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#1112236 Panthers president: Devils’ fans forced team to stop selling plastic

Posted by LA03 on 25 April 2012 - 11:43 PM

Can we all agree to disagree ? It happened. It's over. I can't take back what I tweeted. I feel weird posting a blog article about myself but this guy actually had a nice thing to say so im going to hold on to this one and share willingly

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#1112101 Panthers president: Devils’ fans forced team to stop selling plastic

Posted by LA03 on 25 April 2012 - 05:18 PM

And she looked like an ass for making a smart-ass remark directed at his twitter and then complaining when he replied back with a smart ass remark.

I have to clear up a few things. I absolutely did not tweet Mr. Yormark with the intention of trying to score tickets to the Devils game. I also already had tickets to the Devils game for last night and gave them to my friends after I was offered the tickets in the suite. I was in a suite with other people. It wasn't as if there was tons of free food and booze. (Not that I expected that at all.) I would have been happy in my usual seats, but took the Devils up on the offer because, well, why not?

Also, I am not claiming to be perfect or a saint. I am not saying I was right and he was wrong in this situation. Was my comment snarky? Absolutely. Was I pissed off that he was blaming the banning of plastic rats on Devils fans? Absolutely. Could I have worded my tweet differently. Of course. Before I saw his reply to my tweet I was already getting random people following me on twitter and I was very confused. Then I saw his reply and I laughed. I wasn't clutching my pearls in horror saying, "Oh how dare he insult me!" Like I said, before I even responded to his "you have 70 followers. No one cares what you think." I was already getting followers and people were already on the defensive. It wasn't like I called people to arms! I replied to him, "I really can only laugh... You sound worse than my 6th graders...very mature. Don't really care about my follower count ...I wasn't aware opinions were only valid for those with lots of followers. stay classy Florida." I have no problem taking backlash for my comments to Mr. Yormark. I'll own what I said. I had a problem with him blaming Devils' fans for whatever was going on in his arena and I told him so. He chose to respond the way he did. Did it piss me off? Yes. Did I feel wrongly attacked? Nope. However, the philosophy that certain peoples opinions don't matter is worrisome. I'm not "important" so I don't matter? That's a nice attitude for someone who is president/COO of an organization. There is no one who is "right" in this situation. I'll repeat again, this thing was getting out of control before I even typed a response to Mr. Yormark. I wasn't trying to get people to stick up for "poor little me". It just got crazy and I don't know why.
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