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In Topic: Devils fans who have DirecTV

07 October 2005 - 11:44 AM

eldon and el diablo, thanks for your replies. in my anger, i didn't search for truth, i searched for another reason to pin the end of civilization on the dolans. i will just erase those from the list i already have.

i can add, the cablevision vs. oln dispute that mushnick points out in the article that el diablo references.

In Topic: Devils fans who have DirecTV

07 October 2005 - 01:34 AM

okay here it is tied up into a neat little package:

1. the dolans of cablevision are playing hardball with another cable/satellite company. they've done it with yes, they've done it with time/warner, they did it with msg before they owned it, and now they are doing it with directv.

2. the games were blacked out on directv....if you received them then you are outside of the metro ny area.

3. it's time for the nhl and congress to break up this monopoly owned by the dolans. i'm sure that if you own a cable tv franchise (cablevision), cable tv sports stations (fsny & msg), and an nhl franchise. this isn't any sort of conflict of interest/monopoly?

4. if the devils are blacked out this friday (today as i notice the time), then it's time to start writing congressman/senators, lou lamoriello, and gary bettman to put an end to the dolans!

go devils!