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In Topic: Devils Trade Deadline Thread

Today, 03:37 PM

I could see Jagr / Ryder / or even Zubrus as a last-minute stop-gap option for Chicago if they aren't able to pick up Vermette to help barely replace Patrick Kane.

In Topic: Devils Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 12:09 PM

Starting to see the reason why Jagr still thrives and what the consequences are: If he plays, and plays a lot, he will do well.

If he does't play, and is relegated to a lesser "I'm the man role" and asked to do other things other than offensive production, he isn't as effective.

Jagr will not thrive on teams that give him less than 1st or 2nd line minutes. Bottom line.

In Topic: GDT: Devils vs Sabres 7:30pm

18 February 2015 - 10:06 AM

All night while at the game, all I could think about was how embarrassed that we were put on NBC Sports nationwide last night. Out of all games....


NBC should have packaged and marketed this game as "Battle for McDavid - who will rollover in a move for the phenom"...something like that...

In Topic: Hypothetical: Let's say McDavid pulls an Elway

11 February 2015 - 05:22 PM

Dude, we got Cory Schneider for our 9th overall pick two years ago (Bo Horvat, who is actually being shopped by Vancouver).  At the draft, anything can happen.


I'm sure EDM is making their evaluations on the TOP 5 picks, obviously with McDavid and Eichel rated 1 and 2 respectively.  But if they see something good in the next three picks, and the Devils have 1 of those picks, I can't see why they wouldn't go for a guy the likes of Larsson or Gelinas or Severson or Merril  and one of either ZAJAC or CAMMALLERI plus our first and second round picks.


Doing that they get a bonafide top 4 NHL defensemen yet to enter his prime (Lars/Seve/Merril), a top 6 forward with decent salary number and veteran NHL experience (which EDM so desperately needs), and our 1st round draft pick (which will translate into something they may want anyways, as discussed above), and our 2nd round pick.


Drafting McDavid is not a 100% certainty for EDM (just look at Yakupov and McDavid's injury), and so, perhaps they want to hedge their risks by going with players they know they can add to a very talented lineup that can help them out while not having to undergo another #1 draft pick experiment which has so miserably failed thus far...


The Devils, on the other hand, end up giving up solid players, AND the 1st round pick which could end up being just as good as McDavid. 


I'm of the opinion that you don't have to overpay to swap 5th for 1st, but then again, I'm not on the draft room floor, or know what the other teams are offering.

In Topic: Hypothetical: Let's say McDavid pulls an Elway

11 February 2015 - 05:10 PM

Miss the point of the topic. Its if he refuses to sign to the team that drafts him. Which if I was him or anybody and they want me to go to Edmonton I'd refuse to sign to that sorry ass team. At least the Coyotes have nicer weather.


I didn't elaborate enough.  See, the EDM top brass will have to give McDavid's camp some "guarantees" in terms of what the project is going to look like.  Obviously, EDM suffers premadonna syndrome, with numerous top draft picks going through there without a cause.  This time, the EDM mgmt. team will have to clearly outline a plan to make McDavid's time frutful in EDM, which means they may need to eliminate some of his premadonna teammates first - AKA Yakupov / Hall, etc.


With EDM building a new arena, and money surely going to pour into McDavid's lap, I don't see him "refusing" to sign in EDM.  I see him possibly "pussyfooting" around to see what he can get out of them to scare the managment, but nothing more than that...