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31 May 2006 - 08:21 PM

ND 5 we can beat this to death.

Newark had a comprehensive economic development plan going back to 1978. The basic plan was to build from the Newark airport up throught the center of the city using Route 21 (McCarter highway) and Broard street as the main focus. Prudential had agreed to leave the Eastern Home office in Newark but because of failure of the City to follow the plan they moved the Eastern Home office to Wayne NJ. Then Newark built the PAC close to Route 21 and the Stadium for the Newark Bears. The City of Newark and it's people got nothing from these ventures. Then the FBI took prime property on the river (no RE taxes) along Route 21 and it did nothing for Newark and it's people. The water front hasn't been developed. Because the plan got diverted to the Newark Arena for the Devils. The new Arena will do nothing for Newark and it's people.

The failure of the City of Newark to follow the original plan has cause a splinter effect and it only benefits the owners of the NJ Devils. They can't draw in the present CAA and won't in Newark becuase of failures within the Devils marketing organization and Devils greed.

Newark will again lose out like the Past two or three changes to the master plan.

I sincerely hope that I am wrong but I don't think so.

ND5 you can talk education all you want but that's a nit to the overall development plan for Newark. It's the typical spin that the Devils use.

Don't be so selfish and screw the Devils. ND5 think the City of Newark and it's people.

Let the Devils move to another State. I doubt that anyone wants them when it comes to taxpayer dollars.

Newark is building off of the hospitals and the CMD in Newark that will help.

The Devils have done nothing for anyone, period. What they won 3 cups so how much food does that put on the table of the poor. While winning 3 Cups they continue to lose money and fans at CAA. The joke has been that there isn't anyone in the seats during the playoffs for the Devils.

I don't want to debate this failed plan any longer. I won't reply. I just hope that Newark can find a way to demand more from the Devils or break the arena plan. It's up to the courts.

lucifers dog no offense but you are the most pessimistic person i have ever met, normally i would respect yuor ideas but what you have written is plain bs and really negative. you say that the devils havent given aything to nj, how about 3 cups, or a great sports team. it seems to me that you want the devils to be some kind of miracle worker like jesus and save the world, REALTY CHECK THEY ARE A HOCKEY TEAM. this arena will help newark alot, for example my family doesnt go to newark, but now that the devs are moving there i will get some kind of season plan. oh btw i believe you said that the money should be given for schools, let me inform you about something, nj has given over 1 billion dolars to newark and it really hasnt helped, so trust me 200 million wont do anything. if yuo want to improve schools tell parents to discipline their children better, like make them study, or keep them of the streets.

In Topic: Adventures of Alex Ovechkin, thought it was funny

15 April 2006 - 07:52 AM

http://www3.youtube......nder Ovechkin

LMAO..typical guys house..and he likes Dolce & Gabbana??

whats really funny is that im russian and i understood what he said in the end when he was talking in russian, and trust me you dont want to know, lol

In Topic: Adventures of Alex Ovechkin, thought it was funny

14 April 2006 - 09:40 PM

Funny stuff. No bed, no furniture, no problem. He has the bar ready, the basics are set. :evil:

What does he say in Russian at the end?

Im russian, he curses about the jeans, except he has a small lisp which sounds mad funny with him cursing.