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Today, 02:28 PM

For once...just fvcking ONCE...if someone knows he did something wrong (no matter what the level of wrongdoing, even if doesn't seem like it was that big of a deal in the grand scheme)...JUST ADMIT IT!  If Brady had just done that at the time, I think many people would've moved on and let it go...not all, but many.  It goes so much worse for people when they not only lie, but lie to millions, through the media.  How many thorough investigations do these guys have to see play out before they realize that if you've got something shady in your past, it is likely only a matter of time before it's discovered and made public?  Did Brady really think that this investigation wasn't going to see every last stone unturned?  What is it that makes so many think they're so friggin' untouchable...nothing more than simple arrogance? 


Brady is obviously a terrific QB, and I don't think a little less PSI made him that much better.  But he lost of a lot of other positive traits with the release of this report.  He'll never be as likable or as respected as he once was...he's lost that forever in a lot of circles.  He'll have to live with the inevitable "yeah but"s whenever his accomplishments are discussed.  And he brought it all on himself...not so much because he did it (and other QBs have come out and said the whole PSI thing isn't any big thing), but because he lied through his teeth about having done it.

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Today, 12:07 PM

Logan Verrett back with Vegas...Mets claimed him from Texas when he was DFA and got him back for $25k.  Has to be rough for him...he had a solid spring with Baltimore as a Rule 5 pick, but they couldn't make room for him, so Texas nabbed him on a waiver claim, and then after four major-league appearances, the Mets snag him and outright him to Vegas (meaning he's not on the Mets' 40-man roster).  He's coming back to a franchise loaded with young arms, and is probably screwed here...too many guys ahead of him.  He's not much more than a just-in-case type (at least for this season).  If Sandy dares to make a deadline deal to help the Mets, he'll probably be a throw-in. 


Colon has STILL not had the implosion start...wow. 

In Topic: RAY SHERO = NEW GM. Coach decision is Shero's.

Yesterday, 01:15 PM

I just read the article you posted from 1991 about Stevens refusing to report. Holy moly...the whole team was up in mutiny. As someone who started watching the Devils in 1994 it seems like an insane twilight-zone universe in which Lou isn't at the helm of the world's steadiest ship. Daneyko was holding out, Muller walked out, Stevens refusing to even come to New Jersey, arguments over $500,000.... what a time that was


I was already 21 years old when all of this was happening, and it was an awful two weeks.  I remember reading these articles as they were coming out.  The Devils couldn't have felt more minor-league at that point, and if Lou had caved to Stevens and traded him for what likely would've been less-than-equal value, maybe the climb to respectability is that much slower.  I think very few GMs could've navigated those waters as successfully as Lou did. 

In Topic: RAY SHERO = NEW GM. Coach decision is Shero's.

Yesterday, 09:18 AM

CR, history lesson please. I always heard how pissed Stevens was, but what was going on with players on the Devils team?


The short of it:  Stevens was making considerably more money at that time than many Devils, who basically were taking a "Well, if he's making that much, then I want this much" stand.  Here's some articles on what a mess things were back then: 


http://www.nytimes.c...ract-sport.html  Driver saying a lot of Devils weren't happy with their contracts.


http://www.nytimes.c...-walks-out.html  This was shortly before Muller was then traded for Richer.


http://www.nytimes.c...the-devils.html  Stevens still having no intention of reporting to the Devils.


http://www.nytimes.c...for-rebels.html  Muller taking some shots at the Devils on his way out.


Lou also had to deal with potentially not having Sean Burke due to contract issues (Terreri had moved ahead of him anyway, simply by outplaying him, and as we know, Burke did indeed sit out the entire 91-92 season), and then lost John MacLean (one of the dissenters) to an ACL tear in preseason.  Losing MacLean was a killer...he was on a tear that preseason (7 goals in 8 GP), and I think he would've flirted with 50 that season if he had stayed healthy.  He looked terrific that preseason. 


Just a very ugly time in Devils' history, but Lou somehow got them through it, and they went on to have a respectable season.  The team went 32-18-7 before fading (they finished 38-31-11), and put up a then-franchise-high 87 point in making the playoffs, and took a superior Rangers team to seven games before losing in the first round.  Messier said the Devils took just enough out of them in that first round to have an affect in their next series against the Penguins (the Rangers lost in six). 

In Topic: RAY SHERO = NEW GM. Coach decision is Shero's.

Yesterday, 08:19 AM

This what I meant when I said I really need something to react to (in dr33's thread) before speculating/reacting.  Though it was looking more and more like Lou was going to remain the GM, no one really knew for sure what the future held. 


My mentality is pretty similar to a lot of other fans'.  I greatly appreciate everything Lou did.  He'll go down as one of the best GMs ever, especially when one considers that, though he did have higher payrolls than people remember, he was never spending to top-of-the-league levels.  He somehow steered the Devils through a near-mutiny after Stevens was awarded as compensation, from many players on his team and from Stevens himself.  He had GMs calling him in mostly condescending fashion, who were basically saying, "You know Stevens won't ever play for you, so do the right thing and trade him to a real team and we'll try to give you something decent in return."  Lesser GMs might've blinked.  Lou didn't.  He more or less told every GM to fvck off, that Stevens was a Devil and that was that.  He then told the potential mutineers that enough was enough and that they were Devils under contract.  That was really the beginning of Lou's "my way or no way" Devils as far as I'm concerned...sure, we saw some of that before, but I'm still amazed how he got through such a tumultuous offseason.   


But more and more it just like Lou's time as GM here needed to be over.  Under the circumstances of the past few seasons, some of which were complicated (Kovalchuk deciding to bail, VBK's finances), I understood most of Lou's moves.  But I've always felt a GM's time with a franchise has run its course when it seems like even the decent "on paper" moves stop working.  As much as I wanted to believe that Lou could somehow turn this around if given the chance, I wasn't feeling terribly hopeful that it was possible, for many reasons which have been extensively covered.  I think it was simply time for new ideas and a different perspective.


As for as Shero goes, this is almost like if the Yankees' Brian Cashman eventually gets another GM job where he doesn't get to enjoy spending as twice as much as several other teams.  Shero isn't walking into an ideal situation here.  He's going to have his work cut out for him, and we're going to see what he's made of.  Not saying he's not capable of rebuilding the Devils into a contender, and Shero is young enough and did show enough with Pittsburgh that I do think he's earned a second chance as an NHL GM, and I'm fine with it being here.  The time felt right for a change, and though I can't say I'm outright "glad" about it, I stand behind it.  Looking forward to seeing what comes next.