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In Topic: Save us Jacques Lemaire

Yesterday, 09:21 PM

Fire DeBoer. With the talent on this team, losing 4 in a row is mental.


DeBoer caused them to lose? News to me.

In Topic: It is game 7 of a new season

Yesterday, 04:03 PM

I've been of the opinion for the past few years that a rebuild is both necessary and unavoidable at this point.  This offensive unit is pretty.. average.  Cammalleri helps, for sure.  But it's still pretty lackluster.  They're essentially rebuilding on defense, which is great - wish it could've started sooner.


But I've been reminded countless times that success after a rebuild is anything but a sure thing.  

Personally, I seem to see a lot of NHL teams with a healthy blend of mostly younger, faster talent and a handful of veterans finding success.  The Devils are currently a slow team of average to below-average skill forwards without any sort of bluechip offensive prospects, which sucks.  It's boring to watch and frustrating to root for.  I can say this with total honesty - last year was one of the least enjoyable Devils seasons in recent memory.


McDavid sure would be a step in the right direction, though.  


When did you want the defensive rebuild to start, they were in the cup finals just two years ago.

In Topic: Is Larsson Finished?

Yesterday, 03:47 PM

Hedman can actually skate.

In Topic: Name an NHL captain less skilled than Bryce Salvador

Yesterday, 03:46 PM

Did you read the initial post? I said its supposed to be ONE OF your better players, not your worst. I didn't say it was the MOST skilled player, just that it should be A SKILLED player. 


So perhaps it is YOU who are lost, sir. 


Would you say Dustin Brown is one of the better players on the Kings?

In Topic: GDT: Stars. Devils. Thank you, Chico.

Yesterday, 11:31 AM

Deboer is one of the best tacticians in the league, he won't be fired.