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In Topic: GDT: Tampa @ Devils 7 PM Kinkaid in net

Yesterday, 10:26 AM

Kinkaid played solid.  I was sitting 20 rows up from his net (TB attacking side) and got to focus on him twice up close.  I liked what he brought, especially in the shootout.


While I don't think getting rid of Cory Schneider is feasible, if KK continues playing solid, a good 1A - 1B tandem is in the making.


Although, it has crossed my mind, imagine Kinkaid ends up stirring up a goalie controversy for Schneider much like he did for Luongo in Vancouver.  That would be ironic....

In Topic: We aren't getting McDavid or Eichel, it's time to realize this

18 December 2014 - 02:13 PM

The league doesn't favor anyone in the lottery.  They get an auditing firm like KPMG to monitor the results.  Firms like that do not risk their reputations in order to facilitate a pro hocky league conspiracy.


I dunno, Pittsburgh's "luck in the lottery" with Crosby kind of has me doubting the whole process...

In Topic: Is it time to trade Cory Schenider?

17 December 2014 - 01:40 PM

To twist it up a bit, how about shipping Schneider and a roster player  to Carolina in exchange for Cam Ward and Jeff Skinner?

In Topic: What would you trade for Taylor Hall?

17 December 2014 - 09:57 AM

Half the posters here have no "eye" for hockey.  Trust me, on a hunch, I think Kinkaid has the technique to be a solid goaltender.  Let's see if he has the character.


I'll be honest, thank goodness we only lost Bo Horvat as a result of the Schneider trade, because he is NOT impressing me his first two seasons here...

In Topic: What would you trade for Taylor Hall?

16 December 2014 - 04:55 PM

It crossed my mind as well. I don't like Cory's rebound control or his mental makeup. Keith seems like a very cool customer and I like his game, he has a great glove.


William - finally we agree on something.  Definitely.  Cory Schneider can certainly be the centerpiece of a blockbuster trade, and given my "blehhh sentiments" of how he has played this season, I would not be opposed to entertaining offers for Schneider that will bring us a bonafide first line winger that is below 26 years old.


He is not going to win us a Stanley Cup folks.  Schneider is not everything everyone has him pinned to be (at least from what I can see so far).


Kinkaid, however, has impressed me.  It started last season against the Bolts.  He is a cool customer and for certain, will raise a goaltending controversy in NJ very soon...