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#1173738 2012-13 Prospect Thread

Posted by thefiestygoat on 25 February 2013 - 12:36 AM

im curious thefiestygoat, who's your fav prospect or the one you're more high on to have an impact for us


I'm no expert but I was thinking yesterday about what prospect has excited me the most this year. While Reid Boucher has had a fantastic season, I'd have to go with right handed defensemen Damon Severson on the Kelowna Rockets. The Devils were fortunate to grab him towards the end of the 2nd round last year, a draft in which he was one of the younger players (just 17 at the time with an August birthday).

He's in his age 18 season this year which also happens to be his 3rd full season in the WHL and has put up this line: 62 GP 8-38-46 +36 66 PIM. While one could say his +/- is inflated due to playing on a great team (2nd in WHL) he has been a huge reason for their success since he plays in all situations and is often used to against the opposition's top players. Plus he's already listed at 6'2 198 and he should be able to bulk up a bit from there which makes me even more excited. He's currently 6th in WHL defensemen scoring and is 2 points back of 3rd.

Based on limited viewings this year I'd say he is a very composed player, especially when he has the puck, and is able to use his vision to make an effective pass out of the zone. He's mobile and reads the opposition well on both ends of the rink. His shot seems good for juniors but I wouldn't put it up there with his great passing. I think he can potentially be a solid 2 way d-man in the NHL but will probably never put up that many goals - which is more than fine with everything else he brings to the table.

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#1172254 Canadian Anthem/ Chants

Posted by thefiestygoat on 19 February 2013 - 02:42 PM

Oh grow some thicker skin. I went to a game in Edmonton a few years ago and was called a "fat sh!thole American" by half of the crowd. I'm 5'11 145.

The Canadians loudly mock the national anthem and their captain is from the US. It's a sporting event you ninnies.

Amen, people take chants and cursing way too seriously nowadays. Some of my best childhood memories going to games were watching fights and learning new curse words. It's a sporting event with people having fun for a few hours. No one is saying you have to like it but we don't need thread after thread of people bitching and moaning about it every year. Just don't participate if it bothers you.


Remember, Canada sucks, Pat Quinn swallows!



Ok, I'm kidding about that first part, I love Canada!

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#1166356 Arnott Signs with...edit....Blues!

Posted by thefiestygoat on 26 January 2013 - 06:21 PM

The Rangers now have 2 guys who have scored Stanley Cup clinching goals for the Devils!
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#1164615 AHL Bench Clearing Brawl!

Posted by thefiestygoat on 20 January 2013 - 01:23 AM

Beautiful! Grand Rapids won the game 11-6 and the teams combined for 230 PIM! The game sheet is hilarious!


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#1160916 Lockout 2012-2013 (Hockey's back!)

Posted by thefiestygoat on 07 January 2013 - 02:56 PM

I'm really, really hoping gamecenter will be free this year as an apology of sorts.

If it isn't, and since microwavepizza is retired from broadcasting (you're still my hero), how much money am I looking at dropping for half of a season worth of NHL gamecenter to stream the games?

EDIT: Just realized you posted about game center and not center ice, my bad. I'll leave the below post in just for reference if anyone has questions on center ice.

It would be nice but unfortunately the NHL has it's hands tied because of contractual obligations.


The NHL doesn't have full ownership of the package. A company called inDEMAND -- which runs similar packages for the NBA, MLB and MLS -- does. They would need the approval of literally every cable and satellite company that runs the package -- everyone from DIRECTV to Comcast -- to make it happen, as inDEMAND and the cable companies all want a piece of those pricey subscriber fees. A discount? Perhaps. A free season ofCenter Ice? Logistically impossible.

Hopefully the league/teams do something to give back to the fans. I hope they don't paint "Thank You Fans" on the ice again...a "fvck You Fans" would be better since at least it would be sincere.
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#1160328 Lockout 2012-2013 (Hockey's back!)

Posted by thefiestygoat on 04 January 2013 - 02:28 AM

Nobody should feel good about an individual being ill joke or not. I found that distasteful.

He's no better than all of these corporate bigwigs that make a ton of money to fvck over a lot of people. Imagine how many people are out of jobs or hurt because of his antics - those people have health and real life problems too. I'll feel for them, fvck being politically correct.

Trust me I know what it's like to deal with serious health issues. I doubt Bettman has anything that's truly that bad if he is still "working" and I'm sure he has enough money to get a lot better care than most of the people in this nation. I doubt he has to worry about going bankrupt because of medical bills.

fvck distasteful, I'm pissed.
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#1158280 Lockout 2012-2013 (Hockey's back!)

Posted by thefiestygoat on 07 December 2012 - 08:09 PM

I just gained a ton of respect for Lundqvist. At least he gives a sh!t.
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#1158098 Lockout 2012-2013 (Hockey's back!)

Posted by thefiestygoat on 06 December 2012 - 12:44 PM

I wish Parros would take Jacobs and Bettman for a "chat" in an alley outside the building.
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#1157479 Move Over Ovechkin, Kovalchuk Makes a Cameo in Russian Music Video

Posted by thefiestygoat on 28 November 2012 - 04:51 PM

Here are a few gifs:

IPB Image
IPB Image

Edit: Well they worked in the post preview....here are the links:


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#1157156 A frustrated fan says so long to the Canucks - Any STHs here walking?

Posted by thefiestygoat on 24 November 2012 - 12:05 PM

I doubt enough people are going to cancel season tickets to jeopardize the Devils long term ability to stay in New Jersey. I can't blame any fan that does cancel tickets since its really the only way possible for them to voice their displeasure and probably more significant (albeit really small anyway) than not watching a nationally televised game. I doubt enough people are going to stop watching those games for the NHL to even notice.

I never had enough money for season tickets yet (I'm just 24) and though I only made it to 1 game last year, I had been averaging 4-8 a year since they moved to The Rock in the years prior. After the last lockout I couldn't wait to get back and rushed online to buy tickets and flock to the game like nothing had happened. This time around I can say I have no desire to attend a NHL game for quite some time even though I can afford it again. I've also told everyone in my family to not get me Devils gear or memorbilia like I usually receive at Christmas and my birthday. I love hockey but anything NHL related makes me disgusted at this point.
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#1124116 LA Kings fans proclaim NJ Devils' season in toilet with Kovalchuk

Posted by thefiestygoat on 25 May 2012 - 10:11 PM

Lets beat these fvckers!!! Go Devils!!!!!
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#1107152 EQF Game 1 - Playoff GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Florida Panthers

Posted by thefiestygoat on 13 April 2012 - 07:38 PM

The officiating in the this game is a fvcking joke. Gionta gets tripped and as he falls the Panther who tripped him falls down - penalty NJ. Upshall dives - penalty NJ. WTF?!
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#1100636 GDT: Devils (yay!) @ Rangers (boo!) - 3/19/2012

Posted by thefiestygoat on 19 March 2012 - 09:06 PM

Brodeur deserved better tonight.
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#1077932 World Junior Championship

Posted by thefiestygoat on 31 December 2011 - 08:51 PM

3-0 Canada after the 1st. Merrill was on the ice for the first Canada goal (Canada PP) and had a turnover in his own end that lead to a couple of Canadian chances. Didn't do much of note but the US team is clearly overmatched.

Wedgewood stopped all 8 shots he faced. He wasn't tested that much but did make a difficult save when he had to. Also had another beautiful goal line to blue line pass.

The US will be in the relegation round with Switzerland, Latvia, and Denmark. The Swiss nearly made the medal round but Slovakia erased a 4-2 deficit midway in the 3rd, scoring 3 goals in 3 minutes, eventually winning 6-4. The US will play Latvia on January 3rd and Switzerland on January 4th.
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#1073268 Mark Fayne

Posted by thefiestygoat on 14 December 2011 - 10:28 PM

I wanted to make a post on Mark Fayne since he seems to draw a lot of negative opinions from fans. As I've watched the games this year, I've felt like he was one of the steadiest defenders the Devils have had. Sure he has had some forgettable plays and bad games, but so has every other defensemen for the Devils. I wanted to take a look at advanced metrics to see if they could back up my eyes' assessment of his play thus far. Below is a simple explanation of some of the metrics I'm going to use.

Corsi - The difference in shots attempted by the player's team and the shots attempted against the player's team in 5 on 5 situations.

Relative Corsi (Corsi Rel) - Measures how effective a player is in driving possession, relative to the rest of his team. It measures his raw EV Corsi relative to the raw EV Corsi of his team when he is off the ice.

Quality of Competition (QualComp) - The measure of how good the opposition is that the player is facing when he's on the ice. A higher score (above 0) represents tougher competition, a lower score (below 0) represents weaker competition.

A look his numbers in 5 on 5 situations:

30 GP 16.11 TOI/60 .021 QualComp .150 QualTeam .362 Corsi Rel QoC -.883 Corsi QoC 2.291 Rel QoT 1.579 Corsi QoT 6.2 Corsi Rel 4.35 Corsi ON -1.82 Corsi OFF 49.3% OZone% 47.6 Fin OZone%

Fayne ranks 17th in the league amongst defenseman who have played 30 games with a 6.2 Corsi Rel. He leads Devils defensemen in this category besting Tallinder (5.0), Larsson (3.0), Greene (-1.2), Salvador (-5.2), and Volchenkov (-8.2).

Fayne is the Devils 3rd biggest minutes eater amongst defensemen in 5 on 5 situations with 16.11 per game, below Larsson (17.51) and Tallinder (17.39), above Greene (15.14), Salvador (14.85), and Volchenkov (13.17). This is also good for 4th amongst the entire team.

He faces the 2nd highest quality of competition amongst the defensemen (Tallinder's .024 is above him) though he does have the 2nd highest quality of teammates (below Larsson's .239). His on-ice corsi is a team high 4.35.

Fayne, along with Salvador has a 49.3% offensive zone start, below Larsson (54.3%) and Greene (50.8%), above Tallinder (47.4%) and Volchenkov (44.3%). He finishes 47.6% of his shifts in the offensive zone, below Greene (56.8%) and Larsson (54.1%) - though both Larsson and Greene start more of their shifts in the offensive zone. He outproduces Salvador (46.3%) in this category though its close. Fayne also outproduces Tallinder (45.7%) and Volchenkov (42.6%) though they don't have as favorable a zone start as he does.

In terms of scoring from the Devils defense, Fayne leads the team with 3 goals (.37 goals per game), is tied 3rd with 4 assists (.37 secondary assists per game - 2nd on the team), and is 3rd in points with 7 (his .74 points per game ranks 2nd amongst the defensemen).

The bottom line is Fayne logs a decent amount of even strength minutes against tough competition, is effective in his own end, and does a solid job of driving the play towards the opponents zone. The Devils defense corps may not produce a lot offensively but he's been one of the contributors in that regard. Having the chance to play with Tallinder has certainly helped his numbers but I think this guy deserves more credit than a lot of fans have given him this season. There is no doubt he deserves to be a starting NHL player, not an AHL player as some fans have made him out to be. After Tallinder, who also seems to catch some heat around here, Fayne has been the Devils 2nd best defenseman this year.

For more information about these advanced metrics check out the following sites: Understanding Advanced Stats, Behind the Net, and Behind the Net - Full look at the Devils defense.

Special thanks to Triumph whose helped me learn about these metrics.
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