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In Topic: Zubrus to be bought out.

Today, 12:06 PM

I'm confused, if his salary stays full on cap hit this year because of 35+ is he off after this year? If so very nice. Cap hit this year is no problem.



Yes, the contract ends after this year.

Correct, cap hit this year is the full 3.1 mil but nothing after that

Per TG: 

The buyout will for two thirds the remaining total value ($2,0) spread out over twice the remaining years on the deal. So, the Devils will pay Zubrus $1,033,333 over each of the next two seasons.



In Topic: Zubrus to be bought out.

Today, 12:03 PM

Thanks Dainus for everything, was a good player for us and great complimentary piece over the years. It seems like he could always adapt to whatever role we threw him in.


Part of me wonders if he asked for or at least accepted this. Like others have said its likely he'd have been a healthy scratch here this year anyway. Now he can look for an opportunity to actually get playing time elsewhere (Russia?) and we're still clear from the cap floor.

In Topic: 2015 NHL Off-season Thread

Today, 07:34 AM

Pittsburgh is looking pretty insane right now. They'll beat the Rangers out for the Metro this year I think.

Fehr is a great bottom six guy for them and could even see time playing with Malkin or Crosby.

agreed, if he gets any significant time with either of those guys he'll net 20 goals easy IMO.

Pens still have the same two questions as always though: health and fleury.

In Topic: Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

27 July 2015 - 03:35 PM

just for the purpose of having some nhl bodies - since our roster is scrappy at best right now - does anyone think a C/RW such as Eric Fehr makes sense?  he's more a player suited for an already-good team to be a compliment.  but he does seem to be capable of scoring 15-20 goals in 3rd line role (plus he can play center). i know these names have been dragged through the mud already, but after the semin signing, they are starting to fall off the list.  i could see a 1-2 year deal making some sense, but i could also see shero not looking for his type right now.

I like fehr and i don't think it would be a bad idea, but we have too many 3rd liners as it is. The thing he does have going for him is he's a RW... If we signed him he'd instantly be our 2nd best RW. Please no more Tootoo on the top line. please.

In Topic: NJDevils re-sign defenseman Adam Larsson to a six-year contract.

27 July 2015 - 03:28 PM

If you arent using Merrill on the PP, then you have to use him on the PK. I dont recall him being particularly strong shorthanded

Who would you use otherwise? I've said it before when we signed Moore, but the PK is a concern for me. Honestly I don't fully trust any of our D there other than Greene. 


My guess would be




I'd also think Hynes goes with 4 forwards on the PP with some rotation of Severson, Gelinas and Moore as the fifth.