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In Topic: I really am beginning to hate our fans.

Yesterday, 02:30 AM

I think some of you guys are on a different wavelength than I am.  Again - I've said this before in various threads, but I think you guys are taking this too literally.


In my humble opinion, if you're in the building making noise - you're supporting the team.

What other fans are you speaking of?  Links, articles?

I'd love to see this, because thus far I've only seen Devils fans bitching about it.


It doesn't change the fact that it's an offensive chant albeit mildly offensive.  It's intended to be an insult.  You're not gonna go say You Suck to someone as a compliment.  You can't just ignore the literal meaning of the chant no matter what your intentions are.


And trust me.  The problem with you is that you live in your own bubble.  Those people are out there who think it's dumb to chant YS.

In Topic: Devils believe they can still make playoffs

Yesterday, 02:22 AM

If Boston plays .500 hockey the rest of the way, they end up with 90 points.  And with the way they've been playing recently, going .500 or better is not even close to being a slam dunk for them.


Which means we would have to go 15-4-1 to get to 91.  We would still have to beat out Florida, Philly, and Ottawa in the process.  So even if we finish higher than Boston, that's no guarantee we make the playoffs because one of the aforementioned 3 teams could simply supplant Boston.  However, there's no guarantee any of those teams does.


91 points is the bare minimum.  But more realistically I'm saying 93 is where any aspiring playoff team should aim.  So 16-3-1 is what the Devils would have to do.  Highly unlikely.  


But if a worse 2010-2011 team had it in them to go on a 23-3-2 run like they did, then this team going on a 16-3-1 run or 17-3-0 run isn't out of the question.

In Topic: Gary Glitter Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison for Sex Offenses

Yesterday, 02:09 AM

I separate the 2.  The guy is a scumbag and will likely get what he deserves in jail, but I don't think of him when I hear the song.  Some people do, and I get that, but I personally don't. 


I also don't have a problem with the team not playing RR Part II as the goal song because doing so would require paying him royalties for the song.  The team should have just come out and said that from the beginning of the pre-season a few years ago, rather than go through that whole charade.  It wouldn't have changed the YS chant and the vuvuzela thing, but it might have quelled the uproar over removing the goal song itself which pissed a lot of people off.  


I don't think the Gary Glitter situation had any influence as to why the new ownership wanted the song gone.


I know in 06-07 all teams stopped using it for this very reason though.

Penn State doesn't play Sweet Caroline anymore because of the "touching you" part of the song all due to the Sandusky fiasco.

In Topic: GDT: Bruins vs Devils 7pm MSG+

27 February 2015 - 10:13 PM

Devils went on a 23-3-2 run in 2010-2011 with a worse roster than this one.  We also won 11 straight to close out the 2005-2006 season to win the Atlantic Division.


In order for this team to have a good chance to make it, they have to win 17 of the remaining 20 games.  If we win 16, it's a coin flip if we'll make it.

In Topic: Should Schneider be traded?

27 February 2015 - 09:12 PM

I laugh at anybody who voted yes.