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#1107152 EQF Game 1 - Playoff GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Florida Panthers

Posted by thefiestygoat on 13 April 2012 - 07:38 PM

The officiating in the this game is a fvcking joke. Gionta gets tripped and as he falls the Panther who tripped him falls down - penalty NJ. Upshall dives - penalty NJ. WTF?!
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#1100636 GDT: Devils (yay!) @ Rangers (boo!) - 3/19/2012

Posted by thefiestygoat on 19 March 2012 - 09:06 PM

Brodeur deserved better tonight.
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#1077932 World Junior Championship

Posted by thefiestygoat on 31 December 2011 - 08:51 PM

3-0 Canada after the 1st. Merrill was on the ice for the first Canada goal (Canada PP) and had a turnover in his own end that lead to a couple of Canadian chances. Didn't do much of note but the US team is clearly overmatched.

Wedgewood stopped all 8 shots he faced. He wasn't tested that much but did make a difficult save when he had to. Also had another beautiful goal line to blue line pass.

The US will be in the relegation round with Switzerland, Latvia, and Denmark. The Swiss nearly made the medal round but Slovakia erased a 4-2 deficit midway in the 3rd, scoring 3 goals in 3 minutes, eventually winning 6-4. The US will play Latvia on January 3rd and Switzerland on January 4th.
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#1073268 Mark Fayne

Posted by thefiestygoat on 14 December 2011 - 10:28 PM

I wanted to make a post on Mark Fayne since he seems to draw a lot of negative opinions from fans. As I've watched the games this year, I've felt like he was one of the steadiest defenders the Devils have had. Sure he has had some forgettable plays and bad games, but so has every other defensemen for the Devils. I wanted to take a look at advanced metrics to see if they could back up my eyes' assessment of his play thus far. Below is a simple explanation of some of the metrics I'm going to use.

Corsi - The difference in shots attempted by the player's team and the shots attempted against the player's team in 5 on 5 situations.

Relative Corsi (Corsi Rel) - Measures how effective a player is in driving possession, relative to the rest of his team. It measures his raw EV Corsi relative to the raw EV Corsi of his team when he is off the ice.

Quality of Competition (QualComp) - The measure of how good the opposition is that the player is facing when he's on the ice. A higher score (above 0) represents tougher competition, a lower score (below 0) represents weaker competition.

A look his numbers in 5 on 5 situations:

30 GP 16.11 TOI/60 .021 QualComp .150 QualTeam .362 Corsi Rel QoC -.883 Corsi QoC 2.291 Rel QoT 1.579 Corsi QoT 6.2 Corsi Rel 4.35 Corsi ON -1.82 Corsi OFF 49.3% OZone% 47.6 Fin OZone%

Fayne ranks 17th in the league amongst defenseman who have played 30 games with a 6.2 Corsi Rel. He leads Devils defensemen in this category besting Tallinder (5.0), Larsson (3.0), Greene (-1.2), Salvador (-5.2), and Volchenkov (-8.2).

Fayne is the Devils 3rd biggest minutes eater amongst defensemen in 5 on 5 situations with 16.11 per game, below Larsson (17.51) and Tallinder (17.39), above Greene (15.14), Salvador (14.85), and Volchenkov (13.17). This is also good for 4th amongst the entire team.

He faces the 2nd highest quality of competition amongst the defensemen (Tallinder's .024 is above him) though he does have the 2nd highest quality of teammates (below Larsson's .239). His on-ice corsi is a team high 4.35.

Fayne, along with Salvador has a 49.3% offensive zone start, below Larsson (54.3%) and Greene (50.8%), above Tallinder (47.4%) and Volchenkov (44.3%). He finishes 47.6% of his shifts in the offensive zone, below Greene (56.8%) and Larsson (54.1%) - though both Larsson and Greene start more of their shifts in the offensive zone. He outproduces Salvador (46.3%) in this category though its close. Fayne also outproduces Tallinder (45.7%) and Volchenkov (42.6%) though they don't have as favorable a zone start as he does.

In terms of scoring from the Devils defense, Fayne leads the team with 3 goals (.37 goals per game), is tied 3rd with 4 assists (.37 secondary assists per game - 2nd on the team), and is 3rd in points with 7 (his .74 points per game ranks 2nd amongst the defensemen).

The bottom line is Fayne logs a decent amount of even strength minutes against tough competition, is effective in his own end, and does a solid job of driving the play towards the opponents zone. The Devils defense corps may not produce a lot offensively but he's been one of the contributors in that regard. Having the chance to play with Tallinder has certainly helped his numbers but I think this guy deserves more credit than a lot of fans have given him this season. There is no doubt he deserves to be a starting NHL player, not an AHL player as some fans have made him out to be. After Tallinder, who also seems to catch some heat around here, Fayne has been the Devils 2nd best defenseman this year.

For more information about these advanced metrics check out the following sites: Understanding Advanced Stats, Behind the Net, and Behind the Net - Full look at the Devils defense.

Special thanks to Triumph whose helped me learn about these metrics.
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#1070091 Latest on realignment

Posted by thefiestygoat on 05 December 2011 - 11:28 PM

I see what you're trying to say but how does detroit, Columbus, minnesota benefit from being in a Division with dallas? Is detroit better off today? Did they get their wish? If the NHL made these changes to help geographically and with tv markets then I'd understand but it seems they just messed around to fit Winnipeg.

These changes had more to do with geography and TV markets than it did with Winnipeg. I think Winnipeg was just the thing that set this in motion since they haven't had an ideal time to make these changes until now. Teams like Detroit and Columbus have already expressed their pleasure with this.


"Red Wings fans who aren't happy with the realignment plan, know that your GM is. "We're thrilled," Ken Holland said."


"Scott Howson among the most pleased with realignment decision: "This was the best compromise.""

Plus Detroit could still potentially move again to an Eastern conference as they both have just 7 teams at the moment. I wouldn't be shocked to see that happen if the Coyotes don't move or if the league looks into expansion (as the rumors are starting). A simple 1 for 1 switch with Winnipeg and another team would have left a lot of teams upset so I think this was a necessary compromise.
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#1063827 2011-12 Albany Devils thread

Posted by thefiestygoat on 12 November 2011 - 10:43 PM

Albany defeated Syracuse 1-0 behind a 20 save effort by Frazee, who was named 3rd star. Scoring for the Devils was Perkovich (PP, Anderson and Sislo) who ended up 2nd star. The Devils outshot Syracuse 37-20. Here is the gamesheet. I'll add the highlight video to this post if there is one posted later.

Their next game is Sunday against Toronto at 4:00.

Still no word on what Corrente's injury is from the other day but he didn't play tonight.

Kalamazoo defeated Chicago 7-4: Young and Clermont did not play. Sova (3 Assists - 1 PP, +3, 1 Shot, 2nd Star) and Haczyk (Goal, +4, 4 Shots). Young hasn't seen any game action since 10/22.
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#1063627 2011-12 Albany Devils thread

Posted by thefiestygoat on 12 November 2011 - 02:51 AM

Albany defeated Norfolk 2-1 behind goals by Gionta (Wiseman and Corrente) and Taormina (Bernier and Berube). Kinkaid stopped 24 of 25 shots earning himself the second star. Taormina was named 1st star. Corrente left the game in the 3rd, hopefully its nothing serious, he's been having a solid year. Gionta tied the Devils franchise record for goals with 52 (tied with Mike Swift). The lone goal Kinkaid gave up was on a Norfolk PP and ended his 126:57 shutout streak dating back to November 2nd against Binghamton. Burlon got into a game with Leach injured and was a +1 with 1 shot. Here is the gamesheet. Below are the highlights.

Kinkaid (G): 6 GP 5-2 363 Min 157 SV 11 GA 1.82 GAA .935 SV%
Taormina (D): 14 GP 3 G 3 A 6 Pts +1 8 PIM 34 Shots

Their next game is Saturday against Syracuse at 7:30.

Kalamazoo lost to Trenton 4-1: Young (DNP), Sova (E, 4 Shots), Haczyk (-1, 3 Shots, Stopped on Penalty Shot), and Clermont (29 Saves on 33 Shots).

Sova (D): 9 GP 2 G 0 A 2 Pts +8 8 PIM 21 Shots
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#1063622 2011-12 Prospect Thread

Posted by thefiestygoat on 12 November 2011 - 02:20 AM

Friday 11/11
Michigan lost to Miami 2-1
Jon Merrill (D): DNP (Suspension Completed Last Week)
David Wohlberg (F): E, 1 Shot, Won 3 of 5 Faceoffs

Blake Coleman (F): E, Lost 1 Faceoff

Minnesota lost to Wisconsin 3-1
Seth Helgeson (D): -2, 2 PIM (High Sticking)

Joe Faust (D): E, 1 Shot
Patrick Daly (D): E, 1 Shot

Ohio State defeated Northern Michigan 4-1
Curtis Gedig (D): -1, 2 Shots, 4 Blocks

Colgate defeated Dartmouth 4-0
Corbin McPherson (D): E, 1 Shot

Plymouth defeated Guelph 8-4
Scott Wedgewood (G): 26 Saves on 30 Shots, Stopped 1 Penalty Shot

Sarnia lost to Owen Sound 5-2
Reid Boucher (LW): -2

Swift Current lost to Brandon 4-1
Reece Scarlett (D): -3, 2 PIM (Roughing)
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#982530 Former Devil Mike Danton seeks a return to the NHL

Posted by thefiestygoat on 20 January 2011 - 09:20 PM

I'm glad he was able to turn his life around. Best of luck to him.
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#980302 2011 New York Yankees Thread

Posted by thefiestygoat on 13 January 2011 - 10:21 PM

I think it is fine that Andy is retiring. I am upset that he didn't come out and say it at the end of the season or any point up to now. This will he, won't he nonsense had to hamper the Yanks efforts this off season.

I understand what you mean but I always got the vibe the Yankees were going into the offseason acting like he wasn't coming back. It was a really bad SP market so once they lost out on Lee (which is still a bit of a surprise) they were pretty much screwed.

Who knows, maybe Cashman has some tricks up his sleeve?
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#980293 2011 New York Yankees Thread

Posted by thefiestygoat on 13 January 2011 - 10:01 PM

Talk about a panic move. However, they had little choice. The teams around them improved. The Yankees can't afford to have a down year. I suppose this means Pettitte is definitely not coming back. I respect what he has done for the Yankees but this seems like a douche move dragging it out.

They still need to move for one or two starters. Ian Nova doesn't get 20+ starts on a playoff team.

I can't get upset at Pettitte for the situation...the guy has done so much for the Yankees, he can do what he needs to for his family and himself now. It has to be hard to be away from your family and miss a lot of big moments in your kids' lives as well as finally walk away from the sport you have based your whole life around.

Nova is an unknown but unfortunately there is probably a good chance he is actually better than a lot of what is out there. I guess we just gotta hope that a lot of things go right or better than expected and maybe Pettitte comes back in mid year.
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#979734 A Thread To Be Deleted

Posted by thefiestygoat on 12 January 2011 - 01:18 AM

Greatest clips on youtube EVER!!!

Haha, that is hilarious! Holy sh!t! :rofl:

My friends and I used to do something similar (not as graphic) most of the time just yelling out random stuff. The most graphic it would get would be trying to mess with cyclist in the tight clothes....I'll let your mind imagine what was said.
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#975885 GDT 1/4/11 - Wild vs New Jersey Devils - 7 PM

Posted by thefiestygoat on 04 January 2011 - 08:05 PM

10 goals almost at the midway point of the year and now back to being a - 28, sorry if I'm not that excited.
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