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#1210861 Devils make cuts

Posted by bekim on 20 September 2013 - 02:29 PM

I'm more interested in the D-men... You've got 6 regulars locked in, and then half-regular Harrold (only eats his prunes some of the time), and then some young guys who kinda look like they can play (Gelinas, Urbom, Merrill).  Even conservatively, if you can only make a case for one of the 3 kids, that's 8D if you keep Harrold.  NJ has certainly done this in the past, but with a jam of regulars who likely won't sit games, it still seems crowded.


Question is: at this point, is there any realistic chance of a Salvador-type getting shipped out prior to Oct 1?  I'd like to see Gelinas make the team and get playing time, but not just to rotate in 1 every 10 games.

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#1209337 [Official] Damien Brunner signed to multi-year deal

Posted by bekim on 06 September 2013 - 11:42 AM

Really? Rod Brind'amour? Not only is he the only guy uglier than Lyle Odelein, he's also most closely associated to me with the Flyers and Hurricanes. Definitely not my first choice in terms of dreaming of bringing someone out of retirement. :P


On a positive note, it'd piss off the Philly faithful something awful.

Cmon, be fair.  You're forgetting Mike Ricci.

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#1201501 RUMOR Jagr interested in Devils

Posted by bekim on 09 July 2013 - 10:34 PM

I can't believe there is so much opposition. Even through his late season scoring droughts, Jagr was still dishing the puck with the best of them. On a team that has two or three solid passers, hands like Jagrs could work wonders for this PP

Yeah buddy.  Definitely agree.  But I think opposition comes in when the current lineup is considered.  Personally, if NJ could sign him to reasonable money (1 year max) and it were to bump a Gionta out of the lineup, all the better.  Would be cool as hell to see him out there in a Devils sweater.  Plus his awesome playoff chops are invaluable.  But I don't think NJ can offer him a top 6 spot or top 6 money.  But we'll see.  You never know!

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#1088493 Rank Our Forwards

Posted by bekim on 06 February 2012 - 01:16 PM

I think the interesting part of this thread is namely the top players. That said...

1. ELIAS - best overall forward on team; makes others better, has transitioned to center beautifully, and is sound defensively as well for the most part.

2. PARISE - tons of speed, smart player, works ridiculously hard. not as much a "pure talent" as Kovalchuk, but sets a great example every night and deserves to be the captain.

3. KOVALCHUK - the most skilled guy on the team, and NJs best passer (which is often overshadowed by his propensity for goal scoring); has on-ice vision like no one else on the team; has put up a big effort every single night this season and has become a great Devil; very close with Parise in overall value, but I put him at the 3-spot for now.

4. ZAJAC - this one is difficult given his injury, and last year's lackluster performance. But prior to last year, I used to tell people he was our best defensive forward, and I still believe that will prove to be true. Has a good skillset, sees the ice well, and is definitely one of the better 2-way centers in the league. I know he's primarily been our #1 center last few years, so no one thinks of him as a #2 or #3, but that's probably the role he'll fall into if Elias & Henrique keep it up. Overall, very solid player.

5. HENRIQUE - not much sample data on this guy yet to compare him with others, but based on what we see, his work ethic, his creativity, and his ability to make things happen, he's certainly in the top player discussion, but obviously, #4 and #5 are not in the same discussion as #s 1-3.

6. ZUBRUS - one of my favorite Devils now; works insanely hard every game and has become our true utility guy; can play any position; not much of a finisher, but he's having an incredible season, and when he's not putting up points, he's running guys, digging in the corner, extremely valuable piece to this puzzle.
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