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New York Yankees 2015-16 Offseason Thread

10 November 2015 - 10:38 AM

When I realize that I'm talking about the Yankees offseason in the Mets thread, it's time to start an offseason thread.


Some links to start it off:

MLBTR's top 50 FA predictions - for what it's worth, the Yankees are predicted to get Jason Heyward (10/200), Ben Zobrist (3/51), and resign Chris B. Young (2/12).  


MLBTR Yankees Offseason Outlook


The top stories from last week's opening of FA per RAB (via fan confidence poll) - the Yankees have 4 FAs now, Young, Stephen Drew, Andrew Bailey, and Chris Capuano.  Also, Brendan Ryan opted into his $1MM option, which is hardly surprising.  I could see the Yankees signing Young...and I suspect Drew is their desperation 2B option...but the rest I'd rather not see back.


In my opinion...the Heyward free agency would be the key for the offseason, and depending on how that plays out the rest of the dominos will fall.  If the Yankees sign Heyward, they're gonna have a logjam at the outfield positions that will require a trade OR someone (read: Beltran) is going to have to take a bench role (which will lead to Young signing elsewhere).  Some combination of Gardner/Miller/Refsnyder/Pirela/minor leaguers will probably be traded for SP reinforcements.


In this scenario, I'd expect the team to look like this:


C: McCann, Murphy

1B: Tex, Bird

2B: 2 of Ackley/Refsnyder/Pirela

3B: Headley

SS: Gregorius, Ryan

OF: Heyward, Gardner, Ellsbury, Beltran

DH: Rodriguez














Sabathia/Nova as long man

Bryan Mitchell


If Bird has options, he may be up and down to the Triple A squad if they need bullpen depth.  Ryan could also be outrighted, but I don't think there's anyone else on the major league level that can play short if Gregorius needs a break. 


A lot of this depends on CC's rehab as well, and whether he'll be part of the team in 2016 and beyond.  If Sabathia steps away from baseball, then Nova becomes the current starter #5 and Shreve is the last bullpen spot, with Mitchell the long man.  I fully expect Mitchell to also ride the Triple A express if he has options and they need to cycle in bullpen guys.


If any minor leaguers are traded, I'd suspect Sanchez might be the first one out of town.