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#1241844 GDT: NJ Devils vs. NY Rangers - 12:30pm on NBC - Stadium Series Editio

Posted by TheRedStorm on 26 January 2014 - 09:12 PM

Yeah that's true, it's not like the Devils played Kevin Dean and Lyle Odelein and Colin White when he first came up and the end of Daneyko's career (and indeed maybe Daneyko himself) - it was all HOFers back there, all the time.  


I guess the defense must be way better for Schneider since Schneider is putting up HOF level numbers so far here.


Besides pulling random names for effect, you could do a lot worse as a goaltender then those players.


This is a "chicken or the egg" argument at it's core. Is Brodeur's success an indictment of his individual talent or is it more a direct result of the players and system he played with/under? I'm sure the day he retires, this will be brought up in retrospect of his career.

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#1238741 2013-2014 Attendance

Posted by TheRedStorm on 14 January 2014 - 07:54 PM

Only 1 and 2 require bachelor's degrees.  The third option only requires an associate's degree or 60 credits, which is only about half of a bachelor's degree, and it doesn't require military experience either as long as you have two years of "satisfactory employment."  Also since you were talking about the MINIMUM education requirement, it doesn't make sense for you to say that 1-3 (really it is just 1 and 2) require a bachelor's degree, because 3 and 4 establish that the minimum requirement is lower than a bachelor's degree.

Also I don't know if municipal police are different or something, but I know plenty of police officers who have a total of zero college credits and zero military experience.


I have relatives in two police depts in central NJ. We've had this discussion plenty and they agree and know first hand that without a bachelors, you aren't going to be a cop it doesn't matter what the guidelines are 1-4 (with 4 being the quota hire). I'm going to take their words over all else. It's no different then any other job that discriminates, but says they don't. 


Knowing some of you around here, i probably should have phrased it along the lines of that instead. My pal above is painting with a wide brush because he has a personal problem with the police. I take exception to that because it simply isn't true.

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#1237434 Devils/Prudential Center Making 'Huge' Announcement Tomorrow a

Posted by TheRedStorm on 09 January 2014 - 11:42 PM

A year ago it was "The NY Post has learned that the NHL is close to taking over the beleaguered New Jersey Devils who find themselves in debt and unable to pay there creditors etc etc blah blah blah" 


Would you prefer to go back to that world?


Because they'd still have what matters the most, YS and the goal song, while the team is negotiating a relocation with Seattle, Houston or Quebec. 

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#1237430 Devils/Prudential Center Making 'Huge' Announcement Tomorrow a

Posted by TheRedStorm on 09 January 2014 - 11:24 PM

So the same ownership group that doesn't want HEY YOU SUCK yelled in front of the children now has no problem handing them party poker t-shirts.... #JustSayin....


In the late 80's early 90's the Devils had TropWorld board advertising and arena giveaways sponsored by Trump Plaza/Castle which last i looked, won't be confused with Chuck E Cheese. 
I just love pro-YS logic. It's amusing  :P

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#1235805 GDT: Blackhawks @ DEVILS 7PM

Posted by TheRedStorm on 03 January 2014 - 10:20 PM

this is all true and I don't disagree one bit, however stereo's original complaint was how the hawks have so much talent and we don't. If you take off toews and Kane from that team suddenly their talent isn't so impressive. How are the devils ever expected to get a toews or a Kane when we never have back to back top 3 picks because we don't accept ten years of losing?


The Devils didn't have Toews and Kane from losing, but they had Parise and Kovalchuk. You can see the Devils talent level since they left regardless of contracts, money and how you view them. I'd rather have Toews and Kane then Parise and Kovalchuk anyday but i guess all things being relative, perhaps the Hawks would be what the Devils are now with having to find stop gaps, make over payments on FA's and sign mid level players. Top talent is tough to replace as it is and true franchise players very rarely get to free agency and when they do (or some overrated version of one), they get Parise-like contracts. It's all about building from within and unfortunately that comes from losing.

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#1235630 Stadium Series Game: Are you going?

Posted by TheRedStorm on 03 January 2014 - 03:54 PM

Honestly, with all of this… so what??? Who cares if someone said "boy I'd love to see an outdoor game for the Devils! I'd be great!" four years ago and then decided not to go to it? Why does that matter so much to you? Why does it matter if someone decides that sitting in cold weather or risking poor site lines for large amounts of money isn't their cup of tea? That means they are 'turning their back' on the experience as a whole?


And you 'can't imagine a fan base other than ours who keeps saying for years how much they want a WC' would decide not to go when getting one?  I'm sure thousands of people liked the idea and 'would go in a heartbeat' but ultimately didn't go in the other cities. Does that make Buffalo, Boston, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago etc etc all bad fan bases? Saying you'd like to go to a hypothetical game on a message board isn't a legally binding contract. 


You guys go on and on about Devils fans having a long way to go, as if every other fan base in the NHL flocks to all team events with their hands clasped on their laps and nary a drop of alcohol between them.  Well… all fan bases have the same kinds of people. All of them. From Boston to Miami to Anaheim to Vancouver to Montreal, all of them.  Some fans are drunken cursing morons. Some just want to enjoy some hockey. Some are eternally negative. Some are nauseatingly positive. Some go to every game. Some watch on TV. Some just check the box scores. Some ask for big ticket games and then complain when they get them. And some sit on their high horse with this narrow list of standards and practices that they want everyone else to follow because they believe that's the only way to be a 'good' fan. People shouldn't be persecuted for not attending a hockey game. 


You and CR are trying way, way too hard to be a board conscience. As much as some of us get called out for our soap box routines, a couple of you are routinely are guilty of this as well. Why does it matter to you so much what we think? Answer that for a change.


This is our opinions and observations, just like you have yours above. You obviously don't agree and that's fine, but we're entitled to our opinions. Did we drop names? No. Did we directly talk about anyone? No. Did anyone get called any bad names? No. 


This fanbase has a ways to go. I'm not changing my opinions on this and neither is anyone else who feels this way. So don't persecute others for having a strong opinion and belief just because you don't agree, either. 


I don't agree that this is a financial thing, but threecups is entitled to think that way. I believe it's just the type of fans we have.

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#1235477 Stadium Series Game: Are you going?

Posted by TheRedStorm on 02 January 2014 - 04:30 PM

It doesn't exist. I've yet to see one person pointed out who previously would 'definitely go no matter what' who is now complaining about the cold. In fact, only a handful of people even cited the weather as a reason not to go in this thread. And even if they changed their mind, who the hell cares why they don't want to go??


This is a reflection on the fan base. This should be a hot ticket among Devils fans because they were bitching and moaning about never, ever getting a outdoor game. When the Devils finally get one of these games (to the surprise of 99.9% of the fanbase) in typical Devil fan fashion, there's always issues involved. The problem is these are issues that are intrinsic to the experience and these same people who bitched and moaned and said they'd go....aren't. 


If it's purely financial based not to go, of course that's an important decision and with the prices, you can't fault people for putting bills and everyday living over a hockey game (even though they had to know this wasn't a $50 ticket based on the WC). 


CR or anyone can be a conscience all they want, but that still does not change that people in this fan base (inclusively) turned their back on something that they all clamored for.

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#1235458 Stadium Series Game: Are you going?

Posted by TheRedStorm on 02 January 2014 - 03:24 PM

I think that proves the validity of what I was saying. If it was the "Winter Classic" or the "Stadium Series" or whatever you want to call it, the weather is the weather. If people would go to the Winter Classic but not the Stadium Series with everything else being the same, that makes zero sense. Of course, we all know people will go to something just for the experience, how many people attend the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup Finals despite not being big time fans?


Especially since you can't even say that the outdoor game concept has been overdone; you can maybe say that AFTER the Stadium Series, but at least here in the NY/NJ area, its still a novel concept (which you said in your subsequent post which I just read ). 


And I should add, if you don't want to go because its cold outside, hey that's a personal choice. But reference were made to the people who were "dying" to go to a Devils outdoor game, but now they say no, its too cold. They weren't going to do an outdoor game in the summer, so what did those people expect?


Shhhh! Remember you're not supposed to make this an argument where one doesn't exist. There's no right or wrong choice here. <sarcasm>

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#1232929 Was gifted a jersey

Posted by TheRedStorm on 16 December 2013 - 01:47 PM

Oh no! Someone wants their last name on the back of their jersey they bought and paid for with their money! Maybe they saw how all those cool kids got stuck with those 17, 9, and 23 jerseys and said the hell with it on today's players who get traded and leave as FA's as fast as they come.

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#1228027 Oh these new owners are just dandy

Posted by TheRedStorm on 25 November 2013 - 11:38 AM

What part of they didn't even grant a reasonable opportunity to claim what they said we had the chance to don't you get? You gonna make the same post 10 times to make the point that you like prodding people?


That problem is with TM, you fool, not the Devils. What part of that don't you understand? So go ahead and call the Devils anyway and explain to them how you're somehow holding them responsible for it. You want to call the Devils, fine, but holding them responsible for it is just dumb.


You act like no one could redeem these things at all. Plenty of people did! Look, you're just butt sore that your little plan you went into detail on didn't come to fruition. Most of us just redeemed these things and were happy with two, thankful to give them to people or use them ourselves.


It sucks that TM fvcked up.....that's life!  So everyone lets just pull up your big boy pants and stop crying over things you got for free while donating to a worthy cause. It's already a joke that any "fans" of the Devils only attended the game against a Cup contender for the free tickets, but i digress

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#1226983 GDT: Devils @ Ducks 10PM

Posted by TheRedStorm on 21 November 2013 - 12:42 AM

Forget the GWG...For everyone who complains about Zajac's contract the play he made that led to the tying goal are the types of things that he does that go unnoticed by most. He made a great play that's not going to show on the scoresheet but led to the tying goal. Those are the things about Zajac people don't see, the little things and how much the Devils would be hurt without him. Sure, he's a bit overpaid when it equals G and A, but you know what? It's a contract they had to give and you just have to appreciate the things he does that don't show up in the boxscore.

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#1226892 GDT: Devils @ Ducks 10PM

Posted by TheRedStorm on 20 November 2013 - 11:47 PM

Cam fame is over. He is invincible out there. They need to call someone else up


He should have never been here, period. sure, the two goals were a cute storyline in a crap season so far, but if they needed to call him up to provide "energy" or "character" or something else like it then there's a problem with the other 19 players. If you need a zero talent goon brains to provide that spark....well....what does that say? Cam Janssen belongs entertaining in the ECHL not in the NHL.

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#1226551 Food drive this Friday

Posted by TheRedStorm on 19 November 2013 - 08:34 PM

thats what im saying its something they did to try to lore people to the game, if they didnt do that god i dont even wana know how much sh!ttier the attendance would have been. .. and honestly who cares if someone wants to sell and someone wants to buy that voucher.. i mean in what way shape or form does it affect anyone else? people must really have no lives if this is what theyre wondering about.. that voucher is a great deal to someone with a family or group of four that want to go to the game 4(most likely lower level seats) to a game especially if a family were to pick that up for $70 that normally couldnt afford to go and the seller maybe needs the extra money or cant attend.. who cares if hes selling it he still went out and got that voucher just like anyone else.. its his choice to do what he wants to do and as i said can be a real treat to others who maybe just cant afford the outing at a regular price. to think someone took the time out of their day to go searching to find people selling their ticket vouchers is fvcking bonkers.. some people just down right have no life at all.. just nothing better to do.


*Sigh* :rolleyes:


You threw tamper tantrums like a 10 year old that i couldn't stop "picking" on you :giggle: , yet you STILL can't resist talking about me like it's a one way street (and playing sly by not mentioning me by name....a little game you enjoy playing then go all coy about it).  So again, you're not only the most ineloquent person here, you also contradict yourself to the point where you don't even know what you do. Maybe in your daily post-a-thons it's a fact you often overlook. :whistling:


But all this coming from someone who said a few posts up they wouldn't have attended if they couldn't get free tickets. 


You're really a piece of work.  :blink:

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#1226517 Food drive this Friday

Posted by TheRedStorm on 19 November 2013 - 05:17 PM

1. My free ticket had nothing to do with the food drive.

2. The only reason I want to know is because it's only one seat and I might not be able to go. I have a friend who would go, but he wants to bring his gf. He's willing to pay for her ticket. Unfortunately since I don't know which seat it is, he won't know which seat to buy for his gf.

3. Management came out and basically accused all STH of bring brokers. So they made a policy to ensure we can't maximize our profit if we were to use the resale market. Most STH aren't looking to make profit when they sell their seats. I took a $250 hit last year and I'm fine with that.


So just give/sell the ticket to someone else who will go without having to bring someone. Shouldn't be that difficult especially if you're giving it away. But, it goes back to the point of just not donating food and accepting the ticket without any criticism. It's all a moot point from your end anyway because you weren't involved in the food drive, but you did offer your form of criticism and i think that's what ATLL was getting at. 


Sure, most STH aren't looking to make a profit, they just don't want to eat tickets if they can't go for some reason. Some understand there's no demand for the tickets most of the time unless they're selling them for half or less and others don't. Management knows that you do have those STH that see the Rangers, Flyers, Red Wings and STH events and know it's easy money in their pocket and those are the ones they want cut off. Also, you do get those STH's who fancy themselves as pseudo ticket brokers especially with the ability to buy additional seats/ticket packages.

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#1226217 GDT: Penguins @ Devils 7PM

Posted by TheRedStorm on 18 November 2013 - 10:20 AM


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