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In Topic: Careful what you wish for, Devils fans

Today, 07:36 AM

One thing that sucks about Cammalleri is that he misses his fair share of games...seems like 15-20 or so has become a norm for him since 2007-08.  But Zubrus always had injury issues before he became a Devil, and now has played all 82 games in four out of seven seasons as a Devil, and played in 79 in another season, so who knows.

In Topic: Official 2014 New York Mets Thread

Today, 07:10 AM

Montero with one of his best starts of the season:  6.2 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 2 BB, 6 K.  In his three AAA starts since making his low-level rehab appearances:  15.2 IP, 14 H, 6 ER, 6 BB, 15 K.  Only 3 BB in his last 11.2 IP.  Very small-sample stuff, but at least the seeds for a little optimism can be planted with a couple more starts where Montero starts pitching more like the Montero who threw an insane amount of strikes. 


Herrera went 2-for-5 last night and is now batting .344 in 153 AA at-bats.  He's been incredibly steady since his promotion.  The only real knock on him is that his BB-to-K ratio isn't the best, but that's par for the course in the majors these days. 


Who knows what will happen, but I have a feeling the Mets are going to re-sign Murph (4 years, maybe 5) and make Herrera part of a package (along with some young arms) for someone that can impact the Mets' offense in 2015...more and more I'm feeling that his future as a major-leaguer simply isn't going to be as a Met.  As much as I'm intrigued by Herrera and his upside, with Murph we at least know for sure what we're getting going forward for the next few years, especially at the plate...he'll bat somewhere between .280-.300, get on base at about a .330-.340 clip, be among the league leaders in doubles, and hit around 10-15 home runs.  Overall he'll give the Mets roughly average defense at second.  It's not spectacular stuff (though pretty good for a second baseman), but at least we can count on it.  If Herrera and other bodies bring back something terrific and that player does what we all hope, I can't really quibble about losing him. 

In Topic: Official 2014 New York Mets Thread

Yesterday, 05:21 PM

Passive's quotes:




He could just be truthful and to-the-point and admit he wasn't going to do sh!t today unless something fell into his lap...we all knew that was going to be the case anyway, so I'm not ticked off about it.  All I gotta say is perhaps the major league's laziest GM better come to life this offseason.   

In Topic: Careful what you wish for, Devils fans

Yesterday, 03:52 PM

That's pretty much what I am thinking.  I can see it now.


"and here is special contributor Scott Burnside to give his outlook on the New Jersey Devil's upcoming season...."


I can see arguments for both sides on this one.  I've got them finishing with 90 points. 

In Topic: Official 2014 New York Mets Thread

Yesterday, 03:50 PM

I really think the weight thing gets overblown - he's been fat for awhile. And despite his age, he's really no different than the pitcher he was last season besides the fact he's not getting the lucky breaks he had in Oakland. 


Actually, his numbers over the last four seasons are pretty similar...his WHIP has actually been going down, amazingly enough.  And his numbers compare very favorably to last year's on most fronts. 


But again, for how long can this continue?  Do you want to bet $11 million of a financially-limited team's money that a 41-year-old with a shaky physique is a lock to keep pitching effectively?  Not me. 

Also, to be clear, if I were a betting man, I'd say he's moved in August. If a team claims him, Mets could dump him for nothing. I think that'll say a lot about their finances. 


Hope so. 

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