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#1217028 Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 16 October 2013 - 10:10 AM


was looking at hf boards and have to wonder what the age of there posters are because most sound like little babies complaining, threatening to never go to the pru center again or another devils home game.  


"kings county KING - How does going to away games amount to not supporting your team? I don't support the new corporate regime that Blitzer and Harris have established in the last few months. They run Prudential Center. So, I won't go to Prudential Center. Not for hockey. Not for WWE. Not for concerts. Not for basketball. I own several Devils jerseys. What motivation do I have to hand them my hard-earned money, when they don't care about you or I? Vanderbeek was one of us. They are not."

I care about the players, and I'll cheer their goals in person. In New York and Pennsylvania.
all of this because of a goal song thats changing and you cant say 'you suck".   



VBK was most definitely one of us.  None of us could afford to run the Devils either. 

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#1216786 Goal song

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 15 October 2013 - 02:21 PM

Good for them, in firmly addressing the "why", so there is no more speculation.  Still would've been nice to have asked the fanbase if they would knock it off with the "you suck" chant, in exchange for keeping R&R Part 2, but I don't blame them for not going that route (it would've failed...like I've said, some would've seen it as some sort of challenge and yelled it even LOUDER). 


But they've done a solid job in trying to make it right...being honest about why R&R Part 2 has been permanently sacked, and working with the fanbase in trying to find a replacement. 

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#1215513 GDT: Game 4 Devils @ Canucks 10pm MSG+

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 11 October 2013 - 06:16 AM

They had a lot of those 'ties' at the start of the spiral of death last year.  Eventually you have to start WINNING games.


Gotta stop comparing last season to this one...the 2013 season is over, and a lot of the guys suiting up for the Devils this season weren't even on the team last year.  I'm not thrilled with what I've seen overall in these first four games either (the two-steps-slower thing that has reared its ugly head from time to time from 2004-on is ALWAYS maddening), but everyone really needs to start showing a little patience.  Unless the goalies were coming out of the chute standing on their heads, a slow start was probably to be expected.  Give it time.

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#1214643 Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 08 October 2013 - 09:02 AM

The Bon Jovi song was designed to piss off the fans and shake things up apparently. Our owners are twisted sick bastards. They wanted to put their foot down with the suck chants and thought putting an atrocious song would get the attention.


There will be 3 choices for a new song we can vote after the 3 home games played, assuming we don't get shut out lol.



In short we have control freak owners with very evil ideas to get their way.


This is funny, but here's what really ticks me off about this whole thing, and then I'm done with it until I see what Step 2 brings:


Some little smug corporate nudge(s) probably made this decision after several meetings with a bunch of other little smug corporate nudges, all of whom likely have multiple pieces of paper hanging behind their desks, and all of whom think those pieces of paper make them brilliant in all respects, though it's been proven that there are several types of intelligence, and that there's no correlation to being a book-smart geek and having any clue as to what paying customers actually want.  


I'm not surprised people on here are agreeing with my posts.  There's nothing profound in any of them.  They're all based on simple common sense, and based from a fan view standpoint (which I'm almost positive none of the smug little corporate nudges bothered to get when they came up with their brilliant idea).


I don't have a degree or degrees in the fields that these zilches do, but to me (and many others) it's pretty obvious what should have been done here to avoid the sh!tstorm that has resulted:


1) Let the fans know via website exactly what your plans are, prior to the preseason.  (We're killing R&R Part 2, permanently, we're doing so for the following reasons, we're open to fan suggestions on possible replacements, but we will not bring back R&R Part 2 under any circumstances).  Word should get around to the point that not too many fans are going to be surprised when they don't hear R&R Part 2 at the home opener.


2) Test-drive some new songs during preseason.  If one of them gets an overwhelming positive response, it's the new goal song.  If none get anything great, but one is deemed tolerable, announce that this will be the temporary song until a better replacement is found, but that the search remains ongoing. 


But I can almost hear the drivel that these out-of-touch little dweebs said during one of their meetings (when they weren't meeting about when to have the next meeting):


"You know, this 'you...um...stink' thing is really getting out of hand.  I don't like it.  We need to do something about it."


"Maybe we should have the fans write in some suggestions, put up a poll, the one with the most votes wins."


"C'mon, we don't need to do that...waste of time and resources.  Hell, we don't even need to tell anyone what we're doing.  Think about...the fans are from New Jersey.  They love all things Jersey, even the toxic waste, every last one of 'em...just a bunch of sheep.  As long as it's something by that Bon Govi guy or that Brad Springfield..." 


"You mean Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen?"


"You knew what I meant, Devils from Jersey, those guys from Jersey, fans from Jersey...see where I'm going with this?  LIGHTBULB!"


"Yeah, but, I think that other song's kind of a staple...a tradition, if you will...I think the fans once got so ticked that that song was taken away, they actually fought to get it back."


"Meh, I'm telling you, Jersey team, Jersey fans, Jersey artists...wearing jerseys no less"  (sucks in gut as he looks at himself in mirror)  "DAMN YOU'RE GOOD!"


"Well, maybe we should let them know what we're doing, at least warn them that..."


"No no NO!  Bubb-ie!  We'll just surprise 'em with it!  Jersey people LOVE surprises, I'm telling ya!  They won't know what hit 'em!  They'll be blown away by how ahead of the curve we are!  I'm telling you, we've got this thing licked!"  (winks at self in mirror)  "Wait till you see how this goes over.  I can't wait to hear what they'll be saying about us!" 

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#1213716 Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 05 October 2013 - 09:00 AM

All I'm going to say about it:


Want to change the song, fine.  Like I've said, even though R&R Part 2 clearly meant something to Devils' fans (me included), it's not the be-all end-all of goal songs.  There's plenty of other songs out there that can work, after a minor adjustment period.


But I had a feeling the Devils would fvck this up monumentally, and they did.  Next time, do some actual market research, put some real time and thought into it, let the fans have some much-needed input, and don't leave the decision up to a bunch of out-of-touch stuffed suit robot nerds who probably have little to no insight into what it's like to be a sports fan.  Bon Jovi, hey, he's from Jersey, this'll work! 


No, it's not ideal to boo after your team scores a goal, but the fans had a right to let the dipsh!ts know who actually picked this trainwreck that it's not going to work, and never will.  They've got time before the next home game to come up with something better...it needs to happen.   

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#1212425 NY Post / Larry Brooks Article On Marty

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 30 September 2013 - 11:34 AM

I could only imagine if Neverson had written it:


The year was 1994.  Tears streamed down the defeated and demoralized face of one impossibly young Martin Brodeur, who lay on the ice after having just given up Stephane Matteau's series-clinching, double-overtime wraparound goal in Game 7, the Eastern Conference Finals lost, the Stanley Cup to be won by Mark Messier's Rangers two weeks later.  Perhaps still fresh in Brodeur's mind was also the Game 6 Guarantee, that saw Messier score not one, not twice, but THREE times to wrestle control of the series away from the Devils, who had taken a 2-0 lead in that pivotal Game 6, only to see Mark Messier and his merry men steal the dream, and carry that momentum all the way to Messier triumphantly thrusting the 1994 Stanley Cup - hockey's greatest prize - over his head on Garden ice. 


Brodeur did some good stuff after Mark Messier and the Rangers won the 1994 Stanley Cup, like playing more games and winning more games than any other goalie, breaking records, winning three Cups and getting to two other Finals, so maybe you should check him out while you can.  But just like, for all of his greatness and accomplishments, he will still be haunted by Games 6 and 7, Mark Messier, and the 1994 Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers, you should not forget either.

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#1211855 Fantastic News! Devils predicted to finish near the bottom

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 26 September 2013 - 07:24 AM

If the Devils hadn't gotten Schneider, then I could definitely see the potential for a blow-up type season...but a rag like SI isn't going to do a whole lot of research on each team anyway...the writer probably took a quick look at the arrivals and departures, immediately focused on Kovy leaving, and the signing of Jagr (because he's the "biggest" and best-known name), and made his prediction accordingly. 


If someone wants to predict the Devils are going to finish second-to-last in their conference, fine...but tell the whole story, and support the prediction with fleshed-out ideas.  Don't just completely leave out the acquisition of Schneider (clearly a VERY big deal) or guys like Ryder and Clowe.  Don't make it sound like the only move Lou made to fortify the team was to sign Jagr.  That blurb about the Devils sounds like it was written by some casual Rangers fan who barely follows the NHL.  Like I said, I don't have a problem with the prediction...just the way it was made.  I get the feeling if you mentioned some of the names the Devils brought in to the author, he'd have no idea what you were talking about.   

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#1209604 Two interesting anecdotes re: NJ in Canadian papers

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 09 September 2013 - 08:40 PM


NJ basically didn't have an HOF goalie in his prime when they won 2 of their Stanley Cups.  It's time we retired the idea that Brodeur was substantially better than other goalies when the Devils were winning a lot.  He wasn't.  His best years were mostly after the Devils had their best years.


'Depth doesn't score for you in the playoffs if you don't have at least one upper-echelon scorer to command attention'


This simply isn't true.  What is true is that scoring in the playoffs is harder than scoring in the regular season.  The Devils don't have a very good offensive team all the way around and it's going to be a real challenge to score.  Still, given how not great Kovalchuk was in general (and I don't mean bad, but he was legitimately Not Great), I think the team will be about the same.  Kovalchuk simply doesn't help a team generate more shots on goal.


I've pointed out how many of his best puck-stopping seasons came AFTER the '04-'05 lockout, but he at least showed the ability to raise his game to HOF performance during the Cup runs:


'95 reg season:  .902 save%

'95 playoffs:  .927


'00 reg season:  .910

'00 playoffs:  .927


'03 reg season:  .914

'03 playoffs:  .934 


Of course, we all know 2001 is a major exception here (.906 reg season, .897 playoffs), and Marty wasn't so much bad in the '01 playoffs as it was that he started off well, then struggled, then got it going again, then struggled...he was basically great for the first few games, bad for 6 or so, strong again for 7, then bad again for 7 (roughly).  The Devils were able to overcome him during the first bad stretch, but not the second.


You tend to be a harder grader of Brodeur than most, but the fact that he had three excellent SC runs is extremely noteworthy, especially considering many goalies fizzle come playoff time.  Goalies, like NFL QBs, often get both too much of the credit AND the blame for their teams' successes and failures, but .927, .927, and .934 over 20, 23, and 25 game playoff runs represents some damned fine puck-stopping.  That is absolutely Hall-of-Fame worthy.

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#1209412 We All Knew It

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 07 September 2013 - 09:39 AM

The problem is that straight people don't live their lives flaunting their sexual preference. A good portion of that community does......and someone like Avery doesn't do that, but that was because he is ashamed of it..............but that worm is starting to turn.


Yikes, this sounds way reactionary.  First off, how do you know if Avery was hiding his alleged gayness (it's still not 100% concluded that he truly is) because he was "ashamed"?  Maybe there were other reasons.


Define a "good portion".  It's probably a much smaller amount than you think, in relation to the gay population...it's just that that crowd's flamboyance has a way of drawing attention to itself, at the expense of all of the gay people who really aren't much different than you or me...people who simply wish to live their lives, where their sexuality is merely a part of their existence, and far from being the primary focus. 


Sorry, gay people aren't going to be gay on your terms.  As for those who do insist on flaunting their gayness...why should you care, unless you feel threatened by it somehow?  How is it affecting you exactly? 


Ever hear the saying "get a room"?  You know, when two straight people are overdoing it in a movie theater, in a club, in any number of public settings, so much that it's clearly making people around them uncomfortable?  Isn't that a form of "flaunting" their straightness?   

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#1209321 We All Knew It

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 06 September 2013 - 09:08 AM

Re:  Sean Avery the player, clearly he could be an annoying douche on the ice (which was his job)...what makes that even worse from a Devils' fan standpoint is that his crap actually used to work at times.  He DID have a way of getting under the Devils' skin, which was more aggravating than Avery himself. 


About his and anyone else's sexuality, I couldn't care less.  There's straight people, bisexual people and gay people.  Always has been, always will be, and the latter two are never going away.  Not sure why anyone would feel the need to judge someone else's lifestyle/preference/whatever you want to call it as "wrong".   


Obviously, there's still a long way to go, in terms of people simply not getting caught up in other people's sexuality, but at least now there's some degree of acceptance/tolerance going.  Would much rather see gay people being able to live their lives as openly as possible, as opposed to not being true to themselves and faking it by marrying someone of the opposite sex just to appease those around them, or simply feeling that they can't or shouldn't ever act on their true preference. 

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#1209185 Summer 2013 UFA/RFA Thread

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 05 September 2013 - 11:52 AM

i dont know why but looking at this and seeing like Ana re-signing Perry and Getzlaf early and all those other teams locking up their franchise players even before their contracts are up. I somehow feel jealous, can't put my finger on why... but i really do feel jealous


Could you be any more annoying and stupidly repetitive?   


For one, as much as you seem to be incapable of realizing it, there's a new CBA in place...one that gives teams a nice edge in re-signing their own players...if these rules had been in place when Parise had been a UFA, very good chance he would've still been here.  And way to keep ignoring that Lou re-signed Zajac before his contract was up, and locked up Henrique to six years when he clearly didn't have to. 


This crap with you all goes back to Parise and you fvcking KNOW it, even though you won't admit it...get the fvck over it already and shut up with the lame jabs at Lou!  And if you're so friggin' jealous of other teams who apparently do everything "right", go root for one of them.  You won't be missed.     

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#1209018 What's your favorite hockey movie?

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 04 September 2013 - 06:08 AM

Goon was OK...very clearly an homage to the Flyers.


Slap Shot is a bit dated now...should probably be called Snap Shot, in that it captures what 70s-era hockey was like at times...pure and raw madness and lawlessness...and is a real window into what that era was like overall...it seems like everything had such an ugly look to it back then, as someone who was born in 1970, I can tell you that it really was like that.  I still like Slap Shot, but I think most people under 30 will find it a relic. 


Miracle is pretty by-the-numbers, but also very competent and really does a great job telling a great story. 


I'd say Slap Shot is probably still my fave after all these years...there's just something about it.  Paul Newman has admitted that of all the movies he ever acted in, this one was the most fun.  I believe him.  

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#1208696 Game 6 2000 Finals

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 31 August 2013 - 05:31 AM

I was at Bar A...next to a Flyer fan no less..he was a friend of mine who had had plenty to say after his team had taken a 3-1 series lead...he practically had his SC tickets printed and in his hand (admittedly, I wasn't feeling great about the Devils' chances myself, but he had his Flyers in the Cup Finals the second Game 4 came to a close).


And to this day, he STILL whines about Stevens' hit on Lindros.  Awesome.  Whine away fvcker!

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#1207448 Fox 29 Philadelphia Confirm Devils sold to Josh Harris

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 19 August 2013 - 09:24 AM

The extra-tight "Don't Worry About My" Cap also seals in freshness and flavor. 


If only some could remove the "NEWMAN'S" from the glass portion of the bottle and replace with "LOULAM'S" 


That bottle is hilarious. 

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#1206821 Fox 29 Philadelphia Confirm Devils sold to Josh Harris

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 11 August 2013 - 04:58 PM

I scored a free ticket to a luxury box at a Yankee game last year. It was awesome -- open bar, great food -- but I had a better time watching a couple weeks later from the nosebleeds. It's tougher to get into the game in the box, even if you're a fan.


Funny you should say that...I agree, the experience becomes more about the perks that come with the luxury box that it does about the reason you actually WENT to the damned game in the first place...distractions galore.  I'm happier being in an upper deck seat and chowing down on a couple of overpriced footlongs, a sack of overpriced fries, and chugging some overpriced soda.  If I want distractions, Iike readily available food and other crap, I can watch the game in my 'cave at home.   


And I really hope the ownership situation comes to end soon...just sick of it all.

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