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In Topic: Dainius Zubrus Appreciation Thread

Today, 09:39 PM

Auntie wasn't just great in the corners, but he one-handed the puck with excellent control and more often than anyone I've ever seen. It was time to part ways, but I still wish the best for him.

In Topic: Zubrus to be bought out.

Today, 09:35 PM

The wheels were already off, Lou's failure to appreciate that and try to put them back on was his downfall.

In Topic: Zubrus to be bought out.

Today, 02:58 PM

New young coach that isn't a retread

No Ryder

No Havlat

No Gomez (nothing against him, he did more than ever could've been expected, but I thought it would've been a mistake to expect anything approaching a repeat of that)
No Salvador

No Bernier

No Harrold

No Sestito

No Zubrus


I'm with you.  Like that there's going to be new blood, that the young D will be getting continued on-the-job training, and that the Devils will start to find out what guys like Boucher and Matteau might bring.  And that the deadwood pile is getting mulched.


When you lay it out like that, it really becomes clear that its like a half a new team, at least on one side of the ice.


I'd rather see whatever will happen this season than what we all knew was going to happen last season. I didn't watch a lot of games other than Devils games until the playoffs, but once I did, it was evident that we were playing at a much slower speed than the elite teams. Hopefully that will change for the better. 

In Topic: Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

Yesterday, 02:38 PM

lol okay....


how many goals you think Schneider is going to score this year? and do you think he's going to be on the first or 2nd PP unit? 


In all fairness, there are a couple of guys on the roster that Cory may outscore...

In Topic: NJDevils re-sign defenseman Adam Larsson to a six-year contract.

27 July 2015 - 09:08 AM

Top dollar?  His cap hit is like 27th in the league for centers and that number will go up, once a few more centers get new contracts.  We aren't a cap team, I have no issues with his contract.


I think what he was saying is we SHOULD pay for a top dollar center who will produce, not that Zajac is receiving top dollar. AT least I hope he was. I would agree its a good idea.