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In Topic: Are the Devils breaking an old tradition?

Today, 02:11 PM

Don't get jerseys of young players who haven't made the team permanently.  That's just a smart decision in general for any team.  And sometimes a guy will change his number - Zubrus changed from 16 to accomodate Holik, Fayne from 29 to accomodate Clowe, and so on.


As for veterans and numbers, I agree, it's really not a big deal, and certainly Lou has let plenty of guys have numbers higher than 30 - no one seems to count Steve Thomas here but he was allowed to keep that one, and Michael Ryder probably should've been allowed to keep 73.  Still, for rookies, it makes some sense that a young player has no control over that.


Never made much out of Steve Thomas' 32 because you had guys like Zdeno Ciger and Reid Simpson wearing 33.  Pat Conacher wore 32 for a while too as a Devil (1988-92).  Bernie Nicholls wanted to wear 98 when he came here, but Lou told him no. 

In Topic: Scott Gomez will attend Devils Camp

Today, 11:59 AM

Scotty was my favorite Devils player (other than Marty) for a long time.  It was the first jersey I had as a kid (i'm 23).  I don't have it anymore..




I'm not sure this is a good idea.  The guy just doesn't seem to have it anymore. 


It's just a tryout.  If he doesn't have it anymore, this experiment won't last long.  Lou's no dummy...he's seen the same numbers we all have, and they all point to Gomer having very little left.  It's on Scott to prove everyone wrong, or prove he can adapt to a different role.  If he can't, soyonara, no harm, no foul. 

In Topic: Official 2014 New York Mets Thread

Today, 11:49 AM

I swear the Wilpons come off as such horribly clueless morons...and just horrible period:




With home attendance sagging, the Mets dismissed Leigh Castergine, senior vice president of ticket sales and services.


Yep, that's the problem, it's all Leigh Castergine's fault that Met fans aren't coming out to watch the dreck being served up to them for the sixth straight season. 


I'm sorry, but there's no sugar-coating it anymore...Jeffy and Freddy Wilpon are real pieces of sh!t.  Sometimes I really don't know why I still root for this franchise.  fvcking amateurs to the very end.   

In Topic: Official 2014 New York Mets Thread

Yesterday, 08:07 PM

Good to see you back nmig.  Congrats on the job...hope it's something you enjoy.


Re:  d'Arnaud in the outfield...if the Mets are toying with the idea at all, then I stick with my initial view...send him to winter ball, get him as much time as possible out there.  You could be 100% right, it could very well be a disaster, which is why I don't want the Mets toying around with this idea for any longer than they have to.  Unfortunately, I think payroll constraints are the impetus for this idea more than anything else.  It also doesn't help that d'Arnaud's defense has not been good so far, and that the Mets have another young catcher in their system (who isn't supposed to be terribly good defensively himself). 


I'm ready to move on from Wright, but I was ready to do that before he was re-signed.  It's kind of a moot point now, because with the year he's had, the Mets are going to get an iffy high-priced contract back.


Don't know if you've been reading the thread as of late nmig, but I think the problem in 2015 is that the Mets have a lot of money tied up in Wright, Colon, and Grander-Bay,,,potentially half their payroll, really.  Murph and Duda are going to get raises.  They need to find a SS, but I'm guessing they might just give Reynolds a shot.  If they believe in Herrera if he has a good September (for what good Septembers are worth), maybe they trade Murph so they don't have to pay him.  But more and more, I think the holes are going to be filled from within, even if it means a square peg like d'Arnaud being forced into a round hole. 

In Topic: Scott Gomez will attend Devils Camp

Yesterday, 07:53 PM

i am happy he is getting a tryout. you never know and maybe he will be rejuventated. the playing for the rangers thing doesnt bother me. i dont hold grudges against sykora, holik, driver and maclean over it either


Mac was already a team removed from the Devils when he went to the Rangers.  As was Sykora, who was traded to them, so how anyone could hold a grudge against Sykora is a mystery.


Driver, Holik, Gomez...what are you going to do?  The Devils got the best value out of all three of those players, especially since they weren't dumb enough to make the age-old GM mistake of playing good players like Holik and Gomez superstar dollars.  The funny thing is Holik's and Gomez's Ranger numbers weren't that bad...about in line with what they had done as Devils, really, but expectations rose to unfair levels by virtue of the Rangers' gross overpayment of both players. 


Those two got more money than they ever could've dreamed of...I can't kill them for it.  At the same time, I can't say I'll ever be a big fan of Gomez if he somehow makes the team...I know he's a bit of a doofus, but the Devils got a lot out of him and he got to be part of two Cup winners...I think he could've been a little more appreciative of that, instead of letting Sather say that the Devils didn't use him properly.  But who am I to question the genius that is Sather...his two-decade plan to bring the Rangers another Cup seems to be taking shape.  :rolleyes:

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