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In Topic: I Think Rafalski Will Be Gone Before Gomez.

19 July 2006 - 12:02 PM

I agree, I think Lou will value Gomez's assets and age more than Rafalksi's.

Zidlicky isn't realistic (via trade or in dealing with the cap) and Markov wont help with cap issues.

Maybe a trade could be made with LA for Tim Gleason. He's only 23 and had a pretty solid year for a guy playing 70 games for the first time in his career. They might take Rafalski and Mogliny for him, at the very least with the Devils eating a third of Mogilny's salary).

In Topic: Commissioner For A Day

14 July 2006 - 04:29 PM

Personally I like the playoff format.

I'd prefer a 70 game season though.

6x vs division
3x vs conference
2x vs 1 out-of-conference division (divisions match-ups will rotate)
1x vs another out-of-conference (ditto)

Technically that's 69 games but they can't have a 69 game season just cuz of all the bad jokes that would result.

The reason for 2 games against 1 out of conference division is to build a little rivalry. I know 2 games against columbus isn’t going to heat anything up but there are plenty of times where games get intense or nasty and players mark their calendars for the next match-up. This wasn’t that uncommon when conferences were playing each other 2x.

Another thought: you could also make the 2 games against the out-of-conference division in the same week. Seems pointless but it could also make it a little more intense. For instance if anaheim were in town the devils could play them 2x in a week to heat things up. The following year play them once. The next, have a year off. The next, they’d be in anaheim twice.

Late in the ‘04 regular season there were numerous reports that owners were considering shortening the season to somewhere in the 70’s (possibly because they realized that competing with the NBA finals was just stupid). So it’s not like owners are entirely unwilling to consider chopping off just a few games.

Not sure if this is the answer for the league but they need to consider stuff like this, if only to have the playoffs finished before the NBA is in their semis.

Also I think the outdoor game should be an annual event that rotates around the league.
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