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In Topic: Devils see change coming

07 December 2010 - 12:47 PM

way too much talent on this team for it to suck this badly - that's coaching, and leadership, that needs to be changed. What I seriously don't get though is that Lou is basically biting off his nose to spite his face. Ownership forced him to bring in Kovy, regardless of contract/fit with team/etc. etc. because they need a star in order to sell luxury boxes and club seats. So what, now he sits there and says, "look, i told you so, stay out of MY hockey operations" and lets this team quickly slide out of a playoff spot? Just fire mclean already and put everyone out of their misery.

It would be one thing if this was a rebuilding year, and we were losing with a bunch of young talent that is learning to play the NHL level - but we're not, we're losing with very talented, but aged, veterans. And unless some of them start showing some ability again (rolston, langs, zubi, broduer, etc.) then the only real trade bait we have to dangle at other teams are Elias, Zajac, Arnott and Parise when he gets back - guys like zajac and parise are what you need to build around, not trade, but they are the only players of any value on this team right now.

I could deal with a rebuilding suck it up kind of year or two if that's what he was doing, but it's not. Lou is just holding on too long to a coach that can't handle the team he was given - cut bait and go fish elsewhere, you're having no luck here - sorry johnny mac, but loyalty can only go so far, and he knows that as good as anyone else (mr. ranger bleu)

In Topic: Fire Oates

02 November 2010 - 09:08 AM

They seem to lack any semblence of a system - it really just looks like a bunch of experienced guys playing pond hockey out there, they sort of know where they should be from being coached in their youth, but have no coach now giving them direction and a system - just rolling lines and rushing up ice. It's really been terrible to watch. I can give the D a little lee-way, after all, minus the injuries, at least 3 of those guys are playing in Albany, but the offense needs to have some kind of coaching direction/strategy/system to act as cohesive agent and get them all on the same page. So either 1) Johnny Mac has some system in his head that he's unable to communicate to these guys; 2) He has communicated it and they either don't buy into it or just can't execute it; or, 3) He really didn't have any system to put in place and is just winging it each night, hoping to get buy on the talent of his experienced forward group.

If any of those three scenario's are really the case, it would be apparent that Lou picked the wrong coach for the job. Regardless, if they don't pull out a heaping handful of wins by thanksgiving, you gotta get a new coach - you can't let this continue through Christmas, sacrifice the 1st half of the season and have any glimmer of hope for a playoff birth.

It would really really suck that the first high 1st round pick this team has had in 20+ years ends up forfeited to the league.