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In Topic: sharks and devils discussing major trade?

Yesterday, 12:10 PM

Larsson will command a good return because he is still young and is still virtually considered as "unknown" as a prospect entering the draft.  We must not forget that Larsson was a big part of the SCF run in 2012.  He was only a rookie then.


He will NOT command the return of a proven, top-25 scorer, but he can definitely command the return of a player the likes of a Yakupov / Zibenejad / Cogliano, etc.


Bullsh!t. Hes been in the league 3 years and has done nothing. "A big part of the SCF run in 2012" what? He played in 5 games that entire playoff season. He was basically non-existant in the playoffs lol.

In Topic: sharks and devils discussing major trade?

Yesterday, 12:06 PM

Vlasic made team canada and he didnt... that kind of means something


No, it doesn't mean a damn thing in this discussion. The only thing it means is that Vlasic and Burns are completely different types of defenders and Team Canada took Vlasic because they needed him. They didn't need Burns when they already had guys like Doughty and Weber. Vlasic is a stay at home defender. Burns is not. I would argue that Burns is a better offensive d-man than Vlasic is a stay at home defender, but they have two different jobs on the ice.

In Topic: sharks and devils discussing major trade?

Yesterday, 12:00 PM



Van Riemsdyk was traded for Luke Schenn... everything is possible


The Flyers also had Brayden Schenn already and that was a huge reason for them doing that deal in the first place. Not really a fair comparison.

In Topic: sharks and devils discussing major trade?

20 October 2014 - 10:53 PM

Larsson makes a lot of sense to send to SJ because of Larry.  I'd love someone like Pavelski, but he'd be way too expensive.  I think Brent Burns would be a good fit as well.  Burns should be cheaper than Pavelski, and a deal around Larsson could get it done.


Except Burns is barely cheaper. Literally. Pavelski is at 6 flat and Burns is making 5.76 and is signed through 2017. Burns also has an NTC, so that could potentially bar a trade here. If they were making a move for Burns, they can just as easily make one for Pavelski. Both also have NTC. It seems like anyone that fits "major veteran asset" on that team do. To get any of these guys, we have to move salary out too.


I think a guy like Pavelski could succeed here, but Id be shocked to see the Sharks move him at this point. Thats a guy you move if you have secrets about (i.e. he has an injury thats creeping, locker room problem etc) or if your team is out of the race. Not for a guy that's making less than a million, has proven absolutely nothing in the NHL, and clearly wants out of here. It just doesnt fit. They're not going to give us a Pavelski or Burns for Larsson and Brunner or Larsson and Ryder, etc.


If a deal is done with the Sharks for Larsson, most Devils fans will be pissed with the return.

In Topic: Scott Clemmensen "Wins" The Backup Job

05 October 2014 - 06:41 PM

Nabokov was the guy to get as a backup. Lou was asleep at the wheel though and once again went down the ex-Devil road again.



Or he was looking at the finances and chose to spend 600K on a guy who he only expects to play 10-20 games at most, rather than 1.5M on a guy who would demand more starts.


Clemmensen was very productive the last time he was with this team. He's not played very much the last few years and was with Florida teams that were trash. I'd rather not worry about the backup goaltender when we dont have to right now. The organization clearly expect Schneider to play about 60 games and most never had a problem w/ it when Marty was doing it. Cory has shown he's good enough to carry a heavier load. Its on the blueline to help him out more.