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In Topic: Newark - Unfriendliest City in US

Today, 10:37 AM

This is 100% spot on with how Newark is. Outside the bubble of the immediate area outside the Arena and a few blocks away, it is a wasteland.

I just wish some entertainment came around the area as well like the Xfinity as you mentioned in Philly. That Championship plaza has been a complete waste and those "fan-fests" they have are a complete bore. I really wonder if the new owners will try to turn that plaza into something special and upgrade the fan fest as I really dont want to pay for arena-priced beers, hear a sh!tty coverband, or play street hockey with 10 year olds.

Agreed 100%. They could do so much more with Championship Plaza. The fan fests suck.

In Topic: 2014 Miami Dolphins thread

Yesterday, 03:58 PM

Cuban is absolutely 1,000% right- the NFL is over-extending itself now. You're a billion dollar business. The lowest valued franchise is worth just under a billion dollars now (The Rams, whose value will greatly exceed the $930 or so million its at now once they move back to LA). Its time to pump the brakes. But nooooooooo, big bad Roger won't stop until he's completely destroyed the game and the league, and turned both into parodies of themselves. Because that's what he's doing at this point. It appears we're stuck with this a$$hole until he retires or drops dead though- he's made the owners so much damn money, its comical. He could probably burn down the mansions of all 32 owners and still not get fired.

In Topic: Changes to the draft lottery

Yesterday, 03:42 PM

Hey everything's working okay? Let's change it. The NHL way.

In Topic: 2014 Miami Dolphins thread

Yesterday, 11:55 AM

Important thing to note....the practice squad is upped to 10 players now this season....so plenty of room to stuff a project QB there....

amazing how the ACTUAL news gets buried while the NFL slimes on and is now trying to charge acts for the right to perform their sh!tty songs at the Super Bowl now.....

The whole Super Bowl halftime show thing is fvcked up. Not only is the league asking these acts to pay for the privilege of playing halftime, they're asking the acts to give them a portion of their post-Super Bowl earnings as well. Who the fvck does Roger Goodell think he is, the fvcking IRS? Someone needs to put the NFL in its place... They're out of control.

In Topic: 2014 UFA Signing Thread

Yesterday, 10:54 AM

Can't wait for 'Beginnings: Kevin Hayes'... Followed immediately by 'Endings: Matt Gilroy'.
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