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Today, 09:12 PM

What sucks is as we're seeing, the Mets can get strong outings from deGrom, Noah and Harvey, and it may not be enough.  I think this offense is going to continue to get shut down...they're starting to be exposed as a bunch of frontrunning bullies who disappear pretty quickly when above-average arms take the mound.  They're going to need the bullpen to step up too.  If they Mets are down by a run in the 7th, they can't keep giving up that big insurance run. 

In Topic: New York Mets 2015 Season Thread

Today, 09:00 PM

To be fair Bob Moose no-hit the Mets late in 1969.


Fortunately or not the playoff berth definitely gets TC another year or the start of another year.  Losing nine in a row may put him on a short leash but I don't think it'll go over well if they pull the plug after losing three 2-1 games in the playoffs.  I mean Dusty Baker got fired after two 90-win seasons in Cinci and now they've had two 70-win seasons.


Re:  TC, you are probably right, but I think he's gotten in the way more than he's really helped.  The way his team is finishing this season is a real indictment on him as far as I'm concerned.  If they go out with a whimper, that reeks of "same old Mets"...and TC is associated with a lot more losing than he is winning. 

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Today, 08:55 PM

Yea, I mean small consolation for the Nationals. But to me this is embarrassing and a disgrace for the Mets. I don't feel bad for Scherzer not getting his perfect game. The fact that the Nationals, after getting PUNKED for the division are allowed to celebrate anything on our field is criminal.


The Mets have been a different team since the clinch. All the passion is gone, all the urgency is gone, all the fire is gone. And this apathy and indifference has gone so far that they absolutely sleepwalk through a no hitter. The Phillies had an agenda when the Mets came in a few days ago, the Nats wanted to extract a pound of flesh when they came in...what do the Mets think they're some conquering heroes and just because they won the division means the Nats and Phils are just obligated to let the Mets walk all over them?


Dodgers in 3. Mets do not know how to handle prosperity. They're not ready for this yet, they're not ready and it shows.


Terry definitely isn't, but he's always been a bit dopey.  Wright's been a loser for years now, this is nothing new.  And I'm more careful now than ever about making Cespedes a mega-offer.  I don't kid myself...we all knew there was going to be some regression for obvious reasons, and I'm not saying don't sign him under any circumstances, but I've seen enough chinks in the armor the past few weeks that I don't think they can go anywhere near $150 million for him. 


I do have to be fair though....this team HAS answered the bell every time it looked like they were about to roll over and die.  We'll see if they have one more in them.  But I've felt for a while that this team can be pitched to, and it won't surprise me at all to see Greinke and Kershaw chew through this lineup and spit it out without even breaking a sweat.

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Today, 08:46 PM

This team clearly felt like all was won when they clinched the division.  Don't know if they have it in them to turn it back on.  I smell Dodgers sweep here...'7' is 100% right.  And I'm sorry, TC deserves a big chunk of the blame for this...obviously not all of it (he can't make David Wright not be completely fvcking useless in big spots), but the way his team has played its last five games has been a joke. 


Mets need to go out and get a real manager this offseason...despite the wins (due more to improved talent level than anything else), TC has proved yet again that when it comes to certain situations, he's in over his head.  To let a team that hasn't won anything yet just turn into fat complacent cats who suddenly act like they have nothing to prove...complete joke.

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Today, 02:37 PM

Look David! That's called a fvcking clutch hit you zilch!

Bye bye home field. They've got no one to blame but themselves.

Well they're definitely still sleepwalking. Murphy with the bobble on the easy inning ending DP, and for some reason on 0-2 Addison Reed instead of wasting one or three throws him an awful hanging slider that he crushes. So long home field

There's still some softness to this team. It doesn't help that the face of the franchise (that's a laugh) NEVER gets it done when needed.

And this should put an end to the absurd "Collins for manager of the year" talk.