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Today, 04:00 PM

I feel like we recycle this discussion every time early in the season...it's the same every year, early season midweek games are tough sells. Wait until December and the end of football season and see if there's still a problem, I guarantee there isn't.

Also there are only 2 home games against the rags this year so that probably had an effect on the blueshirts in the building.

In Topic: GDT: Broadway Blowhards @ Devils 7:00 PM

Today, 03:56 PM

I guess I'm the optimistic type but Severson is an absolute stud. He's so smart offensively and no slouch in the defensive zone. That move he pulled in OT on Kreider showed he has some serious balls and skill

I love the fact that he makes quick, decisive and confident decisions. That's something this team hasn't really had on the blue line since rafalski/neidermayer.

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Today, 08:24 AM

This team is talented.  I'm not sure how anyone can deny that.  Now if you wanna say that having a lot of talent isn't the same as having a good team, then fine.  But talent isn't the problem.

it feels weird to agree with SD on something but he's right, compared to most other teams in the league we are not "really talented." We have a lot of quality players, but not top tier talents... Greene might be the closest but even he has had a poor start this season by his standards.

Last night we had zubrus on our first line- that is not an indication of high talent.

And I don't mean that we're not good enough to win or we're really suffering because of our lack of talent (I mean geez we're only 6 games in and at .500, as tri said this thread is overreaction personified), but to blame deboer is silly. Again, is it deboer's fault zidlicky made a- in the words of al trautwig- BRUTAL pass?

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Today, 07:21 AM

I edited it before MB mentioned it.

I know just joking man, but what's up with the cammalleri avatar, are you abandoning zubie?

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Today, 07:04 AM

Not a bad game, frustrating end but I thought we played well overall. I would have liked to see an even strength goal at least.

3 notes from me:

-3 powerplay goals. I don't want to hear how gelinas is needed on the powerplay. Right now he's not.

-our PK is worrisome. I didn't expect it to be as good as last year but if we want to compete for a playoff spot it can't be nearly this bad. Still early so hopefully it evens out but it think part of us will miss Fayne and volchenkov... Greene looks uncomfortable on his off side and we really only have 2 experienced pk defensemen.

- zidlicky had a terrible game. Forget the 3rd goal, he was constantly making bad decisions and when he had a great opportunity he couldn't handle the pass. If larsson does stick, I wouldn't mind splitting the zidlicky-sal pairing and rolling sal-larsson, Merrill- zidlicky. I just think zidlicky takes way too many risks for Salvador to cover up... I counted 3 two on ones last night where sal was the only guy back because zidlicky made a risky pinch or turnover.