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In Topic: John Moore to NJD

Yesterday, 02:52 PM

Oh Dew, my Dear Dew... I feel you. It turns to be a crime to use real word these days... (ok my broken english doesn't allow me to be really good at it.. but you know what i mean) 

Absolutely!  I know what you mean, mon ami.  Seems so much is mocked nowadays.  Technology is the main culprit, in my opinion.

In Topic: John Moore to NJD

Yesterday, 02:39 PM

lol who uses the word aplomb? I mean really are we in the 1700's here. I can't take this report seriously.

Can't take you seriously but hey, I know you don't care.   Lots of people use the word.  I have seen it used and have used in myriad situations. The damn sentence has a fog index of 2.  I guess we are now in a world that has been taken over by slang, abbreviations, emoticons and emojis. So sad.

In Topic: 6th Overall pick: Pavel Zacha

26 June 2015 - 08:02 PM

Nice to have a draft pick who is happy to be here considering the past few seasons. :)

In Topic: My Scott Stevens thread

18 June 2015 - 01:13 PM

I do believe in taking time to enjoy life.  I wish I had taken time to enjoy life while I was working and soon after I retired.  I didn't have the luxury because my bones got in the way.  Now I would love to work or volunteer or do something.  Physically I cannot.  Change of scenery is a good thing when life becomes stagnant.  I am still aiming to move to the Carolinas.


Since Stevens was blessed with athletic ability and  been quite successful, a change may help  He could look to working at the college or junior level where he can help those who want play hockey. See how the others struggle and help.  Try different things and then pursue which one you like best.  There is more to hockey than coaching.  Scouting?  Player development?  Farming would be great since he has a respect for life.  Yes he hunts but he doesn't hunt on those closed farms and kill those with no chance of escape.


My perspectives have changed over the years.  It is fabulous to hear that your daughter isn't hooked on social media.  I don't do any social media.  I don't even own a smart phone. lol

In Topic: My Scott Stevens thread

17 June 2015 - 04:26 PM

I understand PK.  I wonder how he feels never knowing what it means to be unemployed.  At least he shouldn't have to worry about income.  Most players invest along the way and I will assume he did also.  They make so much money compared to the average person.  I think he should take time off, enjoy his family, get away from the game for a while and figure out what he wants to do next. 


I think somewhere along the line he will end up in the hockey world again.  I would like him in the organization however the times they are a changing.  He will land on his feet and on his terms.  At least he doesn't have to worry about his pension being bought out like I am.  Suddenly I may have no pension check anymore.  Don't know what will happen but Scot will never have to worry about this stuff.  He will be fine.  Think positive. :)