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#1307299 Some Thoughts on the Jagr Era

Posted by NJDfan1711 on 27 February 2015 - 08:29 AM

I didn't know all that, no, and good post, but it's not what I am saying. Actually I am not sure what you are saying. You said "Jagr is the most under-appreciated Devil ever." I think he was probably underrated (definitely for doing it at 42) as a hockey player during his time here, mostly because I think that people just saw his stat line and judged him for that, even moreso around the league than in the Devils' fanbase. I just don't think he was 'underappreciated as a Devil' though. I think Jagr has gotten the credit that is due his team MVP play as a Devil in 2013-14. It doesn't need to be overblown. Overall his time on the Devils is a blip on the radar, due to the fact that the Devils didn't win anything with him here and for the fact that he was hardly here. He gets enough appreciation, the fact is, he just isn't owed THAT much of it.


Andy Greene is an 'underappreciated Devil'.

I agree with this.  Under-appreciated as a hockey player?  Yes.  In fact, having him on our team has made me see that.  I was never a fan of Jagr's before he came here, but having him here made me realize what a special player he is.  But under-appreciated as a Devil?  I don't think so.  Most if not all of us respect and see what he did last year, at an old age, with crappy linemates.  That's not being under-appreciated.  


A guy like Patrik Elias is probably under-appreciated.  Played his entire career so far for one organization.  Was a class act both on and off the ice.  His skill was great which led him to a fantastic 1,000+ point career so far, but he wasn't necessarily with the 'elite' scorers in NHL history either.  With that said, he never said boo to anyone or about anyone, always did what was asked of him, saw many players and friends come and go over the years, and now, at the late stages of his career, has turned into a fabulous mentor, role player, and model Devil.  

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#1259506 In a Season of Problems, Brodeur was the Biggest

Posted by NJDfan1711 on 08 April 2014 - 03:47 PM

No, if the most basic fundamental principle of a team getting a win is to score more than your opponent, Schneider isn't even 1% "to blame for the loss" considering 0 goals were scored.

I was being facetious with the percentages, but we agree on the fundamentals.  Yet people (possibly you, but I won't put words in your mouth) don't want to apply that to Brodeur.   That's what's frustrating and annoying.   Yesterday is actually a perfect example the more I think about it... you can argue that if you put Brodeur in net last night, or any of the other games this season, that the score is 3-0 or 4-0 instead of 1-0, but the simple fact of the matter is exactly as you stated, if you don't score, you lose, plain and simple.  THAT is where the blame lies this year. 

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#1250278 The Official 2014 Trade Deadline Thread

Posted by NJDfan1711 on 05 March 2014 - 04:49 PM

I'm looking forward to seeing Motormouth Marty's first interview....

Motormouth Marty...lol


A guy who, for 20 years, has been pretty much a great example of how to deal with pressure, the spotlight, and the media, is suddenly thought of as a motor mouth?  Jesus, I must be getting old, or people are just getting dumber. 

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