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Devils Fan From Vancouver!

04 July 2013 - 02:58 PM

Hey everyone, I'm Taiter from Vancouver. Been a Devils fan somewhat for a long time, always loved Scott Stevens / Scott Niedermayer / Martin Brodeur / Patrik Elias. Once Kovalchuk got traded to the Devils then I really started to heavily follow them more and what not. Just thought i'd semi-introduce myself here. Also 19 years old. Would love to eventually go to a Devils home game but money isn't quite there yet! Also would be better when I am 21 so I can experience everything in the States!!


Thanks for stopping by, hopefully I can make a contribution to the forums!


Also, I have a youtube channel (not here to promote) but if anyone likes WWE or WWE 13 videos, I have a series going on and in the future I might do some NHL videos about NHL / Rumours / Devils! Username is Taiter32 there, if you want check it out if not its all gravy!!