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In Topic: Is tanking the right move?

Today, 02:30 PM

'83-'84 Penguins tanked to get Lemieux...there's a number of articles on the subject. Some Devils who played on the '83-'84 team that finished with the second-worst record were pretty surprised that McMullen was trying NOT to tank that season (he hired Tom McVie to turn things around after a 2-20-0 start). Meanwhile, Pittsburgh was very clearly not icing its best lineup some nights (you can find a lot of info on this online).

As for the San Antonio Spurs (Tim Duncan) and Indianapolis Colts (Andrew Luck)...yes, in both cases key injuries played a role, but suffice it to say neither team exactly went out of their way to make their "down" seasons any better.

McVie was very vocal about not caring about the pick.  Professionals do not lose intentionally.  If they do then they are professional.  You always play to win.  He got a lot of respect from me on that issue.  btw we got Kirk Muller and that was a good thing.

In Topic: Zajac and Larsson have the mumps

17 December 2014 - 07:27 PM

Back in the day, when kids had diseases like mumps, chicken pox, measles, etc, they would put as many kids as possible in contact with the sick child so that the healthy ones caught the disease.  There weren't vaccines yet.  It would contribute to immunity.For the mumps, they would take camphor, rub it into the entire neck area and then use towels or torn sheets and wrapped them around the head to keep the camphor from rubbing off.  We looked like cartoons with toothaches. lol  They referred to the illnesses as childhood diseases.  Mumps as a child doesn't usually affect reproductive organs in both sexes.  The older the person the more chance of the problems.

In Topic: Overage Fees...Please use Amazon Link or Unblock the ads

17 December 2014 - 07:17 PM

I did just about all my shopping on Cyber Monday via the site.  I use this link when I do shop Amazon. :)

In Topic: 'He Makes Other Players Better'

17 December 2014 - 07:16 PM

He is a really nice guy.  Back when I was in constant bone surgery mode, he kept in contact with a  mutual friend and would ask for updates and sent well wishes.


Nice printer.  I just got a Pixma MX722. I don't think they make them anymore but it was dirt cheap on Black Friday. LOL

What really struck me about Patrik, was how humble, soft spoken, thoughtful and honest he was.
I could not be more impressed with him and he is truly what Lou means by having players with real character
And BTW, I didn't ask him to sign anything (I have a good collection of his stuff already) but he insisted and handed me a few posters which he signed.

And for those of you that have Facebook

In Topic: The new early years. Like now.

16 December 2014 - 07:29 PM

I think this is what you get when you mix fans that have never seen real losing with the instant gratification mentality that's prevalent now.

No matter what, those winning seasons just weren't going to last forever

I totally agree. When we first made the playoffs in 1988, thank you Johnny Mac, we were so psyched. Then as the winning years arrived and lasted a long time all was well with fans. Now the cycle goes full circle and we are bad and need to be patient and rebuild. That was the idea with the draft. Better teams get lower picks while the bottom teams got higher picks to get better. We had years of not so good drafting positions, imo. Perhaps we will rise in the standings. Folks have to remember than if we draft high in the forward ranks that they may not be ready to play at the NHL level right away. It could take years. Patience is a virtue however not many are patient. ;)