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New memeber just saying hello...

06 August 2005 - 05:29 PM

First things first, I'm a Flyers fan. No, no no... Don't click on by. I'm not here to flame, I actually have a great deal of respect for the Devils and have always been interested in their daily happenings. There's one member name that I've seen here that I remember from the old AOL Grandstand boards... Hasan. I used to be FlyersLOD over there (that was sveral years ago), maybe Hasan will vouch for me that I come to talk hockey and I'm not a flamer at all. Hasan and I had quite a bit of interaction over there, most of it favorable.

I'm poking in here right now mostly because I'm very curious as to what is going on with Stevens and Elias, as well as the rest of your team. I know the status of both is up in the air right now. I think how those two are resolved will go a long way in shaping this year's Devils. Good luck with them and good luck on the upcoming season.