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In Topic: Satirical Newspaper in Paris attacked

23 January 2015 - 04:51 AM

I can't talk about England (especially as my english is bad and broken ; ) ) but what are you talking about changing our culture or stuff like that ? 


If you are taking muslim only... they are what ? 7% of french population... (after checking, 7,5%) ... what changing can they do ? And you forget something (you must know that already !) French are so stubborn.. we won't change like that ! 


Ok let's take real number (source are the demography institute ... you can't be more official)

In 2008 (and there isn't a HUGE change since) number of immigrate people(in K) : 11 952 (couting first coming and second generation) 

the huge % of that will come from Europe (of course) but i guess that's what you call non-white people... but we really don't have the same culture as the Italian and the spanish (for example)... maybe from your point of view, it's the same "label Europe" but we are more alike with ..  I dunno.. Canada, than Spain. But whatever. ok " non white people"  things...


for the rest of the % it's equal between asia & coming from " arabic country " 


So yeah i can see an influence of both these population coming to us : More good food ! yeah we already have got our own good food... but we like food enough to incorporate foreigner food into our habits (is it ok ?) 


You may believe that Marine LePen is a mighty power here... but the "better" result this sh!tty party got is 21% with everyone on the line 

France is a country that is really into center.. not too left at all and right side must be "republicaine" (not the same definition of your republican) ... extrem from both side doesn't stand a real chance here (so far) 


There is trouble and problem .. based on difference of culture. of course... and based on social drama etc... like in every wealthy country ! 


but no.. France isn't eaten to the roots by what you call the " non white " population... 

In Topic: Satirical Newspaper in Paris attacked

21 January 2015 - 04:04 AM

I do have a question...Do people and/or media talk about this fox news so called no go zone in USA? Or is it just a thing here in Europe?

In Topic: Satirical Newspaper in Paris attacked

20 January 2015 - 04:27 PM

The City of Paris is about to sue Fox News...

From your knowledge of american laws & system... How smart that could be ? What are the odds that something "bad" happen to Fox News with that ? 


From what I see.. it seems pointless or at least... just for  the principal (and i have no problem with that)


Usually in France, we don't use Justice for stuff like that.. and we don't sue that much.. so i'm kind of surprise 

In Topic: Satirical Newspaper in Paris attacked

19 January 2015 - 12:50 PM



uh uh uh

In Topic: Satirical Newspaper in Paris attacked

14 January 2015 - 06:35 PM

What is the truth? Fox News isn't the only outlet reporting that white people generally don't venture into the Maghrebi neighborhoods. (I didn't see your response when I wrote the post. Thanks for the link.)


Do the Roma live there, too?


The Truth ? The truth is that there is no muslim area in Paris or in France... as there is a china town ... and even that it's not that clear. We don't have "community" district here... and more important, Muslim isn't a community. We have "popular" place.. by popular i mean less " clean & parisian beautiful " ... with ton of store with african products... with church next to a kebab restaurant. 


There is a study that, in paris, Crime doesn't happen more often in these areas rather than rest of Paris... and that what you calll" non white people " aren't more implicated in crime (some people were saying that... and official data were release to prove them wrong) 

So the truth is that there is not a maghrebi neighborhoods inside Paris ... Of course you find more arab (and not necessary musilm btw) in more cheap area (it's a social situation... ). I'm currently in the 20 district ... my son is in a school with lot of arabs, lot of african people and also lot of white people... No one seems scared there ! 


(and i almost spit my food when i hear the guy saying that sharia rules were applied in Paris.. Like.. SERIOUSLY ?! ; ) ) 


And nop.. there isn't a roma district as well

but there are more outside paris