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In Topic: Who Would You Trade Marty For?

21 November 2002 - 03:02 PM

You don't want him traded for any goalie, yet you don't like him? Care to elaborate on that ;) ? Unless this is an issue of disliking his personality (which I could never understand why someone would, but hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion...)

I personally would not trade Marty for anyone else goalie-wise.

This is the part about Julie that drives me CRAZIEST!!!!!

She sees all the greatness in him. All the things he can do that others don't.

How do you not like that? Even if the rest is rubbing you the wrong way. (And watch that, you don't wanna be rubbed the wrong way by Marty cause you'll end up pregnant! Don't even look him in the eyes for over 10 seconds. ;) )

This is the part about Julie that drives me CRAZIEST!!!!!

She sees all the greatness in him. All the things he can do that others don't.

Hey, we all gotta have someone who drives us crazy. :)

And yeah, I see he's awesome, I'll admit, he's a great goalie. I didn't even bring up puckhandling in my post about why I wouldn't trade him goalie-for-goalie, but he's 1st class in puckhandling, second to no one, not even Roy.

I just don't like him. :) Personal opinion. :) I'm sure there are people who don't like Berglund :o I think they're crazy, buyt they're entitled to their opinion. :wave:

In Topic: Who Would You Trade Marty For?

21 November 2002 - 02:58 PM

Part of it is that he plays way too much. Agreed, it's not his decision to sit, but I'm sure if it wasn't such a big deal to him, the coach WOULD sit him. And, aside from that, we all know Marty's calling the shots about whether he plays or not, so regardless of the fact that it's technically the coach's decision, we know Marty's really the one making the decision that he's playing. If Marty goes to the coach and says "Coach I want to play", you know he's gonna play, whether he gave up seven goals to the Tampa Bay Lightning last night or not. (and that was last year when Tampa sucked)

I think there are other goalies who could be as good on this team. I think Marty gets a lot of support and that gets overlooked sometimes--I think he's given more credit than the team as a whole sometimes. There are goalies facing 35/40 shots a night, and their team gets more credit. Marty faces 25 shots a night and gets all the credit. I'll admit, there are nights he's awesome, at the top of his game, and he does win us the game, but I think a lot of times he overshadows the team. Granted, that's not his fault, but I think it has gone to his head. We have other players who do a lot for this team, and they're a million times more humble than Marty, and it's cool.

A lot of why I don't like him comes from last year. The coach backed him up all the time, even when he wasn't at the top of his game, after the 7 goal "effort" against Tampa when he wasn't even pulled. "We have to play Brodeur so we have a chance to win." Right. Seven goals is a good chance to win against Khabibulin. It's like they're saying our backups aren't good enough. So they get Schwabbie, who I don't think anyone WANTS to see start--so now yes, we DO have to play Brodeur. But last year, come on guys, Terrerri would have done ok for a game or two... Clememnsen would have given us a shot at winning. It's like, let's make excuses for not playing our backups when we haven't even given them a CHANCE to give us a chance to win.

Ok anyway... I've rambled enough. Give me a picture of Berglund so I can smile.

In Topic: Why I Like Mike

21 November 2002 - 01:36 PM

I'm a member of the Mikey Danton fan club!!!

The kid is a pest, yes. He's a punkass, yes. But he's OUR punkass, and every team needs one, I think.

He's our Fleury, and yeah, he's as short, and he's got that lip-bite thing going when he talks too. He's aggravating, and he gets on the other team's nerves, and every team DOES need a pest. We had Claude Lemieux--and on that subject, why do you think Danton got the #22? Because he reminded Lou of Claude.

Yes, he's young, yes, he's gonna make mistakes. Everyone does. He'll learn from his also. I think the team is good for him, I think he's good for the team.

He seems cool off the ice, too.

In Topic: Who Would You Trade Marty For?

21 November 2002 - 01:31 PM

Let me clear one thing up first... I don't like Brodeur. That being said, you can construe this post as you will.

Straight up, goalie for goalie, NOBODY.
There is no goalie in this league comparable to Brodeur. Over the season, he's consistent. In the playoffs, he's at his best. He makes saves you don't think possible, and all the saves he should. In terms of other goalies who DO come close in all areas, you're looking at a select one or two. But still, straight up for Brodeur the answer is NO.

Roy is too old. Theodore is unproven. Khabibulin you have no idea about in the playoffs, and even he gives up goals he shouldn't playing on the Lightning.

If you want to talk in conjunction with another player for one or two more players, one of whom is a goalie, it makes it an entirely different argument, and it depends on what players you want, or what players you're willing to include in a deal.

Goalie for Goalie, there's nobody you can trade Brodeur for.

In Topic: Risky's Current Analysis Of What Needs To Be Done

12 November 2002 - 08:51 PM

As for phyiscal forwards who can score... who in addition might be available for trade...

Jochen Hecht has been all over creation in the last 2 years... Buffalo might be willing to move him for the right return. He's not the most physical guy in the world, but he's not afraid to get his hands dirty, and he's not going to be a liability defensively--the guy can score, and he can play penalty kill if need be. I think he's more valuable than the teams who've gotten rid of him know. Maybe there's locker room issues with him, but from what I see on the ice, he's definitely someone to consider.

I've heard the rumors about Calgary... and looking for Savard. If we are going to trade with Calgary, can we please NOT get Savard? How about Sonnenberg? The guy had 50 points and 127 pim for a bad AHL team. That should say something.

LA could probably be convinced to part with Adam Deadmarsh, especially for a proven defenseman.

Phoenix is an interesting look for a trade. I'm not sure I'd want Lemieux back. He is older, and although he's always been what this team has needed in the playoffs, there's no guaranteeing he'd give us what we need during the season. Phoenix has a couple of young guys they won't want to part with, but asking for a guy like Radivojevic or Nagy probably wouldn't scare them off, and if we don't get one of them, at least talks are open--maybe they have one of those obscure guys Lou likes so much. :)

The guys the Blues and the Flyers have are probably not available for trade, though they seem to have the abundance of phsycial guys who can score.

They're few and far between, but I think there are a couple out there who might warrant attention at least. We're not without options if we're looking to trade Nieds for a physical scorer (can't we dump Pandolfo too? Or maybe somebody wants Guolla? (I know... I know... :P I'm daydreaming again)