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In Topic: 6 Days, 6 Forwards to be Cut. Let's Figure This Out

Yesterday, 09:04 AM

I have to think carter has gotten some sort of assurance from Lou that he'll be taken care of. Surely he could have other opportunities if he wanted to take them.

In Topic: 2014 Training Camp Thread

30 September 2014 - 07:08 PM

Gomez has a wrist injury.

part of me thinks this could be Lou up to his usual tricks. Gomez could get a contract and then go on IR until a move can be made or an injury happens.

In Topic: NFL Week 4!!!

30 September 2014 - 01:47 PM

Yeah, BB is arrogant, and right now it looks like that arrogance is finally biting him in the ass, now that the offense isn't racking up 30+ points per game. For some guys, it reaches the point where they think ANYTHING they do...even outside-the-box, what-the-hell-is-he-thinking-moves...is going to work, just because. It's why Wes Welker isn't here, and Danny Amendola is. It's why guys like Richard Seymour and Logan Mankins are treated like they're nothing more than easily replaceable pieces. Some of BB's moves almost seem like they're made with the purpose of tweaking his QB, who to his credit has tried to give his team financial flexibility (which they then don't take advantage of).

I agree that it's probably a case where belichick overestimates himself. But IMHO the more he struggles later in his career, the more spygate has to loom over his legacy.

I know we'll never get the full story but there was a reason why the full tapes were destroyed. It's always been interesting to me that he seems to sort of get a pass on this. And note I'm not a jets fan.

In Topic: Official 2014 New York Mets Thread

30 September 2014 - 01:28 PM

There's already been pretty strong indications that the Mets aren't upping the payroll by much next season, if at all. On one hand it drives me crazy, but on another, Sandy hasn't exactly done a great job in FA, so I'm not sure I should be pining for him to spend money there...especially when a mistake can be crippling financially. It also looks like the Mets have a lot of cheap bullpen arms to lean on too.

We've been over it, but Murph is probably getting a nice raise over his 2014 figure of $5.7 mil...figure $8-9 mil in 2015 (his last arbitration year). We've heard the numbers kicked around for 2016 and beyond...probably 4-5 years at $10-12 million per...of course, that pay rate could start in 2015 if the Mets decide to buy out his final arbitration year. If the Mets re-sign him long-term (I wouldn't do it), you've got a lot of coin tied up in Murph, Wright, and Granderson...roughly half the team's payroll if it stays about the same the next three years, and all three of them are flawed. Duda made $1,637,500 last season and is entering Arbitration Year #2 (he avoided it last year)...safe to say he's getting a hefty raise. If he has another year similar to this one, he has two more arbitration years after this one...expect the Mets to think about trying to buy out his last arb years by offering a 4-5 year deal. They need as much young cheap talent as they can bring up.

yeah I guess I shouldn't be hoping for a big ticket FA since sandy has pretty much swung and missed so far in that's area. I just want to see a significant upgrade in some way.

You're right that Murphy will probably be traded and I'm not gonna argue it's wrong to do so BUT I don't want to see him moved for a prospect and only have Herrera or Flores starting at second and no additional upgrade in the outfield.

I mean it's obvious this team has been starved for offense since before sandy got here. In 4 years, the one guy he brought in that actually performed well in that department he traded. I'm appreciative that he's been trying to build the farm system up and set us up for long term success, but now it's time for results.

In Topic: 2014 Training Camp Thread

30 September 2014 - 11:05 AM

Obviously only basing it on limited viewing but I don't feel uncomfortable with Harrold as the #7 and having Severson available to play some games as needed. If it's halfway through the season and a defenseman has to miss 5 games it wouldn't surprise me if Severson gets those games and plays well.

I think this is probably the plan- if it's a short fill in, Harrold as the #7 will be the guy. If there's an extended injury, either severson or helgeson (depending on who's playing better) will come up for some nhl experience.
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