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#1316170 New York Mets 2015 Season Thread

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 09 May 2015 - 11:32 AM

Now apparently Gee is on the DL and Syndergard will be making his debut sooner than expected.


You probably already know this by now, but Syndergaard will make his major-league debut Tuesday against the Cubs.


Hoping it's the last we see of Dillon Gee in the Mets' rotation.  Nothing against him, and he's clearly a decent major-league pitcher who, if he's able to stay healthy, should be in the majors for at least 4-5 more seasons.  But when you've got superior talent not getting a shot because a meh-ish player has "experience" (not having experience hasn't seemed to affect Harvey and deGrom all that much), or is getting paid too much to sit (Gee's salary definitely was a factor here), it's kind of maddening.  We kind of knew Gee and/or Niese would go down with an injury in due time, and yep, it happened.  Really hope Noah makes the most of this opportunity and never gives the Mets a reason to send him back down.

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#1315691 RAY SHERO = NEW GM. Coach decision is Shero's.

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 05 May 2015 - 09:18 AM

CR, history lesson please. I always heard how pissed Stevens was, but what was going on with players on the Devils team?


The short of it:  Stevens was making considerably more money at that time than many Devils, who basically were taking a "Well, if he's making that much, then I want this much" stand.  Here's some articles on what a mess things were back then: 


http://www.nytimes.c...ract-sport.html  Driver saying a lot of Devils weren't happy with their contracts.


http://www.nytimes.c...-walks-out.html  This was shortly before Muller was then traded for Richer.


http://www.nytimes.c...the-devils.html  Stevens still having no intention of reporting to the Devils.


http://www.nytimes.c...for-rebels.html  Muller taking some shots at the Devils on his way out.


Lou also had to deal with potentially not having Sean Burke due to contract issues (Terreri had moved ahead of him anyway, simply by outplaying him, and as we know, Burke did indeed sit out the entire 91-92 season), and then lost John MacLean (one of the dissenters) to an ACL tear in preseason.  Losing MacLean was a killer...he was on a tear that preseason (7 goals in 8 GP), and I think he would've flirted with 50 that season if he had stayed healthy.  He looked terrific that preseason. 


Just a very ugly time in Devils' history, but Lou somehow got them through it, and they went on to have a respectable season.  The team went 32-18-7 before fading (they finished 38-31-11), and put up a then-franchise-high 87 point in making the playoffs, and took a superior Rangers team to seven games before losing in the first round.  Messier said the Devils took just enough out of them in that first round to have an affect in their next series against the Penguins (the Rangers lost in six). 

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#1315681 RAY SHERO = NEW GM. Coach decision is Shero's.

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 05 May 2015 - 08:19 AM

This what I meant when I said I really need something to react to (in dr33's thread) before speculating/reacting.  Though it was looking more and more like Lou was going to remain the GM, no one really knew for sure what the future held. 


My mentality is pretty similar to a lot of other fans'.  I greatly appreciate everything Lou did.  He'll go down as one of the best GMs ever, especially when one considers that, though he did have higher payrolls than people remember, he was never spending to top-of-the-league levels.  He somehow steered the Devils through a near-mutiny after Stevens was awarded as compensation, from many players on his team and from Stevens himself.  He had GMs calling him in mostly condescending fashion, who were basically saying, "You know Stevens won't ever play for you, so do the right thing and trade him to a real team and we'll try to give you something decent in return."  Lesser GMs might've blinked.  Lou didn't.  He more or less told every GM to fvck off, that Stevens was a Devil and that was that.  He then told the potential mutineers that enough was enough and that they were Devils under contract.  That was really the beginning of Lou's "my way or no way" Devils as far as I'm concerned...sure, we saw some of that before, but I'm still amazed how he got through such a tumultuous offseason.   


But more and more it just like Lou's time as GM here needed to be over.  Under the circumstances of the past few seasons, some of which were complicated (Kovalchuk deciding to bail, VBK's finances), I understood most of Lou's moves.  But I've always felt a GM's time with a franchise has run its course when it seems like even the decent "on paper" moves stop working.  As much as I wanted to believe that Lou could somehow turn this around if given the chance, I wasn't feeling terribly hopeful that it was possible, for many reasons which have been extensively covered.  I think it was simply time for new ideas and a different perspective.


As for as Shero goes, this is almost like if the Yankees' Brian Cashman eventually gets another GM job where he doesn't get to enjoy spending as twice as much as several other teams.  Shero isn't walking into an ideal situation here.  He's going to have his work cut out for him, and we're going to see what he's made of.  Not saying he's not capable of rebuilding the Devils into a contender, and Shero is young enough and did show enough with Pittsburgh that I do think he's earned a second chance as an NHL GM, and I'm fine with it being here.  The time felt right for a change, and though I can't say I'm outright "glad" about it, I stand behind it.  Looking forward to seeing what comes next. 

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#1313606 2014-2015 Season in Review - Confession Time

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 15 April 2015 - 01:35 PM


PM: (standing there in shock, mouth wide open....finally able to speak) This really is the darkest timeline...



How long before we go to where the Prudential Center used to be, only to find it replaced with Biff's Pleasure Paradise?


I have to admit, I can only imagine the conversation that 2015 me would have with 2012 me just after SCF Game 6 ends. 


2015 me:  Hope you enjoyed that Finals run.  Because guess what?  You're not getting back to the playoffs for the next three seasons.  After the lockout ends (yep, another fvcking lockout is really going to happen AGAIN...these guys just think they can take the sport and the people whose livelihoods depend on it hostage anytime they feel like it), Kovy's going to have to be dragged back from Russia to NJ (remember how into it he seemed here after a rough start?), and then he's going to say screw it and retire.  That's right...no more "This is team" Kovy after next season.  Zach's leaving too.  Zajac will get signed to a long-term deal and then immediately stop producing Zajac-like numbers.  And while I'm at it, I've got more good news:  the Rangers...yes, the friggin' RANGERS...will get to the SCF in 2014.  They won't win, but they'll win the President's Trophy in 2015, which they clinch by making us look EXACTLY the way we used to make them look in a beyond brutal home-and-home series...


2012 me:  Oh fvck this.  Where's the Jagermeister?  The big bottle? 

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#1307088 Should Schneider be traded?

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 26 February 2015 - 05:24 PM

No way. He's a great cornerstone piece to have and build around. I want to keep him.
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#1302082 Brodeur retires, joins STL front office

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 27 January 2015 - 01:35 PM

I'm glad he retired. Hopefully when the time comes, he comes back to work for the Devils. Looking forward to Marty Night next year.


Marty night...then Patrik night...then it's going to be a loooooooooooooooooooooong time comin' for whoever's next. 

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#1300639 Official "Marty Watch" Thread

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 14 January 2015 - 07:40 PM

Hope those 6 games were worth it for him.

He didn't do anything wrong. Guy wanted to play and found a team willing to play him. Probably was very worth it to him, in that he got to do what he still loves to do and got a little extra coin to boot. Kind of hoping he moves on now, but that's up to him and 30 NHL teams.
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#1300291 I really am beginning to hate our fans.

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 12 January 2015 - 12:10 PM

Hate to bring this topic back from the dead but what I heard about what happened at the STH event last night on both FB and HFBoards really burns me up.


The event was basically the fans interacting with players on various different panels.  The panels were usually around 3-4 players each.  From what I heard last night and today, when Salvador went up people, Devils "fans", actually were booing him!  Not only that but a few people were observed getting up and leaving when he went up.


How fvcking disrespectful is that?  These are paying STH who would boo their own captain?  I don't care if you love him or hate him, to do this at a meet and greet event where it is supposed to be a friendly atmosphere is beyond terrible.  I have ragged on Marty here and there throughout the years but I would never boo him at an event like this.  The "fans" that did this are completely classless are rude.  I don't know how I would have reacted to the booing fans, but it wouldn't be pretty.


I wish I could say I am surprised, but I am not.  This is what a decent chunk of our fanbase is these days and I am embarrassed to be rooting for the same team as them.  This is why I really do hate a decent chunk of our fanbase.


No other way to put it...that just sucks on every level.  I definitely didn't like Sal the player the last couple of seasons, but everything I've seen of Sal the person screams down-to-earth class act and generally good guy.  And an event like last night's isn't a game, where booing is somewhat tolerable (I don't do it myself...not to my team's players, anyway).  I'm guessing Sal took the high road and let the booing roll off him, but damn...yeah, some fans really just suck royally. 

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#1297285 Would this new rule give the Devils a chance?

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 25 December 2014 - 06:33 PM

If the shootout is the equivalent of syphilis, then 3 mins of 4-on-4 and 4 mins of 3-on-3 followed by a shootout is more like crabs...still kind of ickey, but not as much. At least it could mean less shootouts, which I'm all for...never liked them and never will.
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#1294789 GDT: 12/11/14 Morris Moss v. Your Dad

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 12 December 2014 - 07:01 AM

Time? I know you disagree but this team is better than this. If they're indeed not, then play the young kids. Why watch the same sh!t play over and over again? Even if they're a really bad team on paper, that doesn't excuse basic mistakes and terrible coaching.


But the team really isn't much better than this.  You've got aging guys, injured guys, scrap-heap guys.  Not only do they not score (57 GF in their last 28 GP), but as we're seeing, they also can't stop the other team from shooting at will.  The Devils have been outshot 933-781 on the season.  31.1 shots against per game.  These aren't the Devils we once knew.     


What young kids?  Boucher?  Sure, you could do that, but don't expect much from him (not right away, anyway, but I don't think he's going to be much of an NHL player).  You can bring up some of the mid-20s AAAA players from Albany if you want, but don't expect much from those guys either.  They're like many backup NFL QBs...there's a mystique about this guys until they actually start playing, and then you realize why they're not starters to begin with. 


This is going to be a step-by-step process.  The deadwood will have to be expunged...the returns on those guys will likely be minimal or flat-out nonexistent (as was the case with Brunner), but at least they'll be off the team.  But for now, yeah, it will probably be more of the same.  I don't know a coach on the planet who will get much more out of this team.     


This is going to be one of those years where you're probably going to just have to take the ugliness and the losing for a while.  I'm curious what Lou is thinking, re:  PDB.  It's getting to the point where Lou has to decide if he

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#1293192 Brodeur sort of takes a jab at the Devils

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 05 December 2014 - 10:46 AM

I have no problem with what he said, even if it was a jab.he wanted to play, we parted ways, and he caught on somewhere else. He has every right to be at least a little pissed.


I'm not going to speculate on how pissed Marty may or may not be, but the ONLY guy who has any right to be pissed about anything that transpired re:  the goalie situation last season is Cory.  I know last season's first month or so (Marty enjoying what is likely to be the last hot streak of his career) muddled things a bit, but even when it became obvious who the better goalie was, Marty continually got this undeserved "go-to guy white knight" treatment at Cory's expense.  Even when Cory enjoyed HIS tremendous hot streak last season, I swear there were times that it felt like PDB couldn't just wait for Cory to have a bad game so he could go right back to Marty...Marty's chirping about not getting enough playing time when Cory was on that lights-out tear was getting pretty hard to take as well.  Cory got treated like he couldn't be trusted no matter what he did, while the guy who was very clearly on the decline and was prone to extended .880ish stretches seemed to have everyone's unconditional backing.  I know it was a difficult situation, but it was a farce, and I could understand completely why Cory would've been pissed.   

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#1292067 DeBoer "Firing Watch" Thread

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 30 November 2014 - 04:37 PM

I wonder how many of the Albany AAAA-types will get looks as the forwards currently here are dealt or let go. I'm not expecting much from Boucher, but at least we'll start finding out about him soon.
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#1288850 WWE Hall Of Famer Talks Devils Fandom; How Team Can Make Playoffs

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 12 November 2014 - 01:08 PM

Bummer re:  Kevin Smith...I thought he was truly into them.  MD2020, are you just guessing at that or was he ever "exposed"?

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#1288032 Chere asks Lou questions without Lou present

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 10 November 2014 - 07:28 AM

SD, seriously, at this point, why don't you just start a separate thread dedicated to how you feel about Lou (though we already know), so when your same bullet points come up for debate yet again (Lou "letting" 3 30-goal scorers walk, which is not at all accurate on multiple levels, and leaves out a hell of a lot of details), they won't spill into multiple threads.   


I decided a while ago that I wasn't going to debate you on this stuff anymore because I know where it leads.  Intelligent and well-thought-out posters like DD56 still do, and I don't blame them for trying, but like I said, it just doesn't get anywhere.  All I will say is DD56 nailed it (as have others) when he said that prosperity doesn't last forever, and that every team suffers a down cycle eventually (I know I've told you this before, but it's as true now as it was then).  In Lou's insanely long tenure as Devils' GM (just the length of his tenure alone practically guaranteed we'd eventually go through a period like this), you're experiencing the Devils' first true downturn.  We all know what contributed to it...the same things that often lead to downturns (draftees not working out, key players getting old, etc).  It is what it is.  Good news is Lou found a good goalie in his prime (as could be expected to pick up where Marty left off), and he's found some young defensemen who are in the lineup and contributing.  Yeah, the forward corp is far from awe-inspiring, but quite a few of the less-inspiring players are going to be gone within the next two seasons, and far as defensemen go, Sal's history as soon as this season is over, at the latest, and Zids is probably following suit, as long as Severson doesn't fall to pieces.  And some of the short-term guys can be moved around the deadline if this team is tanking. 


The last few games have been ugly, but the good news is a good chunk of this team's problems can be tied to the penalty kill.  20 goals allowed on the PK, 65.5%.  Maybe the Devils' PK is not going to be great this season, but I can't see it remaining under 70% bad.  It will improve.  There ARE reasons for optimism, some of which is tied into how soon Cam gets back into the lineup.  But let's face it, I don't know how anyone could've expected more than a bubble team this season...this was very much an "IF" group coming in. 


But anyway, obviously you have the right to state your opinions, but being that just about everyone who spends considerable time on the site knows how you feel about Lou at this point, maybe it's time to just start a "SD's Feeings re: Lou's Job Performance" thread, so at least the (often heated) debates that will result won't be spread out over several different threads.  Just a suggestion.  

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#1286766 Scott Clemmensen Placed On Waivers

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 03 November 2014 - 04:45 PM

Jesus Christ can you imagine.


Short answer:  no


Long answer:  nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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