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Today, 08:24 AM

For me, one of my favorite Brodeur moments was Game 7 in 1994...against Buffalo. Here's why:

As many Devils fans who were watching hockey back then know, 1988 was the beginning of an era that simply never came to pass: the Sean Burke era. After his terrific run during both the end of the regular season and the playoffs, he was being heralded as the prototype for future NHL goalies. Well, we know how that turned out.

Chris Terreri eventually wrestled the job away from Burke (despite the franchise clearly giving Burke every chance to be their guy at Terreri's expense)...though he was extremely likable and popular, it was becoming clear very quickly that Terreri was a poor man's #1 at best. If the Devils were going to break their one-and-done cycle (prior to the '93-'94 playoffs, the Devils had been knocked out in the first round of the playoffs for four straight seasons), they were going to need a goalie capable of taking them to that elusive next level.

It was fitting that Brodeur was going up against another top goalie on the rise in one Dominik Hasek in that Game 7. I was there for that game, and prior to the opening faceoff, there was very much a "Dammit, here we go again, another one-and-done" feeling throughout the building. That game was immensely important, because there were a lot of players on the Devils roster who had grown accustomed to losing in the playoffs. And Marty was simply superb...made a number of huge saves and was a huge factor in the Devils proving to themselves that yes, they can actually win a friggin' playoff series. He just never blinked...I will never forget Alexander Moginly repeatedly slamming his stick down on the ice at the end of the game.

And slightly off-topic, after Brodeur looked shaky in Games 1 and 2 in the following series against Boston, Terreri backstopped the Devils to road victories at the Garden in Games 3 and 4...perhaps his finest Devils moments. Some young goalies would've been toast after being benched, but Brodeur bounced back wonderfully and almost led his team to the Stanley Cup Finals. He showed it all in those playoffs: his ability to come through in the clutch, his ability to shake off a poor performance (we saw that against the Ducks in 2003), being able to be that rock-solid foundation in net...and as terrific as he was in the regular season during his rookie year, it was that Game 7 that was the true beginning of The Legend.

In Topic: GDT: Devils vs Pens 7pm

Yesterday, 10:11 PM

KK in net tomorrow per Lou. Not surprised one bit.

In Topic: Cory Schneider Appreciation Thread

Yesterday, 10:10 PM

.922 save% on the season

In Topic: GDT: Devils vs Pens 7pm

Yesterday, 09:56 PM

Cory stole that point. Would be nice if the rest of the team showed up and Steve Bernier wasn't our best forward over the last 4 games.

I don't think it's a case of not showing up. They're just a bad team, and certain teams can really make them look like a friggin' expansion team to boot.

In Topic: GDT: Devils vs Pens 7pm

Yesterday, 09:52 PM

If I didn't know better I'd swear they have something against him with all the deadass performances they give with him in net.

This year I just think it's a case of the team being that bad. I do feel for Cory though. The guy has been lights-out for almost two and a half months, and his team still can't win (this little burst they're on is a Sabre-like mirage).