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In Topic: Official 2014 New York Mets Thread

Today, 08:45 PM

Thank God for Sizemore.  Great to see deGrom get a well-deserved win.

In Topic: Official 2014 New York Mets Thread

Today, 06:23 PM

David fvcking Wright. 

In Topic: Official 2014 New York Mets Thread

Today, 08:28 AM

I'm not against d'Arnaud getting a shot in LF, but if the Mets really want to do this, they need to do it the right way.  Get him in winter ball.  Have him play games at the position in September and bring up Plawecki. 


And Travis is still a bit iffy with the bat, even with the sudden power.  He's been stuck in the .220s for a while now, after his initial return surge.  If the Met OF is d'Arnaud, Lagares, and Granderson, you're looking at a potential OB% of less than .320, a combined BA of less than .250, and some HR, but not tons of them (Lagares and Grandy will rack up the Ks). 


I think Grandy is what he is now and will have some good stretches and some flat-out black holes, which means we're banking on Lagares and d'Arnaud becoming better hitters.  Lagares' glove is so damned good that he doesn't have to improve THAT much, but if d'Arnaud never gets that much better at the plate AND can't field left...ouch.

In Topic: Scott Gomez will attend Devils Camp

Today, 07:47 AM

Re:  Clarkson...yikes.  His last 94 GP:  10 G, 9 A, -24.  Guess there won't be any more "HE'S COMING" posters anytime soon...

In Topic: Official 2014 New York Mets Thread

Today, 06:39 AM

Wow, re:  Herrera...I love it.  The Mets should bring up Matt Reynolds while they're at it, though I guess Flores and Tejada will still get time over there for the next few days. 


And yeah, let's face it, Murph is going to become a $10-$12 million per year player very soon...we've discussed that in detail, as well as his strengths and weaknesses.  The Mets need to think VERY long and hard before tying up what for them (sadly) is big money in a player like Murph, especially if Herrera looks like he can man the position at the major-league level soon.  Admittedly, I'm not expecting much from Herrera in 2014...AA is a long way from the majors, and it wouldn't surprise me if Herrera is overwhelmed initially...in baseball years he's not even a baby yet...he's still a fetus.  So if he struggles mightily, I'm not going to worry about him, and if anything, I don't think it will hurt for him to get a taste of the majors. 


This is interesting:




It's not like it's unheard of for young catchers to switch positions, but as we've seen, not everyone can handle the switch...see Hundley, Todd. 


Anyway, it's looking more and more like the 2015 Mets are going to do what we all thought they would:  not spend money and try to field a team on the cheap.  And it looks like they're going to do it with in-house options (I'd rather that than Sandy bringing in another Chris Young-type stiff):


LF:  d'Arnaud

CF:  Lagares

RF:  Granderson

1B:  Duda

2B:  Herrera (Murph will get dealt)

SS:  Reynolds

3B:  Wright

C:  Plawecki


I wonder if the Mets send d'Arnaud to winter ball to get him as much experience in the outfield as possible.  If anything, they can at least figure out whether or not they should nip this idea in the bud right away. 


CF, RF, 1B and 3B are probably locked...can't see anyone taking on Granderson or Wright with their contracts. 


I can't see the Mets going with Tejada or Flores in short next season...they can't be THAT cheap and THAT stupid.  And they don't have enough offense at the other positions to bring in a defensive specialist who doesn't hit, especially if Wright is going to be an average player from here on out.  I hope Reynolds gets September to get his feet wet. 


Of course, the problem with the above is that now it's about 2016 unless the kids contribute immediately in 2015.  But if the Mets are going to go the route I'm expecting them to, at least it's not going to be about wondering about what all of these kids can do...we're going to find out VERY soon about these names at the major-league level.   

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