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#1201520 Devils trade #9 pick in 2013 Draft to Vancouver for Cory Schneider

Posted by Hockey Widow on 10 July 2013 - 01:07 AM

Canucks fan here. Took me a while to find you guys!


Just wanted to offer my congratulations on landing Cory. You will love this guy. He is the real deal, top notch goalie. I know he doesn't have a long resume yet but I think you guys will just fall in love with him. There were rumours that he suffers from panic attacks and that is one reason the Canucks felt he was expendable but don't believe them. He does suffer from unexplained leg cramps thought to be brought on by dehydration but they were well controlled and well managed. He is a class person and a great hockey player, a great teammate. He does impersonations which are quite funny to listen to so watch out for them.


Unfortunately for us he suffered a groin injury in the last week of the season and didn't get to start in the playoffs. Most of us felt he should never have been put in when he was as it was obvious that goaltending was not our problem.


The one problem you may have is he was tired of being a back up which was why the situation in Vancouver had to change. I think he will be fine learning from Marty but if Marty does not retire in the next year you could lose him to FA but I doubt that happens. Be prepared for sticker shock when it is time to renew his contract but in two years I think you will all agree he is well worth whatever price tag he comes with.


NJD just become my favourite team in the East!

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