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In Topic: Another Chump Move by Kovalchuk

Today, 12:33 PM

Jagr objectively was not a better player than Kovalchuk during his time here. Jagr was old, slow, was ineffective at pretty much every every way except possession, board play, and play making. He couldn't play defense, and was constantly taking dumb penalties because he refused to move his feet. He drove be crazy.

To be fair, he was a smart player, and put points up. He was a fan favorite and an incredible presence in the locker room. Kovalchuk, whatever you think of him, was in terms of raw talent probably the best of all time. Only Ovechkin is even in the same conversation. I'm not defending him or wishing his return, but Jagr was not better than he was.

So Kovalchuk had more 'raw talent' than Wayne Gretzky? Or Mario Lemieux? If that's what you think, I'll take the high road and say that we'll just have to agree to disagree...

In Topic: 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

Today, 09:20 AM

Wow, Brandon Fields cut. Matt Darr, welcome aboard. Saves us $1 mil in cap space.

In Topic: Another Chump Move by Kovalchuk

Today, 09:19 AM

Since I've always been a Kovalchuk apologist praying for his return, could this be the start of one-year not playing professional hockey clock that would allow him to come back to the Devils on a new contract?

The by-laws don't really specify what it means to not be playing professional hockey for the more than one year (whether you can't be under contract with another team or if you weren't playing in games during that time). Bettman ultimately would resolve the issue.

He's only out for three months, so I'd venture to guess the answer to that is 'no'.

In Topic: Another Chump Move by Kovalchuk

Today, 08:30 AM

Karma's a bitch, eh Kovy? http://www.thescore....nhl/news/820295

In Topic: 2015 NHL Off-season Thread

Today, 06:14 AM

http://www.hockeyfee.../?ref=vanhoutteI would be shocked if Kane was moved... Shocked.