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Xbox Gamers

11 October 2005 - 12:02 PM

Just thought I would throw a shoutout here to the greatest gaming forum on the net :)

Seasoned Gamers

It is a site dedicated to adults who are looking to get away from all the kids and other jerks that are ruining Xbox Live. I am 31 and most of the members on the site are anywhere from 25-50. We do have a couple of folks in their teens who are mature enough to be included, and even a couple over 60 that are immature enough! ;) I am a Mod over on that site - my gamertag/forum name is Stretch27.

Most of the site revolves around Halo 2, which is easily the greatest Xbox (and Live) game ever made. I run an NHL2K6 hockey league over there, and unfortunately we struggle to get enough good commited players to make it through a whole 10 game season :( We are getting ready to start our new season as soon as the new roster updates come out.

So, if you are an Xbox gamer (we do have some other platform stuff as well) and this sounds interesting, please stop by and check the place out! If you plan on coming over to cause trouble and try to ruin the place for all the adults that are there, don't bother - griefers are dealt with swiftly :kill:

Hey Everyone

11 October 2005 - 08:33 AM

Just introducing myself to everyone! Longtime Devils fan - since about 1989 - but seriously following the team and totally addicted to hockey since 1993-94. I play in a roller hockey league in Edison and I am a Mod on another forum, dedicated mostly towards Xbox Live gaming. We have members ranging anywhere from in the teens (mature ones only!) up to 73 for our oldest member! I run a hockey league there as well (NHL2K6) which should be starting up soon! My forum name/gametag over there is Stretch27.

Glad to meet everyone! Look forward to rooting the Devils on all year now that hockey is finally back! :evil:


27 September 2005 - 07:34 AM

Hi Folks! I am brand new to the board, but a long time Devils fan. As you all know by now, there are a bunch of games being broadcast on FSNY2 which DirecTV does not carry!!! There are 2 Devils vs Rangers games right at the beginning of the season which will not be seen by any of us! The CenterIce package blacks out local games, so this is not an option either! I emailed DirecTV about it yesterday and this was the response.

Dear Mr. Firestone,

Thanks for writing. I'm sorry, but we don't carry Fox Sports NY 2 right now. However, we often add programming based on customer requests, and I have forwarded your request to DIRECTV management.

Thanks again for writing and please stay tuned to DIRECTV.com for the latest news and information about our service.


DIRECTV Customer Service

PLEASE! EVERYONE THAT HAS DIRECTV WRITE TO THEM AND MAKE THE REQUEST! If we are lucky we can get it added soon enough to not miss any of our teams games!

Email Form Page

Phone Number: 1-800-494-4388