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In Topic: TSN Interview with Lou

27 September 2015 - 01:10 PM

I think a lot of his innuendos regarding events on the Devils are pretty much crap.  End of the day it's on Lou.  So a lot is just damage control and softening of his past mistakes to make the Leafs a more attractive destination IF any of his policies drove players away.
There is no doubt in my mind Zach Parise's leaving had very little to do with money - and I dont see Lou allowing himself to be hi-jacked to THAT degree - Suter or some other buddy would have to have been in the deal too I'm sure just to soften the Langenbrunner fiasco as distant as that may seem to everyone now. Fact is - over-paying for "character" players hamstrung the team a lot IMO.
I think the chatter about the Devils encouraging players to play hurt is upsetting to Lou.  I might be misinterpreting a little but still.   As if he couldn't pay a better medical staff?  As if he couldn't make that a priority for some reason?  Like ownership was saying "Hell no - put that injured guy out there - his absence will hinder the bottom line!"  I think it just never really occurred to him how to fix the problem.
I wish that the Devils had been able to mediate a wedding of old knowledge with new.  I get that it's not worth the effort with so much to do.  I just think it could have been handled with a lot more integrity and confidence. I have to say - I am impressed with Shannahan's confidence.  Although we all know what they say about confidence.  It's that feel you get before you fully understand the situation. :evil:

I've seen two separate interviews with ZP in which he stated the Devs financial uncertainty factored into his decision. He also reaffirmed his desire to go home. Given the timeframe of his dad's death, you have to believe he may have known his dad was sick when he decided to leave. Stop trying to find reasons to bury Lou. He's done too much for our organization and U.S. Fans, and doesn't deserve it.