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Devils' Michael Ryder says teams were afraid to trade for him - fr

03 March 2015 - 04:14 PM

Can't say any of these quotes surprise me.  I would expect both of them to be frustrated and unhappy with their situations here.  That being said, Ryder played in all 82 games last season when many of us were growing frustrated with him and wondered what it would take for him to sit, and he got a lot of games this season before the consistent scratching began...not saying he was in an ideal situation here and that it's all on him, but the fact that he didn't get scratched once last season shows me the Devils were as fair with him as they could be with the roster they had.  As for Havlat...he should look in the mirror and realize that San Jose bought him out for a reason, and there's also a reason he was signed on for a bargain-level "show me" contact.  Don't blame him for being pissed either, but at the same time, he should probably come to grips with the fact that he doesn't have much left. 


From Ryder:
"Oh yeah. [Lou] knew that. It's hard to move a guy and get something for him when I've only played two games since the All-Star break. Other teams are probably wondering what's going on," Ryder said. "If they wanted to get something for me, it's tough.

"Hopefully somebody gives me a chance next year."

"It's pretty hard to move a guy when he hasn't played and other teams are wondering why you're not playing. It's kind of tough, I think, to move somebody that's not playing," Ryder repeated.

"You don't know what is going to happen at the trade deadline and what teams are looking and what people are trying to do. If I got moved, I got moved. I was hoping that something maybe would happen just so I would get an opportunity. I'm here now and I'm still a Devil with 19 games left, so I'll make the best of it."

"I don't know. I just want to play. There are 19 games left," Ryder said.

"I know I can still play and help a team and still score goals. It's frustrating when you don't get to play and show that. It's been frustrating overall."

And Havlat:
"Not much has changed. There's no reason to talk at all," Havlat said. "I never asked about being traded. We never talked about it. It was not in my hands.
"I'm just a player. That's all."