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In Topic: 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

04 October 2015 - 06:06 PM

fvcking.  Disaster.


No, really, come out like you believe your own hype and sh!t the bed massively in London.  Go down to 1-3 (0-2), with only Landry and maybe Tannehill looking like they give a sh!t about not losing.


I'm hopeful that Ross is trying not to make an emotional decision and will take time to think about it, realize it has to happen, and move on during the bye week.  I'm just not sure who you make interim.  Coyle?  Lazor?  I guess it's Lazor, but still, he's been no great shakes either.


Look, I know the linebacking corps is kind of pieced together from a few guys who don't have good NFL track records and Koa Misi.  I realize that the LT is hurt.  But this is an unbelievably bad effort being put forth - no fundamentals, people jogging on plays they should be running in, people not stepping into their assignments on the defensive line, asstons of penalties...tons of this sh!t just shouldn't be happening, and part of that is on the coaching staff.  


The Jets had, in my opinion, a pretty sloppy game after the first quarter.  Fitz threw an int, and was lucky he didn't throw two more.  The Jets committed well over 150 yards of penalties in the game.  Teams that commit those kind of self-inflicted wounds usually don't win football games...unless they're playing a team that inflicts more self-wounds than the other team.


I was on the fence with this staff before the season, but it's clear that someone's lost the locker room in there...whether it's Philbin, Coyle, Lazor, or the whole lot, players just appear to not care...not be motivated to do the little things right that WIN football games.  That's damning on the coaches, and until something's done this team will not win with any consistency.  Here's to a good draft pick, because we can probably line that up to someone like Cleveland for a ransom so they can get their QB of the future.


The sad part is that, if this isn't the coaches and it's really the players...then we're locked into this for another year and change, due to the cap salary structure.  There's no free agency savior coming unless they restructure cap hits.and/or cut veterans.

In Topic: NFL Week 3

28 September 2015 - 11:29 PM


In Topic: 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

28 September 2015 - 07:47 PM

Where did that "Fire this Motherfvcker" meme go?  I'd like to paste my bedroom walls with it.

We should be used to it by now. I mean, I'll admit- I took the bait. I thought they actually had a shot to be a playoff team. But it's the Dolphins, and if there's one thing the Dolphins love, it's kicking their fans in the balls. But, because I guess I have some sort of sick enjoyment of being repeatedly punished, I will wake up early on Sunday morning and I will watch these a$$holes get their fvcking skulls caved in again. And I will be disappointed and annoyed when it inevitably happens. However, one thing I won't be is surprised. I will never drink the kool-aid again until I see tangible results on the field and with the culture of this utterly dysfunctional sh!t show of a franchise. But I will ALWAYS care because I've loved this team since I was a little kid, and I'll love them til they put me in the ground.


Yep, this.

In Topic: NFL Week 3

28 September 2015 - 07:31 PM

The biggest beauty of the NFL is that every season breathes new life into the league, where teams that aren't the Dolphins have all new hope.  Witness the 3-0 Cards, 2-1 Raiders, the 2-1 Bills, and the 2-1 Jets, all left for dead in the preseason, looking down at the 0-3 Ravens, the 1-2 Colts, the 1-2 Eagles, and the 1-2 Seahawks.


Things tend to normalize over the season, but at least the wildness at the beginning is real.

In Topic: 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

21 September 2015 - 01:42 PM

Yeah, I'm over the coaching staff as a whole.  Slow starts, not showing up to play vs. "bad" teams, 13 penalties this week after 9 last week (with a coach that, according to the TV announcers, stresses the penalty-free game), and players outright ignoring coaches after being here for a total of 6 weeks...these coaches are being tuned out, in Week freakin' 2 of the NFL season on a team tied for the division lead, no less.  


if Miami's 1-3 at the bye, someone's losing their head, and honestly I hope they junk Coyle and Philbin if that happens (though I could easily see Coyle getting kicked only).  No idea who'd replace them, but if the season's lost already, we might as well see if Lazor can HC, maybe have someone else call the damn plays while he manages the whole team.


Also, Vernon should be sat down for at least a half next week.  You don't make that kind of gaffe and go unscathed if accountability is part of your mantra.