible on a  3rd line.


I mean, look, i'll take 2 of the 3 down there if i had a choice to get a couple of elite players. But all three? No. That just can't happen, not that trio.

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#1259885 Brodeur: Devils have accepted mediocrity

Posted by TheRedStorm on 10 April 2014 - 12:01 PM

They're not getting JVR and they're especially not going to have a $12+ million dollar 3rd line

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#1259880 Brodeur: Devils have accepted mediocrity

Posted by TheRedStorm on 10 April 2014 - 11:50 AM

At no point,today, in discussing the situation, did i read Lamoriello taking on any blame with the roster he built and the failure thereof. Now, that's not saying in a few days when it's over that Lou might point the finger at himself in some ways but i found today's quotes a bit disturbing. He came off sounding too much like a player or coach and not a GM. At no point today, whatsoever, did he take any ounce of responsibility. He was typical Lou, talking without saying a whole lot. 


At least Pete said he'd be the first one to look in the mirror to see what went wrong. 

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#1259299 GDT-Flames @ Devils-7PM

Posted by TheRedStorm on 07 April 2014 - 09:00 PM

This is where I am right now. It's not such a good place.



2.74 per day but close. And lol at me being YOUR fan - you check my profile almost everyday.


Good job trying to sell your length of membership (because we all know you love a caste system) and divide the posts up without mentioning your post-a-thons over the last few months where you average 20-23 posts per day. You're in like every thread on this board, yet you took post count shots at MB. You're another one who likes to dish it out but can't take it back. 

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#1259121 Kenny Agostino

Posted by TheRedStorm on 07 April 2014 - 05:10 PM

The Shore can't survive on its permanent residents alone because all the permanent residents are gone. What can't you understand about that? I can't tell you in any more a creative way that 365 days of economic activity is going to have a bigger impact than forty. It's simple.


For what reason do I have to be spiteful? I care about the interest of my home. That's where my interests lie. I have no reason to resent or have some ill feelings towards anything that is beneficial to the culture and economy of the place I've spent my entire life. The way the Shore has been exploited is not in the interest of the people or the wildlife of our region. Ask the baymen. Ask the pineys. Ask the decoy carvers and scallop fishermen. Ask the families who have been here for generations. Your interests lie elsewhere. It's attitudes like yours that has led the feeling of resentment to be focused not only on the unfortunate market conditions that have created this environment, but to the people like you.



You listed all your reasons. You're spiteful. This isn't about where your interests lie. If it were so, you wouldn't sound like you had a grudge or spite towards others. It's about finger pointing, laying blame and failure to understand where money comes from that sustains parts of the shore region. Instead, you should focus your spite/grudges on the people who sold out when the money came calling. The people laughing to the bank who certainly "cared about where their interests lay". 

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#1259112 Kenny Agostino

Posted by TheRedStorm on 07 April 2014 - 04:17 PM

Why would I be arbitrarily spiteful? I, and many others who grew up and reside on the shore have our reasons to resent the summer resident.
People spending 365 days a year in any location will have a greater economic impact than people spending forty. More people spending more time means more money being spent. You can't reasonably argue that less money being spent means a better economy. It's very simple. The economics of places just off the beaches with a high percentage of permanent residents do just fine. Great, in fact. Pretty bold of you to try to lecture me about the place I've lived my entire life, though. Boldness gets you places.

I Understand that the market created the conditions for such a unique form of gentrification. The real estate industry is the one sector that benefited from this.

You're attitude of "you're recovering from a major disaster, you should be thanking me for coming" makes you sound like a real piece of sh!t.


You're spiteful and need to learn more about where you live and the economic impact of people who spend the Summers there. Problem is you're too spiteful and ignorant to think any other way. The shore can not survive just on it's permanent residents alone, whether or not they are there 9 months more. Not everyone who lives there can afford to or has the same level of disposable income and are willing to spend it all year there. There are affluent people there for three months and they spend money every night for three months. I personally know residents who have rented and spent $20-25K a summer. Even 10k a summer. Figure rental, boat storage/fees, gas, dinner every night, 3 kids, etc....and you'll see what i mean. Then try to sell me on your little economic theory some more. It's a hell of alot more then i spend!


I've been a Summer shore resident (LBI) for 30 years or probably anywhere from 5-10 years before you were born. I've seen people sell out, people who were "proud" of where they lived until that check was handed to them. Shanties and small housing torn down and rebuilt into rentals. Properties with trailers and abandoned boats turned into million dollar homes. Restaurants that once drew local color turn into social hubs. I've seen the social and economic revival of the Shore and that's just where i was. 


And by the way, that last line? Thanks for putting words in my mouth, punk. I've donated more money and spent more money last Summer to help LBI and it's businesses then i care to admit or could spare, but i did because i love the area. Again, just like 24 years worth of Devils tickets from a previous thread you attacked me in.....how about you?

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#1259094 Kenny Agostino

Posted by TheRedStorm on 07 April 2014 - 01:56 PM

People down here are fully within their right to not appreciate the 40 day a year residents. I certainly can stand it. People who think it's economically good for the area just don't know economics. Before people started renting/buying houses for use on weekends in the summer, there was a full population of people who lived there 365, spending money and paying taxes just as regularly in December than in July. And today, well-to-do people who priced out the average family, some of them who were here for generations, have the balls to act like they're doing us a favor. Don't get me wrong, a few hotels would be great, I'm not saying people shouldn't vacation, but the scale on which our Towns have been bought out by part time residents is a travesty.
Edit: not to mention over-development has basically destroyed local ecologic systems.


This sounds like spite, which it is. Why do you think some of those people left? Here, i'll tell you. The smart ones sold out. They sold out when they saw their existing home values increase and their property become worth more then the homes built on it. These people weren't forced out or priced out. They simply made a decision to cash in their assets. But instead, the property developers and people who made wise investments are made to look like the bad people instead of same people who once pointed fingers at the "Bennies".


And if you don't think having people with money spend 3 months at any shore location isn't great for the economy, then i have to question your knowledge of shore economics. Let me tell you, these restaurants and tourist traps aren't surviving without 3 months of tourism on local color alone. Last summer, no one gave a sh!t who was there and this summer no one will as well. Not for a long time until the Sandy recovery is well in the rear view mirror. 

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#1256148 Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

Posted by TheRedStorm on 27 March 2014 - 10:26 AM

The part you are not quite understanding is that not everyone has the same definition of whats good :atmosphere" at the arena.  I doubt even the dead-set anti-"You suck" crowd would want a library of an arena, but not everyone enjoys the obnoxious atmosphere of a college basketball game either.  There are games I attend simply because the game will be quieter and not filled with the obnoxious college crowd and the silly man-children to basically ruin my enjoyment and be in constant fear of having someone killing my eardrums or drunkenly spilling crap all over me.  That's not fun to me and it's not fun to many others and you have to respect that as well.


Years ago (I am saying like 10+ years) I think there was a happy medium for the most part on a lot of game nights, but now it seems there are just two types of crowds: the quiet library one and the college basketball obnoxious crap crowd.


Exactly. Well said. 


Also, i think some of these kids and people who wax on about atmosphere should go to other cities, for both good and bad. I've been in about half of the buildings in the league and if some of the "atmosphere" people went to say, Pittsburgh, the first thing they'd say is "They've got Crosby, Malkin, yet the building isn't rocking!". Why? Because nothing short of a college basketball type setting will appease these people.


What separates a good hockey crowd from bad hockey crowd isn't a bunch of man-children and college kids obsessed with noise and the opposition like Devils fans. It's knowledgeable fans that make a fanbase. The "atmosphere people" wouldn't enjoy Montreal (best in the league), because they wouldn't "get" that type of crowd. Chicago even Minnesota, for examples. Knowledgeable fans make the fan base good to great and when the team is good the atmosphere follows.

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#1256144 Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

Posted by TheRedStorm on 27 March 2014 - 10:03 AM

I am not sure if I've ever been a fan of yours, but this is some sheer bullsh!t that made me lose the last amount of respect for you I may have had. I didn't come on here looking for a confrontation, but me, being a fan for as long as a can remember, this is just downright offensive. If you're a season ticket holder, you better have a vested interest in what our fanbase does, and the atmosphere we provide. If you genuinely do not care at all, then do us all a favor, and don't renew for next year. I'd rather have one less season ticket holder than an apathetic nothing. Sit on your hands at home.


LOL fan. LOL respect. LOL offensive. From you. That's rich. 


Want me to stay home? I was an STH when you were a gleam in the eyes of two strangers at a Bon Jovi concert, First, buy 24 years worth of money i've put into tickets....no wait, how about just one season? You'll have to save allowances. Maybe come to a game, first, then and we can work on the season next.

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#1254915 Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

Posted by TheRedStorm on 21 March 2014 - 02:13 PM

Lost what? Having an opinion for enhancing game day experiences? What are you, 14?


LOL, enhancing game day experiences though chanting "you suck". Go on, tell me more about who is 14? 

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#1254887 Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

Posted by TheRedStorm on 21 March 2014 - 12:51 PM

You just signed up on this board, don't talk about about how/when others post. 


You should concentrate only on yourself. Like your pal, you've got plenty there to keep you busy. 


You and Mazz will realize you've lost. One day.

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