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In Topic: 2014 Miami Dolphins thread

25 March 2015 - 01:18 PM

Heard Philbin was extended for you guys, can't post a link atm.


I'm happy that he's not working as a lame duck (locker room respect matters) but I can't help but think Philbin's out the door with anything less than a playoff birth, maybe even a first round win depending on the record of the playoff team.  It's kind of harsh, considering that the Jets and Bills appear to be more improved than they have been in a long time, but it's the reality that is today's NFL.  Win or GTFO.


Cameron needs to stay healthy... Which, because he's a Dolphin, he probably won't. But we can hope, I guess... I don't think I would've moved 14 for Graham... It would've been nice to get him, but #14 is too high a price, as good as Graham is. It's a move that makes more sense for a team like Seattle, whose time is now. We're not a Jimmy Graham away from a championship.


Has Miami been that snakebit on injuries in the past? I'm having a hard time remembering a major injury before Albert.

In Topic: 2014 Miami Dolphins thread

23 March 2015 - 08:47 AM

Some back of the roster movement: 

  • Dolphins sign JD Walton (formerly of the Giants) for a currently undisclosed amount, but hopefully veteran minimum money, as he was straight-up awful at center last year.  He can back up anywhere on the interior line if needed, so he's kind of the new Nate Garner.  I'm hopeful a rookie Miami drafts will supplant him, and he'll be a weekly inactive on game-day, but he's a body.
  • Dolphins re-sign Matt Moore (1/2.65) and Louis Delmas (1/3.5).  Delmas was effective when healthy, so hopefully he's healing up from his ACL tear, as I believe he's currently Miami's starting FS.  The amount of money given to Delmas in his deal indicates to me that the team thinks he'll be fine, medically, so good news.  Moore is a solid backup assuming he hasn't lost a step.

And in a slight surprise, the Dolphin coaching staff seems to be considering Dion Jordan for the strong-side linebacker job next to Koa Misi and across from Jelani Jenkins.  In a 4-3 strong-side linebacking, this could either be very good or could have disaster written all over it.

In Topic: 2014 Miami Dolphins thread

19 March 2015 - 10:47 AM

Miami officially refuses to match the deal, so Clay is now a Bill.  With Sims and Cameron in the fold, and someone bringing up the rear to block for things, I think we'll be OK, though I was kind of hoping that Clay or Cameron would be the second outside receiver in some of our formations, as both of them are far more talented than what's left on the wide receiver FA market. 

Case in point...Michael Crabtree is in Miami for a visit.

In Topic: 2014 Miami Dolphins thread

18 March 2015 - 11:56 AM

Miami will be in cap hell next year even if Clay is not re-signed, so I imagine they probably let him walk. 


I like him, but he isn't that valuable. 


I agree, he's more valuable to Buffalo clearly than us, though I wonder if this contract impacts their ability to give Marcell Dareus an extension.


That said, it's going to be a tough 2016 offseason, but cap hell might be avoidable.  


Assuming a $163 million dollar cap, zero carryover, and the 5th year option ($18.35 million currently) on Tannehill, Miami's 2016 cap number is around +$23 million.  


One way or another, Jordan Cameron is not playing 2016 at his 9.5 million dollar cap hit.  That contract either gets ripped up and extended at a more team-friendly 2016 number, or it gets ripped up and he's a free agent.  So at worst, that's another 7.5 million back.


If Olivier Vernon is willing to take a Junior Gallette-type extension, and Lamar Miller comes back cheap (thinking Ryan Matthews 3/$11.5 with Philly or less), retaining all of our players is not impossible.  Pouncey may be the odd-man out, although it's clear he doesn't have a replacement on the roster, so that may be more difficult than previously anticipated.  New players, however...

In Topic: 2014 Miami Dolphins thread

18 March 2015 - 10:07 AM

And Clay signs a Buffalo offer sheet.  5/$38/$20, with $24.4 million of the total value coming in the first two years.


The sheet is designed, in theory, to attack the cap space of Miami's 2016 league year.  I haven't seen the specifics, but I'm willing to bet the cap hit in 2016 is like 12 million or in that range.


It is possible to retain Clay and still have money for the pending free agencies of Vernon, Tannehill, and Pouncey IF the Dolphins want to restructure Suh's contract to convert 2016 salary to bonus, upping all of the contract's final four years' cap hits by 4.5 million per year.


Personally, I suspect Miami lets him walk.  They probably anticipated this and signed Jordan Cameron for that reason.  Also, as an FYI, this offer sheet/contract makes Clay the 4th highest paid TE in the NFL.