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In Topic: What NHL forward is currently worth the 6th pick

Today, 02:51 PM

I've already explained why I said that. We will not get the return you think we're going to get with just that pick. We're going to have to add something pretty substantial to get a good return. Our assets suck right now. Losing two assets for one doesn't make sense. It's basic math.

If we were a team with a wealth of assets like Nashville or the Islanders then sure, package the pick. But we're not.

Also Barzal can potentially be our 1c. We haven't had a true 1c in years. It's worth the risk, to me at least, to see if he can become that. Then trade Gelinas + a 2nd for some young scoring help. To me that's getting the best out of the assets we have. Trading the pick is a panic move IMO.

this is fine, I can totally get behind this. What I take issue with is the idea that trading it is a "panic" move. All I've said is that if the return is enough, I'd be willing to move it or package it.

Neither of us know what the return could be, it would depend on teams being in cap or rebuild situations. Value is relative to every team.

A sixth round pick doesn't guarantee a player who is going to make a big change for a franchise and teams know that. They won't overvalue pick #6. Just for reference...

2000 - Scott Hartnell
2001 - Mikko Koivu
2002 - Scottie Upshall
2003 - Milan Michalek
2004 - Al Montoya
2005 - Gilbert Brule
2006 - Derick Brassard
2007 - Sam Gagner
2008 - Nikita Filatov
2009 - Oliver Ekman-Larsson
2010 - Brett Connolly
2011 - Mika Zibanejad

just a reminder that we traded ninth overall two years ago for Cory, who was our MVP this year and looks to be a top 5 goalie in the league, and there is only one player on this list that ever in their career exceeded Cory's current value.

In Topic: What NHL forward is currently worth the 6th pick

Today, 01:35 PM

I'm still pissed off at the Johnny Mac for Doug Bodger deal..... does that count?

lol well you're going back 18 years so I think you prove my point.

In Topic: What NHL forward is currently worth the 6th pick

Today, 01:33 PM

It's big picture here. The Devils have 1 top 6 forward. They need to draft and develop their own forwards. Take a step back and grab a forward with the 6th pick, then grab a forward next year in the top 10. No one is going to deal a young proven top line winger for a 6th overall pick anyway.

Let the Devils sink or swim next year, but don't throw a life jacket for next season. If everything clicks, and this team somehow makes the playoffs, so be it. But for now, I'll gladly take two forwards with the 6th pick and then let the chips fall with a similar roster next season.

I am not sold on trading the pick, but the thing that concerns me is there is uncertainty in who we should pick at 6- just look at the posts in this page alone and there are disagreements. Not all of Brazal, marner, crouse, etc will be top 6 players. Some of these guys have been ranked anywhere from 4-15 in various rankings, and prospects are a lot like cars- once you take them off the lot their value drops. The pick is likely more valuable now than the prospect we pick there will ever be.

Obviously the return has to be right, but people saying they are 100% against trading the pick are obtuse.

In Topic: What NHL forward is currently worth the 6th pick

Today, 10:34 AM

he won't trade 6 for anything but a surefire 1st liner that is locked up for minimum 3 years if it's a player. again, i think that depending on how the picks fall, i would deal 6 with columbus for 8 and 38. a 1st and 3 2nds in this draft would be pretty good.

100% agreed. I know with the recent results it's easy to sh!t on Lou but when's the last time he's made a bad trade? I mean you at least have to give him some respect in that area.

In Topic: What NHL forward is currently worth the 6th pick

Today, 08:12 AM

This is supposedly the strongest draft since '03. Yes, where we're picking there is our John Tavares, our Ryan Strome, our Jordan Eberle. I want Lou/Conte to pick somebody that even if they need another year of "seasoning" . I want this over JVR, or Skinner etc.

we could just as likely draft the next jessiman, fehr, or bernier, who were all taken in that 03 draft over guys like kesler, perry and getzlaf.

Nhl scouts and gms do not have a sterling record of picking talent in the draft- it is very much of a crapshoot. That 03 draft is considered the strongest ever and even then out of the 23 forwards taken in the first round only 9-10 went on to become consistent top 6 guys.

At 6 we are much more likely to draft someone like Nathan Horton or Devon setoguchi than we are a Tavares.