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In Topic: Bettman: "I'm sorry."

15 January 2013 - 12:07 PM

That article by the Caps writer really hit the nail on the head imho.

As a fan of the NHL and Devils for two decades now, this lockout has left me absolutely gutted. At the end of the day it's only a sport, but it's a pretty raw feeling when you know that you have lost passion for something that you cared for deeply. I still find myself checking in on TG's blog and I'm pretty sure that I'd rather see the Devils have some success, however, I know for a fact that things just feel different for me after this latest lockout. Sure, money plays a big role in all of this, but that's not my biggest beef with everything. Above all, I just can't comprehend the lack of respect that the NHL has for its product, its history, the fans, and the game of hockey itself. What about the team employees and the local businesses? There are just no words to describe how poorly this league operates and their lack of regard for the people who help support it and depend on it.

I made up my mind in September that the NHL would definitely not be seeing a penny from me this year and for the foreseeable future for that matter. It's not meant to punish them, because I know full well that there will be someone else ready to pick up my slack. It has more to do with the fact that they brought me to a point where I now have to question my association with the league and if I want to be a part of it any longer. That's one thing I can't forgive them for, at least not right now. Sorry, a truncated 48 game season will not change my mind on that.

It feels like most people really don't care to much about everthing that has happened and are more than willing to hand over their money asap. Personally, that is disappointing to me, however, everyone is entitled to their own course of action here and many people just want their hockey and don't care how they get it. That's fine, but there are definitely those of us out there who are not okay with everything that has gone on. The only thing I can say for sure is that Saturday will be the first season opener that I actually couldn't care less about, and it absolutely sucks to feel that way.