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In Topic: 2015 ALL-STAR GAME

Today, 01:23 AM

The breakaway challenge was brutal. The rest that I saw was fine. Too bad Patty didn't get to do more, but I don't what he would have competed in... accuracy?

In Topic: Why are players like this allowed to play in the NHL?

21 January 2015 - 11:23 PM

Disagree. Those guys had some questionable calls, yes, but so did Scott Stevens considering today's NHL. None of those guys ever broke someone's arm cross-checking a guy or knocked a guy out for a few games and was a dick about it in the interview after. There were guys like Marchment and Samuelsson of course,  but they weren't as big of dicks as the instigators of today.


Definitely when it comes to the instigators/agitators I agree. Enforcers used to be able to straighten those guys more effectively. I remember wishing the league would let us just flatten Avery in the '08 season... instigator rule be damned. There's really no answer to those guys now.


When it comes to enforcers actually preventing cheap hits like this one? I'm less convinced enforcers would change much. I have been following hockey closely since only about the '00-'01 season so that's well after the instigator rule was removed. So if tough guys were drastically more effective earlier than that I wasn't around to see it. In years since the NHL has started using suspensions and fines to crack down on headshots (and the number of enforcers have declined)... I can't honestly say I've noticed a difference between the number of dirty hits now compared to say the early 2000s when there were more fights. I have no numbers to back that up. It would be interesting if somebody tracked suspend-able hits but given how much the game has changed that's impossible I guess.


Another thing to consider -- Rinaldo is arguably one of the guys who is supposed to hold guys accountable. He's known mostly for his yapping but he fights. If a Penguin had nailed Giroux from behind I wouldn't be surprised to see him jump in. It seems like the enforcers often need to protect their teammates from each other. Get rid of the enforcers and there's less of need perhaps?

In Topic: Why are players like this allowed to play in the NHL?

21 January 2015 - 08:43 PM

Sorry to disagree with a few of you, but the only difference an enforcer would have made is that Rinaldo would have got punched in the face after the play. Would that have stopped him from doing it again? It never stopped Tie Domi. Never stopped Ulf Samuelsson. Never stopped Brashear. Never stopped Darcy Tucker. Dirty players have been around for a long time and it doesn't matter how many times someone punched them in the face they were still dirty players.


Don't get me wrong, if that way a Devil player getting hit, I would loved to see Rinaldo get smoked by someone. I think it's good for team moral to know that guys will stick up for each other. But it has nothing to do with player safety.


As for the hit itself. I thought after watching the clip with Rinaldo it would at least be boderline, but it was a pretty clear hit from behind. Rinaldo may have aimed for the shoulder instead have hitting him flush, but he still jammed a guy's head right into the boards. And he jumped. Pretty easy one for the league.

In Topic: 2015 All-Stars...Elias NJ's lone rep...

11 January 2015 - 10:58 AM

Congrats to Elias.

As others have said I would prefer the most deserving players go regardless of which team they are on. There's probably someone more deserving than Elias on other teams who may have appreciated going. 

In Topic: 2010-11 vs. 2014-15

06 January 2015 - 08:02 PM

Wow I can't believe how bad we were the first half of 2010-2011. Unreal.