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In Topic: 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

23 November 2015 - 12:07 PM

Dion Jordan is outie.  He's not coming back.  They'd cut him next year and NEVER look back methinks.  


The good news is that despite the touchdown, Cameron's been a disaster this year for the purpose he was brought in for (pass-catching) so he's likely to earn a much smaller deal than the current 9.5 million he's slated for, and cutting him will save us enough money on the cap by himself to draft a rookie class.  I'd love to see Sims/Stonenbruner get shots at the full-time gigs, Miami has more pressing needs elsewhere.


The biggest problem next year is that Vernon is a free agent, and people will pay him some big money.  I guess in theory you could cut Wake (8.5 million saved) and give Vernon that salary slot, maybe pushing some of Vernon's cap hit down the road.  But now you're talking about status-quo, and Miami desperately needs a second corner that's better than replacement value, some linebacking (Paysinger and Sheppard are Free Agents), and a useful swing tackle not named Jason Fox (who ideally could swap in at guard as well).


If replacement players can be found for the potential cuts, the Miami cap situation isn't as dire as I thought it was initially.  Fox, Cameron, and Jordan cuts alone give about 10 million in cap relief in 2016.  18 million is freed if you cut Wake, but I'm not sure that's going to be done unless Vernon comes in at decent money and Shelby is willing to come back on a slight raise.

In Topic: NFL Week 11 thread

20 November 2015 - 04:13 PM

Dallas gets Lee back this weekend too. I think we get rolled with Romo back. Two of the Fins' three starting LB's (who suck to begin with) could be out this week... Not a good recipe for success going up against possibly the best o-line in football.


To be fair, McFadden is apparently questionable for this one as well with a groin injury (and be honest, if it were anyone BUT McFadden you'd give them the benefit of the doubt).  I still don't think it makes much of a difference unless Romo gets pancaked early, but it's something to hang one's hat on.


That said, I'm less worried about replacement level players missing time as opposed to, say, the top players on the D-Line.  Vernon/Suh/Mitchell have to play every game or this team has no defense to speak of.  


This is essentially a playoff game for both teams.  The 'Boys at 2-8 probably are not winning the division unless EVERYONE in front of them drops dead.  The Dolphins are in serious trouble if they go to 4-6 - they'd need to probably be 10-6/11-5 to make the playoffs, and at the least they'd NEED to beat the Jets next week.  As a fan, all I ask is that they play hard and leave it on the field, and hope for the best.


It looks like it might be Pitt and KC in the wild cards this year.  KC's remaining schedule is pretty funny - they're likely to go 10-6 even if you assume they split the Raiders' games - Bills, Chargers x 2, Browns, and Ravens.  Pitt's schedule is a bit tougher - @Seattle, @Cincy, and home for Denver with games with the Browns, Colts, and Ravens thrown in there.  That leaves Denver, NE, Cincy, and <insert South team here> as the other four playoff teams.

In Topic: New York Yankees 2015-16 Offseason Thread

20 November 2015 - 12:49 PM

Yankees discussing a Gardner for Castro swap.


Apparently Castro would take over 2B full-time with Didi as the SS.  


Also important to note that this would save the Yankees $6 million in payroll, as Starlin's contract is 4/38 while Gardner is 3/38.


If that happens, that would appear to make the following lineup for 2016 as:


C: McCann

1B: Texeira/Bird

2B: Castro

SS: Gregorius

3B: Headley

LF: Hicks

CF: Ellsbury

RF: Beltran
DH: A-Rod


Bench: Ackley, Ryan, Romnie/Sanchez, and plus-1.


I still think the Yankees should go for Heyward, just because a 7 year deal puts him at 32 at the deal's end, and he will be the youngest good position player to come to free agency for a while.  Hell, I'd be OK with a 7 year deal with a 4th year out clause, so he can get one more big payday if he wants it (and hopefully someone else will pay).  Replace Beltran with Heyward in that lineup, and you have a damn good defensive outfield that may be able to hit.  Additionally, if/when Ellsbury gets hurt, you have a ready-made outfielder in Beltran and can slide Heyward to CF.  


EDIT: So apparently the talks are now dead, because a Gardner trade now requires pitching to come back.  Big fat NOPE on this one.

In Topic: NFL Week 11 thread

20 November 2015 - 11:07 AM

Allen Robinson's 113 yards mattered to my fantasy team for sure.  


I think Rex meant "the Bills" when he said "him", but the point remains the same - he's not good when it comes to choosing words correctly.  It's shoot first-ask questions later, which seems to be a Ryan family trait.

In Topic: NJDevs Fantasy Football Smack Talk 2015

20 November 2015 - 10:57 AM

I wish fantasy football was like baseball where someone just has to line up at a position a number of times before (s)he becomes eligible.  I think Lamar Miller would be WR eligible by now, and that would solve a whole lot of my lineup dilemmas...