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27 October 2010 - 10:43 PM

I've said it many times before - just like the yankees should trade Jeter while he has worth in return, the devils should look to unload BLOWduer - and just like every time i've ever said it or posted it, I fully expect to get flamed.


Here I go again.

Marty still has value - people still think he's a hall of fame goalie, even without stevens and the countless other solid defensemen, defensive system, and defense first coaching he's had for the past 17 years.


Time is now (as it has been for last 5-8 years) - trade him, get a current goalie and a high draft pick (could have been more last year or 2-3 years ago). The injured d-men will be back soon (I pray) and we can still salvage a playoff birth with a little luck.

Montreal has always wanted him, and he has always wanted to play there, well, now is the time, pull the trigger, piss off the fans, fire Johnny Mac, trade BLOWduer, and let's salvage this F-ing season with at least another first round exit in the playoffs (come on - do any of you really see the friggin isles coming out ahead of us???)

OK, come on - flame me all you want. This is no different than the yankees holding onto Jeter and Posada for about 3 or 4 years longer than they should have, and, spending this off-season thinking how to re-sign them again. I know, I know - fan favorites and all of that sh$t - but if the team doesn't make the playoffs, how friggin psyched is everyone then????

Trust me - trade the star,salvage the season, make it into the post season and have a shot at something, and it's a different tune.

BTW - I wish Lou (as much as I love him as a GM) had figured out the whole salary cap thing about 5-years ago, and, I really wish he hadn't made the NJ coaching position something no decent coach would ever want, since after the dev's finish up this (soon to be very embarrassing) west coast road trip, we'll then be stuck with some other couldn't get a job any place else loser coach to finish out the year - way to go merry-go-round Lou - let's hire more coaches over the past several years than there have been years to hire them in.

I'm done - flame me all you want, but after having followed this team from their time as a minor league affiliate playing in the big league until now and seeing them grow from piece of shi$ to stanley cup winner (repeatedly), this is just too friggin painful to watch - the team and coaches they put out there for 2010/2011, just absolutely SUCKS A$$, and it is time to make SIGNIFICANT changes, regardless of what the fans may think. Great in signing Kovi - but are we gonna watch the friggin thrashers for the next 15 years???????

Brodueur - trade value

Johnny Mac - not a head coach

Elias/langenbrunner - trade bait

white - should have been gone long ago

defensemen, in desparate need - hang a help wanted sign