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Yesterday, 04:12 PM

lol and instead of addressing any of my points (or even DJ's points) you resort to name calling.  Apparently you can call me names but I cannot call some fans mutants. 


Yup, I see how things work in your world.


You havent made any points.. DJ Eco made a valid point about pricing evening out down the road. I didnt have anything to add to it. We'll see.

In Topic: GDT: Broadway Blowhards @ Devils 7:00 PM

Yesterday, 04:06 PM

And you continually obsess about the owners and how terrible they are.


Yeah the owners surely hated the fans enough to spend $10 million of their money to upgrade the arena that had awful food, crappy merchandise options and weak intro.  Yeah the owners hated us enough into fixing that leaky roof under sec 133 that JVB never repaired since it was damaged in Sandy due to him being next to bankrupt (I heard stories last night of more leaks that JVB never repaired).  In fact, the owners hated the Devils so much that they allowed Lou financial freedom for the first time in years to allow him to sign players and make moves necessary to keep the team competative for years.


Yeah these new owners sure are terrible.


Lol what a drama queen the way you resort to hyperbole in a conversation

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Yesterday, 03:50 PM


In Topic: GDT: Broadway Blowhards @ Devils 7:00 PM

Yesterday, 03:48 PM

I saw about 3-4 posts that were bashing the new ownership over daring to make money on their investment.  In your own words "The new owners probably wouldnt care if our building was 95% rags fans so long as they make a buck."

Take a few deep breaths and stop bashing the new ownership every chance you get for every little tiny reason you can find.


Making a buck on an investment without keeping the fans in mind is a valid point to make on a conversation about attendance.  


Of course, if you are being a lap dog sniffing the owners' collective crotches, then you will see this as some assault on your core values and proceed to stray away from the conversation and obsess about YS.

In Topic: GDT: Broadway Blowhards @ Devils 7:00 PM

Yesterday, 03:36 PM

Every single one of your posts is about how terrible the owners been since the goal song change.  I really cannot find one post of your in months where you even said something remotely positive about the new owners.


Apparently you can bitch all you want about the new owners but I am not allowed to say anything about fans who still emabrass us with the YS chant.  Yeah I see how that works.


Take a few deep breaths in and out...and just follow the threads and conversations without obsessing about YS. Its done, your side won. Just follow the current conversation...