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#988234 Brian Rolston appreciation thread

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 08 February 2011 - 07:52 AM

You clearly don't understand the point of an appreciation thread, and I'm thinking you didn't even read what I wrote. It's not that you're not allowed, you just come off looking like an ass... which you did.

Not everyone, just you. Thank you for proving me correct.

In prodigy's defense, I don't think he came off looking like an ass at all. Sure, it's an "appreciation" thread, which I guess means it has to be full of sunshine and love, but let's face it, a lot of people aren't fond of Rolston, and with good reason. And it has nothing to do with people looking at Rolston and saying, "Let's single him out because he's Brian Rolston, and we need someone to pick on." We all know the history...signs a big contract, for a variety of reasons produces very little and appears to care even less, then recently starts to put up some numbers. The recently is wonderful. What came before recently was very hard to take, and is not easy to ignore or forget. I don't think it's such a stretch to expect some members to question this whole appreciation thing, especially when Runnin then started trying to find whatever silver linings he could to somehow make the past sound better than it was, as though Rolston was a victim of unfair expectations.


I appreciate that Rolston is finally putting up some numbers.
I appreciate that he may actually be movable as a result.
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#986404 For the Rangers fans

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 02 February 2011 - 06:30 PM

That seven-year drought was a while ago. Not really relevant anymore. This franchise has had its share of missing the playoffs since its inception in 1974 as the Kansas City Scouts...they made it once (as the Colorado Rockies) in 1978, and wouldn't make it again until 1988. Most franchises have down periods...I hate the Rangers, couldn't possibly hate them more, but hanging on to that whole seven-year thing just seems pointless to me. Especially when we've got plenty of our own problems to worry about.

As some players alluded to, the "rivalry" is in a different place...all I worry about now is the Devils trying to beat whoever's playing them. They're going to have to do a whole lot of that.
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#986259 Devils believe 14th straight playoff berth is 'possible'

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 02 February 2011 - 10:33 AM

The Flyers did it last season and I still believe the Devils can do it this year. At least some of the Devils players are now starting to believe too which is a good sign. Carolina also made a good run too in the second half of the season.

The Flyers came back from 19 games under .500 last season? Really? No, they came back from three games under .500, and they weren't even at the halfway point of the season when they hit that low point. Big difference.

As for the Hurricanes, they were as bad as 13 games under .500 at their low point...that's the level the Devils have reached now, and it took a major surge on the Devils' part just to get there. And even though the Hurricanes did play better, they never even got to .500.

You want to be optimistic, fine, but don't use the Flyers as a comparison point. This 7-1-1 run makes this season a little bit relevant again, from a postseason standpoint, but it's like I said in another post...one three-game losing streak and this team is toast. 731's take on this season makes perfect sense.

For further comparison, the Flyers' and Hurricanes' record at the 50-game mark last season:

Flyers: 26-21-3 (18 points better than the Devils at the same point)
Canes: 15-28-7...same # of points as the Devils. They went 20-9-3 from this point on. Assuming the Devils could do the same, if you add this to their current 7-1-1 binge, and that would give the Devils a record of 27-10-4 to close out the season. That would be a hell of a stretch. And it wouldn't even be good enough to get them to .500 for the season...they'd finish two games under.
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#982621 GDT 1/20/11 Devils vs. Penguins

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 21 January 2011 - 07:23 AM

Marty now has put up a .938 save% in his last six. Guess that means everyone who wanted to bury this guy can put the shovels away for a little while.

I don't have any delusions about this season being salvagable, but at least they're playing competitive hockey, and look like they belong on the ice against NHL competition. Considering where this team was a month ago, I can't ask for more than that.

I feel for John MacLean. He remains my favorite Devil of all time, a guy who fought and scrapped for everything he got as a player. Though what happened under his tenure wasn't 100% his fault, it's becoming more obvious that he simply wasn't ready to be an NHL head coach, and his failure was so spectacular that he'll probably never get another chance. Makes me sad for him.
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#975894 GDT 1/4/11 - Wild vs New Jersey Devils - 7 PM

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 04 January 2011 - 08:23 PM

10 goals almost at the midway point of the year and now back to being a - 28, sorry if I'm not that excited.

Yeah, pretty much.
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#975480 Marty is now the "co-#1" goaltender - sharing duties

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 03 January 2011 - 08:56 PM

He has been declining since the last cup.

Marty's save% by season, up to the '03 Cup win: .917, .906, .910, .906, .906, .914
For the same amount of regular seasons since: .917, .911, .922, .920, .916, .916

There goes another myth.
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#973401 Burnside

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 29 December 2010 - 09:25 AM

Agreed. It's not that he happens to be right about the current state of the team. It's the snugness in which he writes. It is painfully obvious to anyone with a brain that he has had it out for the Devils since day one. What is also obvious is how little he truly knows about the game. Sadly for them, that seems to fit the mold for ESPN hockey writers. They are glorified blog writers who just bitch and moan about any team not named Penguins or Rangers.

Burnside has been making the same prediction about the Devils for the last five seasons. Yes, he finally got it right this season...he's probably telling everyone who'll listen "See...I knew it all along!"

Like Opie and Anthony used to say "You don't go to CNN to hear dick jokes; don't listen to us to hear hard-hitting news." In that same vein, I don't go to ESPN for legitimate hockey talk.
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#971035 Martin Brodeur says he has no desire to be traded

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 23 December 2010 - 08:28 AM

He has no desire to be traded because no other team would let him play so many games and do whatever he wants. Remember when he was benched in Montreal and had a hissy fit? He seems to have more pull than the coaches. And he likes to complain about how everyone plays in front of him, a real team player wouldn't do that.

Trolling douche. At least this will save me the time of having to read your other 16 posts...they can't possibly top this gem of brilliance.
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#776280 Official 2009 New York Mets Offseason Thread

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 30 June 2009 - 07:31 AM

He just isn't getting the clutch hits this year.

He wasn't, then he was, now he's not. Be that as it may, he's got to be feeling the pressure big time right now, with pretty much nothing around him except Sheff, who's far from a sure thing himself.

Tri would find this interesting...I'm pretty sure Wright is on pace to break the record for the highest BABIP (Batting Average on Balls In Play) ever...it's been getting talked about quite a bit lately, in both the broadcast booth and on talk shows. That means he's hitting into a tremendous amount of luck, and since these things tend to even out over time, he's likely due to hit a skid sometime this season. It's not an absolute, but even if it doesn't happen this year, the law-of-averages could wind up manifesting itself in another season, where his BABIP winds up in the lower half of the league.
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#774662 Official 2009 New York Mets Offseason Thread

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 26 June 2009 - 05:55 AM

.5 game out of first with some pretty bad injury luck so far this year. If I listed all the injuries the Mets had so far this year and said they'd be .5 games out of first I think everyone would take that with a smile.

Pretty bad is an understatement, to say the least.

As for taking a 1/2 game out of first with all that's gone wrong...it's impossible not to. It has more to do with the Phillies not playing well more than anything the Mets are doing, but the Mets deserve a lot of credit for finding a way to take 3 out of 4 from a superior Cardinal squad. With the lineup the Mets are fielding right now, every series win is a bonus.

Since the schedule turned brtual, starting with the Philles on June, the Mets are 7-9. Not pretty, but far from disastrous. If they take two out of three from the Yankees it'll be hard not to be thrilled.
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#773860 Official 2009 New York Mets Offseason Thread

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 24 June 2009 - 09:50 AM

Going to the game tommorow. First timer.

I'm going on Saturday...finally.
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#773185 Official 2009 New York Mets Offseason Thread

Posted by Colorado Rockies 1976 on 22 June 2009 - 05:39 PM

Back from Hilton Head (South Carolina, for those unfamiliar) after a whole lot of driving.

The week pretty much went as I expected it to. I don't care about them miraculously finding themselves two games out of first...it's fool's gold, and the Phillies are the kind of team that can play mediocre ball for long stretches, only to rise up and win the important games. This Mets team has pretty much done zilch, and they're now dreadfully shorthanded to boot. I can't expect Omar to plug this many holes, and even if Omar was a great GM (he is only in his own mind), asking him to replace three everyday stars and two starting pitchers is asking far too much.

I had the white flag rising up the pole, but consider it fully raised with Beltran's trip to the DL. I consider the Omar Minaya Era to have gone sour enough to send him packing come season's end.

I'll still watch, but with Castillo's fly ball drop my emotions with this team are spent. Just the fact that that a$$hole is still wearing blue and orange is blasphemous to me. I just hope Fernando Martinez gets as many ABs as possible and shows something.
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