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Here I come !

07 January 2014 - 07:22 AM

(sorry.. i already create a topic about that month ago... but cannot find it now)


(but hey!)

(hi everyone ! )




14 January... in Montreal City... I'm gonna watch Martin Brodeur & the Boys for the first time of my life... In real I mean ! 

Something i dream since 1998/1999... It gonna happen next week ! Hey... Maybe the last Marty game in Montreal... Not too bad ! 


I can't make the trip to NY or NJ... But if anyone near the Montreal Zone is there and wanna a hot chocolate (i've heard.. it's a little bit chill these days in North America... Maybe we could use the help of some hot beverage no ? ) ... Time to speak ! 

Canada ! Your land will be now civilized by the only reason that i will put my feet on your land.
America ! Your land will be too make a jump into modernity by being next to New Canada


Hi ; ) 


Oh.. and as i'm starting french cliché by being arrogant... as i'm here, let's have this fun read : 



thank you Newsweek for this awesome good laugh ! 

Hi from the country where we don't have a french word for "entrepreneur" ; ) 


Let's go Devils ! Let's go Marty ! Let's go the Boys ! These colors don't run ! Wearing my Devs Jersey in front of all these canadians 

(oh and devs... Don't make this moment being awkward by losing the game.. coz i intend to be a perfect little french and having fun of everyone around me.. ) (thanks in advance) 


Oh... And i'm handsome.

It has no link with the whole story.. But just to let you know about it. It's important you know... 

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