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Today, 12:51 PM

I think we all liked you a lot better when you were Beetlebum...nah, we really didn't like you then either.

In Topic: New York Mets 2015 Season Thread

Today, 06:23 AM

Meh-ish outing in some ways for Matz, but he got past a tough first inning (3 runs on two home runs...to date, he's only allowed 11 HR in 332.1 minor league innings) and was able to up his record to 5-2.  Only walked one and struck out 7 in 6.1 IP (8 hits, 6 R, 4 ER).  He's only walked 9 in his last 41 IP (31 hits and 47 K)...looks like that 11 BB in 15 IP to start his AAA season was just a fluke.  Works out for Sandy, in that now he can say he'd like to see Matz turn in a few more good starts before considering bringing him up...I think Matz having another lights-out start in AAA would've meant that Sandy actually has to move at a pace faster than glacial when it comes to resolving the starting pitching logjam.


John Hayman was on the WFAN with Sid and Evan, and for whatever it's worth (who knows how much he really knows), he basically said that neither Niese, Gee, or Colon have much value around the league, and that the Mets can't really expect to get back much of anything for any of them (not exactly breaking news of course...all are hittable and all have warts).  Unless Colon falls completely apart, I think the Mets just might as well keep him in the rotation...like we've all said, Colon can look so god-awful at times, but he always seems to bounce back, and he doesn't miss starts.  Hayman also said that Sandy is pretty much dead-set against trading Syndergaard or Matz...I get that, in that Colon, Gee, and Niese are all very likely not to be Mets next season, and Syndergaard and Matz (barring injuries) will enter 2016 as members of the rotation...they likely won't even have to battle for their spots.  But this is time for Sandy to be proactive, for once...good GMs find a way to trade a Niese or a Gee for someone who clearly isn't going to be spectacular, but can help.   


It will interesting to see how the Mets piece together one of the rotation spots next season, while waiting for Wheeler to make his 2016 debut sometime in June...do they sign a vet who can start and relieve to get by, or do they give guys like Bowman and Pill a legit shot to make the team out of spring training?  Montero of course would likely be the leading candidate to land the other spot, but I think someone has to get hurt for him to get a real shot at starting...I have a feeling he's going to be part of a package either at or near the deadline, or in the offseason...just feels like he's gotten a little lost in the shuffle, with Syndergaard and Matz looking so good this season.  His injury was very costly to him.   

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Yesterday, 02:51 PM

Odd series. We all would've signed up for 2-2, and that's what we got, but it sure as hell didn't feel like 2-2. The two losses were so lopsided and embarrassing that they felt like 5, and the 2 wins (until late today) were kind of grind 'em out affairs with the Mets looking inept at the plate, so they didn't feel like crisp wins


Still, 2-2, I'll take it.


That's what this team is...blowouts on the Mets' side are going to be few and far between with their offense, but Niese and Colon are fully capable of imploding at any time...teams are far more capable of 8-1 wins against the Mets than the Mets are against most teams.  Mets definitely aren't equipped to get into slugfests, that's for damned sure. 

In Topic: New York Mets 2015 Season Thread

Yesterday, 02:47 PM

His next start will be another home start, against the Phils...then he's got two road starts (SD and Arizona).  It's going to be very disappointing if he doesn't pitch well in at least one of them. 


Career home ERA (16 starts):  1.50

Career road ERA (15 starts):  4.21

In Topic: New York Mets 2015 Season Thread

Yesterday, 02:10 PM

Great outing from deGrom for sure, and damn did the Mets ever need it, on all fronts...but at some point (and I know I'm beating the dead horse), it has to start happening on the road too. 


And Duda with a huge dinger.  Hopefully some HRs start coming for him now. 


A split was what I was hoping for...nice to get it, especially against a team that is clearly better than the Mets.