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#1266222 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Posted by MadDog2020 on 30 May 2014 - 03:47 PM

I'll throw this in here to change it up and also because it is worth watching.


I've got nothing but respect for that dude. As much as I hated last night's result and detest all things Rangers, if they had to win, I'm glad Moore was the guy who scored the winning goal.
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#1265622 Confronting the Nightmare - UPDATE: NIGHTMARE OVER, KINGS WIN!

Posted by MadDog2020 on 26 May 2014 - 09:16 PM

I was at grasshopper off the green in Morristown last night and watched the 3rd period and OT there. Place had a number of Rags fans watching the game, and a live Irish band playing. After the Rags won in OT, this slob Rags fan goes up to the lead singer of the band and asks him to play a "rangers song." The singer tells him that he doesn't know one, and hates the Rags. He also told the little puke that this is NJ, and offered to play Hells Bells. When the guy looked at him all puzzled, he says "let's go devils" in a thick Irish accent.

I bought the singer a pint cause that little exchange totally made my night.

God bless that man. I would've bought him one too if I was there. Morristown is Devils Country Rag bitch. You should know better.
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#1265095 Confronting the Nightmare - UPDATE: NIGHTMARE OVER, KINGS WIN!

Posted by MadDog2020 on 21 May 2014 - 10:00 AM

During the Devils Stanley Cup runs, I always noticed the occasional Rangers fan or two walking around town wearing their NYR hats or T-shirts, and in a way, I secretly admired their tenacity.

So lately my boy (he's 5) and I have been wearing our Devils gear -- mostly T's, sometimes a hat -- a little bit more often than usual. It's sort of a subtle message to all the Rags fans in the area, letting them know: Hey, remember, we are here. Sure, you (Rags fans) are showing your numbers now, all proud because your team is doing well, but don't get any false allusions. We (Devils fans) are still here, we are always going to be here, and you are always going to be reminded that you don't own these (N.J.) towns anymore. Enjoy your little run now, but keep in mind that it isn't 1981. It is 2014, and this is Devils country, and it always will be Devils country.

Boom. Love it. Well done 95, well done. Been rocking my Devs hat where ever I go too.
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#1265093 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Posted by MadDog2020 on 21 May 2014 - 09:57 AM

The fact that hating the Rangers has to be defended and explained on a fvcking DEVILS board is sad. fvcking. Sad.
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#1265086 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Posted by MadDog2020 on 21 May 2014 - 09:36 AM

I agree with this. I am a Devil fan, but a bigger fan of the game. You give respect where its due.

Rangers are a better team than the Devils....right now. This is a playoff thread, not sure how the Devils enter into the conversation.

Its a Devils board. The Devils can be related to everything on it. If you wanna be a 'bigger fan of the game', fine- but don't come on here talking about cheering for the fvcking Rangers.

Maybe there should be separate thread for venting about annoying Rangers fans. It seems that the last six pages of post have been dominated by that issue.

Considering there were no games to discuss last night, who cares?
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#1265076 Confronting the Nightmare - UPDATE: NIGHTMARE OVER, KINGS WIN!

Posted by MadDog2020 on 21 May 2014 - 08:24 AM

Not sure why you should need this explained to you, but I'll give it a try:

Many of us find Ranger fans both dumb and annoying; to be fair, it doesn't sound like your sig other is one of them.

It's been discussed in detail WHY so many of us find Ranger fans dumb and annoying. They make the same tired jokes over and over again. They think that the Rangers, by virtue of playing in New York, somehow makes that franchise the NHL equivalent of the New York Yankees...they talk about proud traditions, etc., when they've been much closer to the Cubs overall than the Yankees. The one tradition they've proven to be very good at is celebrating one bought Cup win over and over and over again...Rangers basically emptied out the farm to win that '94 Cup, and that "all in" approach, while successful, cost them for years. But as many have pointed out, no other franchise has ever re-celebrated a Cup win as shamelessly and as embarrassingly as the Rangers franchise and their fans.

In 2012, after they lost to the Devils in Game 6 in the ECF, there were boneheads saying things like "Duuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh, unless da Debbies (they think it's just hilarious when they call the Devils "the Debbies") win da Cup, it don't matta, 'cause in ninedy-fawr, we won da Cup afta beading dem in da Eastewn Cawnfurence Finawls!" Those losers STILL think NHL hockey stopped for everyone else in '94, just like it did for them. I made the mistake of trying to explain to a bunch of them that losing to the Rangers in the '94 ECF wasn't exactly haunting Devils fans anymore...we saw the team win the Cup the very next season, saw them win again in 2000 and 2003, come within a game of winning another Cup in 2001, and watched the Devils reach the SCF in 2012 at the Rangers' expense. Nope, for those stupid fans (and the Ranger fanbase is by far the most collectively stupid one I've dealt with), it was ninedy-fawr, ninedy-fawr, ninedy-fawr. I used to participate on the ESPN boards back in 2000 and 2001, and the idiot Ranger fans who used to post there were constantly talking about how boring the Devils were, and how more teams need to play "exciting" hockey like the Rangers. Yeah, that 2001 Devils team, the one that led in the NHL in goals scored, the one that boasted two 40+ goal scorers, they sure were sleep-inducing. And the Rangers absolutely SUCKED at that time...they were playing with absolutely ZERO heart and ZERO passion back then. That organization was a complete joke, but Ranger fans couldn't flock fast enough to MSG to watch that trainwreck. Way to give the man upstairs incentive to change things up geniuses!

And of course, I had my fun MSG bathroom experience where, to sum up, a guy made a joke directed at me about the Devils, I made one back, and while I was peeing, he thought it'd be a swell idea to get out of line and hit me in the back of the head three times. I wound up winning the fight that resulted (I tried to walk away, but the guy wouldn't allow it), but I rather would've not fought at all.

I hate the Rangers and the majority of their fanbase. Yes, right now they're better than the Devils, but that doesn't mean any of us have to like it. I'm not going to constantly bitch about them or try to downplay what they're doing, but if you honestly think that Ranger fans wouldn't have their "panties in a twist" over the Devils having this success if the roles were reversed, then I don't what to tell you. For the most part, we hate everything about the Rangers, and they hate everything about us. There's rivalries like that in all of sports, and for the true-blue diehard Devils fans, this ranks right up with the Red Sox-Yankee level of hatred, and it will NEVER change.

This post should be bronzed and hung on the concourse at the Rock. Well said CR.
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#1265044 Confronting the Nightmare - UPDATE: NIGHTMARE OVER, KINGS WIN!

Posted by MadDog2020 on 20 May 2014 - 08:59 PM

I go to bed every night with a NYR fan whom I hauled to CAA for THREE SCF. She hasn't given me any grief over the NJD, and I watch the NYR as a fairly disinterested observer.
Why are so many posters in such a pantytwist over theRags? Get over it!

So because your wife is a Rangers fan who doesn't give you grief over the Devils, we should all get over the Rangers likely going to the Finals? Got it. Glad that's cleared up.
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#1264998 Confronting the Nightmare - UPDATE: NIGHTMARE OVER, KINGS WIN!

Posted by MadDog2020 on 20 May 2014 - 03:03 PM

Unless someone decides to run Crawford / Quick. Then who the hell knows, right?

Good on you for not taking the bait. I'd like to say I would've done the same.. but I don't think I'm as cool-headed as you are unfortunately

Well then how about running Lundqvist? What's good for the goose is good for the gander. If the Rags' resort to running goalies as a strategy, then you take out theirs, or keep running him until you do. That's how it works. Two-way street.
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#1264994 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Posted by MadDog2020 on 20 May 2014 - 02:03 PM


Yeah gimme a break with that sh!t, there is absolutely, positively NO reason you should be cheering for those jerk-offs Manta. Don't call yourself a Devils fan and then spew that garbage. That's bullsh!t.
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#1264956 Confronting the Nightmare - UPDATE: NIGHTMARE OVER, KINGS WIN!

Posted by MadDog2020 on 20 May 2014 - 10:21 AM

Supposedly, Messier really implored upon his '94 teammates how important it was to get the early series done as quickly as possible...said that the Devils taking them to seven games in the first round in 1992 screwed them up.

Hate to say it, but it looks like the Rangers are getting hot at just the right time. The Giants have done that a couple of times. When the Penguins won their two Cups in '91 and '92, they finished the regular season with only 88 and 87 points.

Sadly, I'm preparing myself for those fvckers winning the whole damned thing. :puke: :puke: double :puke:

On the upside, the first actually good hockey team they'll play will be in the Final. Philly is trash, Pittsburgh is soft and mentally weak with lousy goaltending, and the Habs are also a soft, mentally fragile bunch of pansies with AHL-level goaltending thanks to Blades Kreider. This hasn't exactly been a tough road they've had to travel here, let's be honest. They were gifted a spot in the Final halfway through game 1. And after the way their fans 'respected' the Devils through our glory years- I 'aint giving that franchise or their fans sh!t for respect or credit. They can eat a dick. They're lucky, soft, and primed to get their fvcking asses kicked in the Finals.
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#1264947 Confronting the Nightmare - UPDATE: NIGHTMARE OVER, KINGS WIN!

Posted by MadDog2020 on 20 May 2014 - 09:40 AM

If they win I'm moving to Central America and becoming a coffee farmer until October.
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#1264906 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Posted by MadDog2020 on 19 May 2014 - 09:57 PM

Let's hope ^7^....but you never know......Lundqvist is capable but the Rangers haven't really had a strong opponent yet.

They've played trash goalie after trash goalie. Weak-ass bitch teams like Pittsburgh and Montreal who have the mental toughness of a 3-year old. It may be the easiest Finals run in NHL history. This farce of a series will be over in 4, but hopefully LA/CHI will punch these a$$holes in the mouth and bring them back down to earth.
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#1264760 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Posted by MadDog2020 on 17 May 2014 - 07:37 PM

of course cause thats what creates a rivalry. When fans goes at it too and are mixing with each other.

Im 100% certain i'd hate the rangers a lot more if id like in the NY/NJ area lol and im sure you'd hate the Habs a lot more if you live up here haha

I don't doubt I'd dislike the Habs more if I lived there- I don't really like them all that much now lol. But the hatred for the Rangers that we Devils fans from NJ have is the type of intense hatred born from a number of different factors that out-of-town fans may not fully relate to... Having them 10 miles away, growing up going to school and having to work with Rags fans, Rags fans from NJ who choose to root for a NY team, the media, their fans in our building, etc... Its a special kind of hatred between the fan bases and the teams. Its the kind of hate that's unique because of the geography and all these other factors. So you have to understand SD- cheering for the Rags on this board, no matter how much you hate the Habs, isn't something that's gonna be received very well, but I'm sure you know that already anyway lol.
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#1264301 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Posted by MadDog2020 on 13 May 2014 - 10:00 PM

In a weird, masochistic way if it's LA/MIN vs Rags I could see myself pulling for the Rags.

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#1264190 2015 New York Jets thread

Posted by MadDog2020 on 12 May 2014 - 10:03 PM

There is no possible way the Dolphins will have a good season. We're utter garbage. No talent at QB. No talent at the skill positions. No possibility of contention. We shall bow down to the unbeatable Jets. We are simply not in the Jets' class. I predict a combined final score of 175-7 Jets in the two games with Geno throwing for 47 TD's. I don't even think we should be on the same field with them they're gonna be so awesome.
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